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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Where the Crawdads Sing (2022)

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This plays out like if Nicholas Sparks and Stephen King were to write a story together. The film wastes little time getting to the suspense that creates the story to begin with, then takes its time from that point on to get anywhere truly worthwhile. The cast of characters is well-cast and talented, with Daisy Edgar-Jones a relatively unknown actress, doing the character a great deal of authenticity. Adjacently, Harris Dickinson did such a great job of being wildly unlikable, I believe intentionally. He brought a sour taste to his character from the very start, and did not let off even once. Taylor John Smith was fine in the role, but nothing stood out about his performance to wow me or annoy me. He was simply good. However, the extras of the movie were dreadful. It felt as though they had never been in front of a camera before, or learned how to read of a prompt without sounding over the top or robotic. Luckily, most of the extras’ lines were towards the beginning of the film, so they could easily be forgotten the further along the film went.

The score is beautiful from beginning to end, giving us a taste of both mystery and whimsy, with a hint of mischief thrown in on occasion. This, however, is another great example of a movie that knows when to use the score to its greatest effect, and when to use silence to emphasize the mood. You might find that the scenes that are eerily quiet are the ones that Olivia Newman wanted us to really focus on the dialogue for, and for good reason.

While feeling fairly fresh and original, this story is not for everyone. It can be scary at times, with depictions of events none of us could wish upon our greatest enemies. However, the film wraps up very smoothly and was rather fulfilling.


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