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Who Is Your Favorite Hero In Marvel's Avengers Assemble?

Clive williams is a veteran Technology Expert with over 15 years in the IT Industry. His passion however is writing. He loves animals.

Marvel's Avengers - Earth Mightiest Heroes

Marvel's Avengers - Earth Mightiest Heroes



Thor - Son Of Odin

This Man of Asgard is like a semi-God. Since he was birth, he actually cannot be considered a God even thou Odin himself has a bigger ego than the entire nine realms. Thor is a brave warrior who fights a true battle and fights it the real warriors way;with honor. But his kind heart may just end up being one of his biggest pitfalls. He has faced many foes and and has some up victorious. Thor's magnificent and extremely powerful hammer along with his medevil vocabulary is quite taunting to even the greatest villains. Thor loves to talk a lot during battle and many times refer to him self as the "son of odin" which of course he rightfully is. But it seems like whenever he is in battle and is being pulverized by some insanely powerful titan such as Thanos and mentions that he is the son of Odin it seems to give him some invisible burst of power. He basically becomes a "viagrarised thor"

Black Widow - Avengers Assemble

Black Widow - Avengers Assemble

2. Black Widow

Sleek, sexy, stylish and a tonne of pain in the butt. The Black Widow not only shows brawn in battles, but brains as well. She is one of SHIELD world-renowned super spy and of course it's top agent. The Black Widow is a very skilled hand-to-hand combat fighter. Her intelligence and unpredictability make her a deadly secret weapon. My advice to you is don't let this deadly assassin get close to you. It will be lights out real quick!

Iron Man - Avengers Assemble

Iron Man - Avengers Assemble

3. Iron Man

Tony Stark is a wealthy man. He makes billions from Stark Enterprises. A company which comes up with brain rattling super technology that only Gods think of. Stark's Iron man suite is one of those products from star labs. Once Tony Stark puts on that suite, he is transformed into the iron man. Tony Stark has the ego of shipwrecked man landing in the fortress of the amazon women. He is however the leader of the Avengers and actually does a pretty good job doing so. The iron man has zillions of fire-power, is able o fly and is made from one of the toughest yet lightest armor in the star system. Stark is always working on some new technology and is always finding ways to improve Iron Man

Falcon - Avengers Assemble

Falcon - Avengers Assemble


Tony Stark loves this guy. In-fact, he was brought into the whole avengers gang by stark himself. So whats the deal with stark and the falcon? Well, lets just say they see "electrons to electrons." Not only does the Falcon fly and shoot exploding red feathers, he is also a genius with machines and technology, just like Stark. Now you see why Tony loves the falcon so much. The falcon is a determined little bird and on many occasions have saved the ass's of some of the avengers with those technological wings of his. When the avengers assemble, you can guarantee things will start breaking, and it doesn't matter if they are battling outer space! some avenger who have no ability to fly will end up falling and the falcon will simple swoop them up and land them safely. Yay! way to go falcon!

Captain America - Avengers Assemble

Captain America - Avengers Assemble

5.Captain America

These days the Cap has much more problems on his hand than tracking down his arch enemy the red skull. This all American Super Soldier is part of the back bone of the avengers. He himself possesses natural leadership abilities and helps to create level levelheadedness and cohesion within the Avengers. Captain America is a super soldier with super strength and vitality. His shield is tougher than trying to explain why watching the football is important to your girlfriend. Captain America has fought enormous amount of foes and not only uses brawn to overcome, but this soldier uses his brains also. We love you Captain, we salute you, now lets all sing the American Anthem.......for those who know it!

Hawk Eye - Avengers Assemble

Hawk Eye - Avengers Assemble

6. Hawkeye

Talking about hitting a bulls-eye with your eyes closed. This guy can hit an ant sitting on a grain of sand and not move that grain of sand out of its place. Hawk-eye is an expert archer and is an invaluable member of the Avengers. So what can robin hood do to help the avengers with a few bows and arrow you ask? Well, Hawk-eye is not just your everyday "men in tights" His bow skills are second to none and his arrows do pack an explosive punch. He could be considered the "Green Lantern" of bow and arrow. He has from arrow nets, glue arrows, ice arrows, explosive arrows of different strength and he may just be packing a "fall in love with me cupid arrow." Hawk-eye has battled alongside the avengers and have repeatedly laughed and joked at some of the galaxy's most dangerous villains. Pissing them off even more. Hawk-eye seems to also always being on the left side of the hulk. Always getting in hulks way while at the headquarters and eventually creating chaos where Tony Stark Eventually will have to call upon the construction guys.

