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Who Is Mina Oba of the Pop Music Group Ske48?

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Introduction to Mina Oba

Most famous quote from Mina Oba

“I’ll try very hard to be an idol.”

She had better try very hard to be successful as a Japanese idol singer because in Japan, teamwork and sacrifice for the betterment of the group is more important than the individual. However, as you will see later in this article, Mina Oba made a few choices that showed that instead of working hard, she allowed her own selfish desires to get in the way.

A first Look at Mina Oba of SKE48


Mina Oba Early Career and Up Until Captaincy in Team 4 (2009-2011)

Mina Oba is a Japanese idol singer, occasional movie actress, and member of the group called SKE48. But she originally began her career with the girl group from Akihabara called AKB48. When she was three years old, she won a chopstick contest that was held in her town. Oba is from Kanagawa, the same area of Japan that gravure model Sayuri Anzu is from. Mina auditioned for both the 2nd, 4th and 7th generations of AKB48. When she was part of the group of girls that were training to become full-time members, Oba was placed in Team 4 in June 2011. However, she was involved in a scandal that caused her to be suspended from all AKB48 activities. Oba was the captain of Team 4 at the time of her suspension in September 2011. She would return to AKB48 in January 2012.

Mina Oba and Her Relationship to Japan's Idol Industry

During the big AKB48 team shuffle, Team 4 was disbanded and Oba was placed in Team B. In April 2013, Oba would be allowed to hold a dual position of SKE48’s Team K2 where she is now. During the famous AKB48 Grand Group Shuffle, Oba was made a full-time member of just SKE48. Even though Oba failed AKB48’s 2nd, 4th and 7th auditions, she still made it into Japan’s entertainment industry. She has also participated in the regular general or “Senbatsu Elections.”

More Photos of Mina Oba

With Miyuki Watanabe (left). Mina Oba is all bundled up because she feels like she is cold but Miyuki is smiling and looks as happy as ever.

With Miyuki Watanabe (left). Mina Oba is all bundled up because she feels like she is cold but Miyuki is smiling and looks as happy as ever.

Mina Oba celebrating Christmas perhaps?

Mina Oba celebrating Christmas perhaps?


Mina Oba and Her Acting Work

Oba has also starred as an actress in the TV Tokyo drama movie series called “Majisuka Gakuen”. The first movie in this series came out in 2010. Oba was in the second movie of the series which came out in 2011 and Majisuka Gakuen 3 which came out in 2012. So what happened that caused Mina to become involved in a scandal?

Mina Oba’s Scandal and Suspension

On September 2, 2011, Mina Oba then 19, was suspended from AKB48 because of old posts on her blog that revealed that she had a boyfriend and that she had been drinking. Oba released a statement saying that she felt that she was not qualified to be captain of Team 4 and decided to resign. She had requested to be suspended for a while. AKB48 and its other groups have a no-dating policy in which its members are not allowed to have boyfriends. Oba is not the first Japanese idol singer to be involved in a scandal. There is a precedent that has been set for these kinds of infractions. There was the famous scandal of Minami Minegishi in which she showed deep remorse for her actions and expressed contrition by shaving her head. Former AKB48 member Yuka Masuda spent the night at a friend’s house. And then of course, Rumi Yonezawa admitted that she had a boyfriend while she was a member of AKB48. Oba is fortunate to still be a member of SKE48 as violations of the no-dating policy lead to demotion to a group of lower status or in some cases, permanent suspension from the group.

Who is Mina Oba besides Her Work as a Japanese Idol?

In addition to her singing and movie roles, Mina Oba has also appeared as a bikini and lingerie model for magazines such as Weekly Playboy (WPB), Young Gangan, and Young Animal Magazine. What is really unusual about Mina Oba is that she says that her favorite hobby is going home! That’s really odd for a celebrity to list that as their hobby. What does she do at home that deserves praise and attention? I do not know that but let us continue as we take this journey into the life of Mina Oba. Mina is very skilled when it comes to handwriting. Initially, Mina Oba was selected for what is called a “tentative Kenkyuusei” or training girl for the 7th generation of AKB48 but she did not debut until the 9th generation. It is now being reported that Mina Oba will release her second photo book called Kotaeawase on November 18, 2020. The photo session for this photo book took place with only Oba and her photographer Maki Taguchi. They spent much time together and they were able to capture what is known as Oba’s real expressions. There are more photos that will be published in the weekly magazine called Gekkan Post as well as manga magazine Shukan Big Comic Spirits. Oba is doing these photo sessions still as a member of SKE48. She is probably in this group longer than most girls at her age would be. But credit must be given to Oba for turning her career around.

A Map Showing Kanagawa Mina Oba's Birthplace as Well as Nearby Yokohama and Tokyo

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