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Who is Kazumi Urano?

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Why is Kazumi Urano Worth Discussing and Reading About?

Kazumi Urano is not just any Japanese celebrity. She is a former member of the Japanese girl group SDN48 and she was part of the group’s 1st generation. She was part of a girl group whose specific goal was to hold concerts and shows which were deemed appropriate only for those aged 20 years old and above. Not only was Kazumi Urano a member of a unique Japanese girl group but she also had other ambitions in her life if her music career ended.

Urano is also sort of a unique pop music talent in the sense that she has been a member of more than one Japanese girl group. She also prior to 2009 spent time in AKB48 and took part in singles such as Iiwake Maybe.

Since she has been under the influence of her uncle, Kazumi Urano says that if her music career had ended, she would have considered becoming a pastry chef just like him. Urano has also studied cooking.

Kazumi Urano With former AKB48 Member Ayaka Kikuchi


Kazumi Urano's Early Life and Career

Kazumi Urano was born on October 23, 1985 in the city of Sakado in Saitama Prefecture. However, SDN48 was not the first destination for Urano because she was first a member of AKB48. Urano took part in what is called the AKB48 Opening Member Audition. In this audition, a vast number of girls entered the audition but only a small number of girls passed this first audition. A total of 7,924 applied for this audition but only 24 people successfully passed this opening audition for what was to eventually become the world’s most famous Japanese pop music group. Kazumi Urano was one of those 24 people that passed that audition and she did so on October 30, 2005.

With Mika Komori (left) and Ayaka Kikuchi (right).

With Mika Komori (left) and Ayaka Kikuchi (right).

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Kazumi Urano Got a Very Interesting Start to Her Entertainment Career

Like her future band mate Megumi Ohori, we could say that Kazumi Urano was a sort of late bloomer in the sense that she started her Japanese idol career later than most girls would. It was in 2009 following the very first AKB48 General Election that Kazumi Urano ranked at #17, a pretty good finish considering the amount of competition that she had to face. This is one of the interesting facets of Urano’s career as a performer. What else makes Kazumi Urano an interesting celebrity?

A Few Interesting Facts About Kazumi Urano

  • Urano is good friends with Natsumi Hirajima.
  • She is known by her most famous nickname of “CinDy.” This is because she loves the character Cinderella and the fact that she used to wear a crown on her head.
  • Kazumi Urano has a huge love of Disney and she visits Disneyland often.
  • Kazumi was also a member of the groups Crayon Friends from AKB48 and Watarirouka Hashiritai but in this second group, she served only as a temporary member for their last single.
  • Urano was ranked 5th during a fan election for SDN48’s first single GAGAGA.
  • Kazumi Urano also has the distinction of being an original member of both the very first lineup of AKB48’s Team A and Team B.

Kazumi Urano Becomes a Captain of AKB48's Team B and Changes Talent Agencies

In February 2007, Urano transferred from Team A to Team B with the role of being a support member. However, after a team and group shuffle, she became the captain of the former Team B, the way that the lineup was at that time. On October 11, 2007 during a performance of the song “Aitakatta,” she announced that she was transferring from talent agencies. Urano would transfer from the famous AKS to Production Ogi.

Kazumi Urano Makes History in Interesting Ways

In August 1, 2009, Urano would then be an active member in SDN48 along with Yukari Sato, Kayo Noro, and Megumi Ohori. She would graduate from AKB48 on April 16, 2010. However, Kazumi Urano would end up making history in a rather impressive fashion. She would make an appearance in the AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 for three years in a row from 2008 through 2010. Urano is also the only Japanese idol singer to make an appearance in all these three songs: Sakura no Hanabiratachi, Shonichi, and Iiwake Maybe. Shonichi is a song on the AKB48 single Namida Surprise. This means that no other member in the history of AKB48 or its other musical groups have had a member that has made an appearance in all three of these mentioned songs. Kazumi Urano is the only original member to make an appearance in all three of those songs.

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