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Who Is The Strongest Mikaelson Sibling?

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Who would have thought that the Originals people hated initially in The Vampire Diaries would get so close to their hearts? It all began when Elijah Mikaelson appeared firstly on The Vampire Diaries with his classy hairstyle.

From being deadly villains on The Vampire Diaries to being the actual heroes on their own spin-off show, The Originals, these vampires have sure come a long way. This family does not only have original vampires, but witches, werewolves, hybrids and even a tribrid.

This article, however, ranks the Mikaelson family from the leftover sister to the psychotic maniac, and the noble stag to the bastard son.

6. Rebekah Mikaelson


The baby Mikaelson sister, second daughter of Mikael and Esther is #6 on the list. She firstly appeared on The Vampire Diaries and later on the spin-off, The Originals. Being an original vampire, she's fierce, aggressive and heartbroken all the time. Although, she's the strongest female vampire ever, but only the physical part counts because mentally, she behaves like a kid who has been denied to play with toys.

The originals don't turn their emotions and humanity off, they have to be mentally and emotionally strong as well. Rebekah might not be as strong as her brothers when it comes to emotions but, she isn't much behind in strength either.

5. Finn Mikaelson


The biggest reason why Finn Mikaelson is so low on this list is because he never got to live as long as his other siblings. He was in a deep sleep for more than 900 years and not for a single moment embraced what he had become after the rituals performed by Esther.

All the other Mikaelson family members travelled all around the world and learned quite a lot of things, Finn on the other hand, could not. What there is to be noticed is that he still managed to go toe to toe against Kol Mikaelson without much training or experience. It is worth imagining as to how strong he would have been had he lived for a thousand years.

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4. Kol Mikaelson


It is for a fact that the wayward mikaelson brother is stronger than both Finn and Rebekah. It is not even up for debate whether Rebekah Mikaelson is short-tempered or not, but, is there anyone more aggressive and hell-bent on torturing their prey than Kol Mikaelson?

Apart from the fact that he has immense strength, he basically is a psychopath roaming free, it was pretty much cleared when Elijah mentioned that Klaus would've Kol to deal with if he daggers him? It's because if Kol sets his mind to do something, he does it without hesitation. It's only Davina's love why Kol was so calm in The Originals.

3. Elijah Mikaelson


The noble brother, Elijah Mikaelson is no doubt the most disciplined member of the Mikaelson family. His fighting skills were so good that none of his siblings could match them. Even though, Elijah is just an original vampire, he still manages to go toe to toe against his hybrid brother, Klaus and sometimes even betters him.

He not only is brave but a smart tactician as well, and so is proven out to be true when he managed to go toe to toe against Marcel(upgraded). Elijah has barely ever fought with all in, his promises and words bind him, resulting in him to hold back in most of his fights.

2. Klaus Mikaelson


Klaus Mikaelson is the man who could go to any extent to achieve his goal. Be it killing a thousand people, or daggering his own siblings. As much as it is true that Elijah could go toe to toe against him and even better him sometimes, one still can't deny the fact that Klaus is stronger than Elijah when it comes to raw strength alone.

Apart from that fact that he is a vampire-werewolf hybrid, there is another reason why he is ranked above his siblings and to be precise, Elijah, it is that the big bad wolf barely ever holds backs and kills everything coming in his way. His evil intentions also open a path for him to often come out victorious.

1. Freya Mikaelson


Quite a surprise, isn't? Freya Mikaelson on the top of the list sounds weird. However, it is no secret to the fans of The Vampire Diaries Universe that a witch is always stronger than a vampire. And, here, it's not just any regular one but an original which like Freya Mikaelson. She is the firstborn child of Mikael and Esther.

This Viking witch is already from Mikaelson bloodline, moreover, she was taught by her aunt, Dahlia, who also happens to be the strongest witch in the whole TVD universe. Freya has control over her spells and she can go beyond limits for family. Freya has shown enough of her powers to call her the strongest one from the Mikaelson siblings.

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