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How Did the Rental Office Disappear off the Face of the Earth in One Day?

A creative story written from a place with multiple years of production.


Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy of Unsplash

What if you went to your apartment complex's rental office and discover that the building where the office usually rests has completely disappeared? A short weird, mind-boggling, mysterious story that will have you perplexed about how an apartment complex's rental office is there one day and completely gone off of the face of the earth the next. When a significant building such as the rental office is missing there has to be answers and if there aren't, does this mean the tenants live rent-free until further notice? When a rental office building suspiciously goes missing could this be a case of a sought of wizardry, or even just a dream maybe?

Josh wakes up at 8:00 am on the Friday near the first of the month, as usual, to prepare to take his rental payment to the rental office. Once he is cleaned up and dressed, he heads over to the rental office to only discover that where the rental office stood is nothing but an empty space. This comes as a shock because it was there yesterday and there was no sighting of a demolition team on site. Staring in disbelief, and also witnessing other confused tenants in his surroundings discussing this matter, he pinches himself because he thinks he is dreaming. Ouch!

Makes light of the situation

Josh gets out of his Ford Focus and walks over to the crowd. Eyes wide open, constant nervous chatter from women and quiet men are in thought, Josh asks "what the heck is going on here?" Just about everyone speaks or commits an action in surprise and fear at the same time. "We have no idea"! " That's what we're trying to find out"! [Slow and unconscious head shakes] [nail bitting] No one had a clue. "It was here yesterday", Josh says. "But it isn't today", says a gentleman. Josh - " Should we call the police?" Woman - "what should we report, that the rental office was stolen?" Josh - you're right, did anyone call the rental office"? Man - Yes, the number is disconnected"! Josh jokes - "free rent for everybody"! No one laughs. Woman - the website is down too, what do we do?" Josh jokes again - " maybe it'll show back up tomorrow". No laughs, just silence, and slow back and forth serious head shakes. Josh could make light of the situation, but no one else could.


Because there isn't one sensible realistic explanation, everyone's thoughts have to shift to a supernatural occurrence. Aliens, wizards, and Gods are brought up in conversations; they all made interesting points about their beliefs. One man has an aunt who dated a wizard and she told him that he once made her purse disappear right in front of her, no tricks. One man claimed he was abducted by aliens and says that they could've beamed up the rental office to experiment on the entire staff. Most of the crowd were Christians who didn't believe in any of that evil and just thought that it was time for God to come back and rescue his people. Josh says, well, maybe God started with the rental office, the people that overcharge us for rent". [Everyone laughs]. Everyone could only guess supernaturally but neighbors that didn't get along, got along on this day, this moment, this bizarre event.

Let's figure this out

Most of the neighbors had to go to work, so they couldn't stick around long, including Josh. However, before they all left, they asked a few questions, including...

Does everyone remember everything that happened yesterday or hear anything strange this morning or even last night? "No" and "yes" everyone remembered everything last night except for a young guy who jokingly, but honestly says he was high last night. But the majority didn't hear anything unusual.

Well, modular offices can roll away on a trailer but the office was cemented and buried in the ground (site built). It would take longer than a day to move the office building and clean up without a trace.

No matter how hard they thought logically, there wasn't an explanation for this oddity.


If a rental office building can disappear as if a magician is playing a magic trick, will other events of the such happen? Fear can only remain in the heart of these people and once word gets out beyond the community a sense of panic can devour the world. Well, luckily, most people would view this as a hoax and choose not to believe it. Hopefully, a credible news source doesn't cover it and your grandmother doesn't feast her eyes on it. We can only pray to our Gods and cross our fingers that this is the last of the Mohicans and that this building comes back tomorrow. Maybe it's just a dream.

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Back again

After a long day of work, Josh returns to his complex, and as before, the rental office building is missing. There is not one person (resident or relevant professional) outdoors discussing or has hands on the matter. Strange. Josh is usually a loner and doesn't associate with any of his neighbors but this evening he knocks on his neighbors' doors to get more information about the matter; no one was home - weird. He knocked on at least 35 doors and not one soul came to the door. Josh is puzzled. Without reading too much into the situation, he heads home and settles down by taking a hot bath, sipping wine, and listening to classical hits.

What theeeee...

After his bath indulgence, Josh lies on his bed for some television, totally blocking the rental office incident out of his mind. While changing between channels, with the back of his head buried down into a fluffy pillow, his head hits the surface of the bed unexpectedly - weird. Josh jumps up and looks behind him where his pillow once lay and it was gone - disappeared. He looks on the floor - gone! Josh sits on his bed in deep thought. First the rental office and now the pillow? Something freaky is going on and Josh is not sticking around this haunted complex any longer.

Heading to his mom's house

Josh quickly puts on some sweats, a hoody and grabs his keys and wallet, and runs out of the door without even locking it. Upon entering the parking lot he notices that his car is missing. What! He looks throughout the entire parking lot, thinking he may have just forgotten that he parked in a different spot. Nope! His car is gone. He calls his mom. The phone just rings, rings, rings until voicemail. He calls again and again and again. No answer. He panics. His heart rate elevates possibly to its max. He sweats. He farts. He pees. There is no one outside, no one in sight.

What theee...not again

As Josh stands in complete shock and fear, he notices more strangeness. The cars in the parking lot started to disappear, one by one. After all cars disappeared, trees went, the grass went, and then all of the buildings in the complex disappeared. Everything around him vanished. It was just Josh surrounded by total whiteness. What the heck is going on?

A miracle happens

As Josh stands in one spot with nothing left to do, he hears a voice. It's a woman singing a pop song, and then a dog barks. He looks in the direction of the sounds and it's a young adult walking her dog, just as happy and energetic as she could be, dancing like no one is around. He looks down and the most beautiful green lawn appears under Josh's feet. He looks behind him and a mansion stands above him as wide as four of his apartment complexes attached. Then a woman comes out of the door and says, "honey, did you want something to eat? I fixed your favorite, shrimp tacos". When he turned around an entire neighborhood appeared. But what really put the icing on the cake was that every single one of his neighbors were his favorite celebrities. " Honey"? Without acting weird, he just says, "yes honey, I would love shrimp tacos". He enters the home as he would enter his apartment and closes the door behind him.

Eraser shreds

An artist puts his final tree onto a colorful drawing of a rich suburban neighborhood. His hardwood floor, where his feet make contact as he sits in his office chair, is almost completely covered in eraser shreds. Someone has been unhappy and making changes to his artwork all day.

Is there a lesson to this story?

Be thankful for what you have because it can all be gone in an instance.

Is this a true story?


Sometimes as humans, we need an interesting mystery to solve. Certainly, no one reading this story had a clue what happened to the rental office until the end. Hopefully, all readers were engaged and guessing and had a great thoughtfully pleasing time doing so. Sometimes our minds get bored and we have to stimulate it with a good mysterious story.

The rental office building disappeared because of an uncertain mind. Luckily, matters were fixed to a more acceptable preference. The preference, hopefully, made Josh a happier man. What type of car should Josh have? What type of job should Josh have? Should Josh continue to take hot baths, drink wine and listen to classical music to settle down after a stressful and awkward day while living a different life?

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