Hulk - Avengers Assemble

Hulk - Avengers Assemble

7. Hulk

Who is Big, full of gamma radiation, green and angry? Did someone say the Incredible Hulk? You answered right there bud. The avengers wouldn't be complete without some hero who just does a lot and i mean a lot of smashing. Hulk is undoubtedly one of the strongest heroes all round. He gets even stronger the more he gets angry and his gamma body allows him to heal if damaged. Many times the Avengers team just had to rely on the brute force and anger of the hulk to pulverize many bugging enemies. The hulk in avengers assembly seems to have taken a best buddy approach to Thor. I guess they both have something in common, SMASHING! The hulk has proven to be a very valuable member of the avenger team and has shown that at times he does think and makes intelligent decisions. There are many heroes and villains likewise who would love to have the hulk on their side.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. What is the name of Thor's Hammer?
    • Hammer of Thunder
    • Mjolnir
    • Odin
  2. How many colors does Hulk Have?
    • 5 - Red, Green, Grey, Pink and Yellow
    • 3 - Red, Green and Gey
    • 2 - Green and Grey
  3. How Many Female Heroes are apart of Avengers Assembly
    • 2. Wonder Woman, Black Widow
    • 3. She Hulk, Wonder Woman and Black Widow
    • 1. Black Widow
  4. Did the Avengers ever defeated Thanos?
    • Never! Thanos is a TITAN GOD
    • Yes, More than once
  5. What is Captain America's Shield made of?
    • Steele
    • Vibranium
    • Superman's Skin

Answer Key

  1. Mjolnir
  2. 3 - Red, Green and Gey
  3. 1. Black Widow
  4. Yes, More than once
  5. Vibranium

Marvel's Avengers Assemble Hero Breakdown

  1. Hulk - Extremely Strong, Self Healing
  2. Captain America - Strong, Fast, Good on hand and foot combat, Can also lead
  3. Iron Man - Super Rich Genius, Powerful exoskeleton armor packed with Bombs, Lasers, missile rockets and just about anything which can be fired, can fly
  4. Hawkeye - Skilled Bowman, charm, wit and an Arsenal of Tech-Arrows
  5. Black Widow - Combat specialist, master weaponry, beauty and brains
  6. Falcon - Can Fly, Swift, throws what looks like explosive feathers, technology genius
  7. Thor - Strong, Powerful Hammer, commands thunder, Son of Odin, can fly with his hammer
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Avengers Assemble

The avengers assemble, Earth mightiest heroes have shown truth to the name. Despite their vast individuality, when they assemble and join forces and super powers they are a force to be reckoned with by any villain in any part of the universe. The avengers have shown what it really means to be different and yet be wonderful team players.

They all possess unique powers and characteristics which all combines to make something great. They are The Avengers - Earth Mightiest Heroes

One of my Favorite Marvel Avengers Assemble Episodes


Jan Michael Ong from Metro Manila, Philippines on July 15, 2016:

Thanks Clive. Good article.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on July 15, 2016:

Yes, nice choices.@jan Michael Ong

Jan Michael Ong from Metro Manila, Philippines on July 14, 2016:

On a leadership standpoint hands off to Captain America. From a power standpoint I like Thor as he is innately powerful. Sure, the Hulk is strong but if he reverts back to Bruce Banner its game over.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on January 04, 2016:

Matty Fernandez....good choice

Matty Navarro from Pennsylvania on January 04, 2016:

I love Captain America, he is the most organized and stable-minded superhero in my opinion.

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on July 22, 2015:

@ frank..HULK SMASH!

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on July 22, 2015:

this was fun Clive, I have to go with Hulk.. his strength and his story line has always intrigued me..

Clive Williams (author) from Jamaica on July 22, 2015:

LOL@Billy....i see eye to eye

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 22, 2015:

Black Widow! She's hot! Enough said.

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