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How To Go Viral on Soundcloud

Taste Mac Breaky Is an instrument chosen by the Gods to review hip hop. Also really good at making hedges look sexy.


When a new artist breaks on the scene it can be easy to assume that their trajectory is inevitable. That is how it looks at least to the layman. The concept of going viral is such in the collective imagination that artists can come and go before there is even enough time to tabulate their presence. When the question of their origins arises the answer is generally no deeper than the platform from which they first caught fire: "oh he blew up on tik-tok" one might say, or "she's a sound-cloud artist." That hardly answers the question of where this artist came from though. The whole point of these platforms is to make the viewer assume that any particular artist was graced with the fickle hand of blind luck. The algorithms are built to reward things that key into the current zeitgeist so that every aspect of the piece of media seems intentional. From the quality to the content therein, the piece or artist is a perfect encapsulation of a current moment or subculture. With that formula it is easy to assume these individuals randomly struck it big. More importantly it implies that it is only a matter of time before WE have our own zeitgeist encapsulating moment caught on video and enter the pantheon of Internet celebrity (and if we are lucky parlay that moment into a little bit of money via sponsored content selling dildos or whatever.) That notion, as tantalizing as it is, is unfortunately false.

No friends we have a unique perspective on what goes on behind the scenes of a supposedly freak chance at virility. At least in the sound cloud rap arena we have some expertise. See, we run a YouTube channel that elusively reviews underground Soundcloud rappers. We are driven by a cosmic force that plucked us from the banality of our normal lives into the world of sound cloud rap. The cosmos decreed that we find and review rappers of seemingly little consequence and make weekly YouTube videos about them or face the punishment of eternal hellfire. While we dare not go against the wishes of the Gods in our prerogative, we figured there could be little harm in sharing some of the insights we have come upon in this journey.

Taste Makers and Breakers Channel

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    We absolutely love underground Soundcloud rappers. Not long ago, we were out mowing the lawn (that's our real job) when we had what can only be described as ...

Wes Nyle

Possibly the most posed for viralibility is rapper Wes Nyle. We stumbled upon him after the Gods punished us after they caught us binging season 1-5 of "Frasier". Wes Nyle's “Count Song” originally released in July features the artist counting all the numbers from 1-100. That’s it. That’s the full lyrics. With a video for the song released just 6 days ago this song has the potential to be memed heavily.

Wes Nyle Top 5


Some artists come from humble origins. Take Ohio rapper Lojack for example. He was one of the first artist the Gods instructed us to review. We discovered him after feeding dozens of 1-5 dollar bills into a gas station Keno machine in Reno Nevada. Right before we were instructed to leave his name and Soundcloud page popped up on the display of the "Tomb Raider: Next Generation" machine we were using. This guy has phenomenal production value juxtaposed with his mullet/bullcut signature look. No doubt a recipe for variability

Lojack Top 5

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Lord Lawrence

Then there is Lord Lawrence. This character has already gone viral on Tik-Tok a couple of times, although we found him in a K-hole the gods had instructed us to investigate. Once again an extensive body of work and extremely high production value preceded this artist’s viral moment. With his unique manic energy and face tattoos we are sure to see Lord Lawrence on the front page of the Internet again soon.

Lord Lawrence Top 5


There are countless other artists that we have reviewed all with the potential to go viral at any given moment. Which begs the original question: what is the difference form those who make it and those who don't? In our experience all these artists have an extremely dense body of work that has gone through at least one transformation. They are extremely dedicated to their craft and take measures to ensure the high quality of their work. None of them appear to have set out on their artistic journey with the express intent of "going viral" or becoming a meme. If they did, they would have, ages ago, burnt out. A few video clips and recordings left in the strata of the internet would be all that was left of their shot at internet fame. But they didn't, or at least they haven't yet. This shows that going viral isn’t a random thing, or at least it isn’t something that can occur without a state of constant content creation. For as many of these rappers that we have reviewed there are still thousands if not tens of thousands of rappers yet undiscovered by us. The point is if you want to go viral as a rapper your going to have to get grinding! Good luck!

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