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Who is your favorite Stooge?


I like the three stooges!

As a kid, growing up in New York City, I watched the Three Stooges on a daily basis. I just couldn't get enough of those guys. I couldn't wait to turn on the TV and watch their antics. I would forget about my troubles and have a good laugh. There were times that I laughed so hard that tears would be coming out of my eyes. Love them or hate them, their influence on society is undeniable. Sad to say, all of the 3 Stooges have died, leaving us with just memories of their antics on film

Take a minute to laugh at the Three Stooges.


My favorite stooge.

My favorite Stooge was Shemp Howard. Not to take away from Curly, he was funny and hilarious but Shemp, for some reason or another, made me laugh harder than the rest. His face gestures and hand motions added to the laughter and he, just, looked hilarious when his hair was all out of whack. Many people would think that the original members of the Stooges were Moe, Larry and Curly but few realize that Shemp, actually, started out with them. Curly was just a sustitute for Shemp when he left the group to go after other movie offers starring with the Dead End kids and Abbott and Costello. When Curly had the stroke, Shemp got recalled back to the group.

My favorite stooge short with Shemp.

I have my favorites. Here is my list----

  1. Sing a song of six pants-- Here,Shemp Howard is at his best, making the best of his antics. At the end, they get into a fight with gangsters only to come out on top. It is noteworthy to see how the Stooges can get beat up and still win a fight by accident. I guess the good Lord always smile down on those guys. I laughed hard at the end!! Truly a movie that will make your day if you like slapstick!
  2. Brideless groom---Again, Shemp outdoes himself. He inherits a fortune if he can get married within 24 hours. Every scene in this one is funny, but my favorite is when Shemp is shaving next to a hanging mirror. Moe is on his knees, trying to fix Shemp's pants. Shemp is moving around because the mirror is, just, dangling from a rope. Moe tells him to be still but Shemp does not listen, All of a sudden, Moe sticks him with the needle and says--"I said, stand still!" In the turmoil, the mirror turns around the other side and Shemp thinks he has cut off his head. Priceless and funny!
  3. Hold that Lion---Another classic one. I like the part when the boys are hiding in a crate trying to flee from a train conductor only to find out that it is occupied by a Lion. Another classic.

My favorite stooge short with Curly.

My favorite with Curly is Dumb Clucks! Curly does an outstanding job in this short. The boys are in jail and their mother writes them a letter. In that letter, they are informed that their father has inherited a fortune and has walked out on her. He is planning on marrying a young lady.The mother, worried about this, asks for the boy's help. There is one problem-They have to get out of jail. The Stooges plan their escape and what follows is a series of hilarious events. This is a must see for the die-hard Stooge fan,especially seeing Curly portray the Father and himself! Even though I am a Shemp fan, I recognize that Curly was a genius in the art of comedy.

My Favorite Stooge Short with Joe.

To be fair, Joe Besser had some funny moments with the Stooges. My favorite is A Merry Mixup! If you thought three was enough, just imagine 9 Stooges! It evolves around a series of identical brothers who haven't seen each other for years. Three are single, three are engaged and three are married. This was well done back in the 50's and featured trick photography. I guarantee you, if you are a stooge fan, this is funny!

Three Stooges started making full-featured movies around the late 50's and 60's.

Three Stooges started making full-featured movies around the late 50's and 60's.

The movies.

The Stooges, believe it or not, did not make the money owed to them, getting ripped off from greedy movie producers, but their big break came with the movies. Sad to say, Shemp and Curly Howard did not see this, because they passed on. Shemp dying of a heart attack and Curly from a stroke. They made some shorts with Joe Besser as a sissy type stooge but he did not stay with the group. Joe De RIta was hired and went on to star with the group in the movies. Gone was the violence and face slapping, while adding to the movie format a script tailored for a young audience.

Three stooges forever!

Years have passed since the last Stooge died, but one thing is for certain, we will see them on the TV screen for a long time! I hope that my little tribute to the boys adds up to their legacy. The Three Stooges will be, in my opinion, THE KINGS OF LAUGHTER! Who is your favorite Stooge? What is your favorite short? Inquiring minds want to know!

Your favorite Stooge.

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