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Nick-Bonin, Newest Artist to Sign to Warner's Partner Label Masked Records

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Nick Bonin wearing Masked Records Sweatshirt

Nick Bonin wearing Masked Records Sweatshirt

Nick Bonin is an alternative-pop singer who began releasing music in 2019, most notoriously known for his viral hit single “Fell Too Far” which currently has over 50 million streams and counting. The 19-year-old singer-songwriter is one of the newest acts to sign to Roger Gengo’s Masked Records, a joint venture with Warner Records.

Nick was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Charlotte, NC. Bonin spent his early years as a drummer & vocalist for several local punk and rock bands. Additionally, Bonin spent a lot of time behind the scenes producing & engineering for other Charlotte artists. Through these early experiences, Bonin found a smooth transition into the spotlight with his solo career. While drawing from punk and alternative influences and by integrating his natural melodic hip-hop flow Nick was able to create a unique and contemporary fusion of punk, alternative & hip-hop.


Bonin’s viral hit single “Fell Too Far” currently has over 50 million streams and counting. “Fell Too Far” has also received support from some of the world’s top gamers and streamers including JustMaddyx, FaZe Sway, Faze Jarvis, Rose Ruland and more. Roger Gengo of Masked Records states, "’Fell Too Far' slapped me across the face 5 seconds into playing it for the first time. It's inconceivable to think Nick made this song in his bedroom. After hearing that his unreleased music is somehow even better, I knew I wanted to work with Nick and take his music from his bedroom to reach across the globe.

Nick Bonin YouTube Channel

  • Nick Bonin - YouTube
    Official YouTube channel of Nick Bonin, an American/Canadian rapper, songwriter, and metal detecting god. Taking sadboy rap to a different level, one where y...
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