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Who Is Legendary Friday the Legend and Why Is He so Amazing in the Music Industry?

Cassandra Smith is a part of FRIDAY THE LEGEND team. She is a Writer, Author is his manager.

Put the Guns Down

Back in the days at the heat of the war, it was rough in West Africa, Liberia. The Liberia Civil War was indeed one of the worse wars up to date. One person that helped to calm the young soldiers down and keep the peace is the legendary international musician, Friday the Legend.


He Was Abused By His Uncle But People Love Him

Friday the Legend, also known as Solomon Friday Smith, is a Liberian International Musician that was born February 16,1980 from Caroline Elliott and Samuel Brown. Growing up, he was an orphan child that loved to dance. His mother gave him to her brother thinking he was going to raise him in a loving home. Unfortunately, he was abused for years. After getting away, Solomon Friday Smith began living with people other than his biological family. Because he has such a loving spirit, people naturally love him and love to be around him. He has multiple mothers and fathers.

Friday the Legend Flew His Country Flag and Successfully Made the Bad Boys Put Down Their Guns

Fast forward into the war; Solomon F Smith use to drive to make money. Because he drove around a lot, one of the biggest generals recognized him as the boy that can really dance culture. That’s when things turned around. He began dancing for the “Big Boys” and made money from it. After a while, his name started making noise and every culture troop wanted him to be a part of them.

He advanced in his dancing so well that he was encouraged to sing while dancing. That’s when the entire country started knowing him. He practiced eight hours every Monday’s, Wednesdays, Thursday’s and Friday’s. People literally use to pay just to watch him practice. If he didn’t practice that day and his other team members went for practice, people wouldn’t go.

Solomon F Smith name was buzzing, because nobody in Liberia ever seen a real- life Michael Jackson before. He is just different. There were times a few of his songs didn’t hit after getting into the music aspect, but when he came out with Najeswan, Simple Mistake, Biggest Mistake, Monrovia Young Girls, etc. The country went crazy and that’s when he began traveling outside of Liberia to other countries and eventually outside of Africa and to the United States. There was a time when all you could hear was Friday name, even in Sierra Leon, etc . Outsiders were amazed at his talent. He went to schools to tell the bad boys to stay in school and get rid of the guns. He preached peace and he was basically the only musician that was successful at it.

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Friday the Legend Broke Generational Curses Wile Living with Liver Disease

Friday the Legend used to be called Friday the Cellphone Man after making a song about cellphones since it was hard to get in Liberia. The name Friday the Legend came about when people all over the world recognized him as a Liberian legend and icon in the music industry. It’s not just something that he called himself. He put his blood, sweat and tears in his music and made a name for himself. Out of all the over thirty plus siblings, he is the only one that is really successful. Now, that is called breaking a generational curse.

Friday the Legend story is not even close to the ending. I wish I could tell you his entire life story, because his life story is very sorrowful, but also heartfelt and filled with happiness and cry's. He has overcome so much, especially when he was battling liver disease for over a decade. But,that’s a different story.


Listen to His Music and Book an Interview

Listen to Friday the Legend new music and watch his amazing dance moves and experience something magical. I bet you’ve never seen anyone like him. And if you ever want to interview him, you can reach out to his manager Saytue Sayewhat on Instagram. For now, watch and listen to Biggest Mistake, the song that made him travel across the world.

The Song that Made Him Travel Across the World

The Biggest Mistake Album That Has All of Friday the Legend Greatest Hits

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