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When the Moving Life-sized Gundam Gained Some Haters

Mamerto Adan is an engineer by profession, but a writer by night. He loves toys and knives. He also has a martial arts background.


For many people, they just want the year 2020 to be over! We are not sure, but someone just unlocked the keys to the apocalypse, and 2020 became the bringers of world-wide misfortunes. Celebrity deaths and wildfires were just the start and 2020 will be remembered as the year when the world was plunged into a pandemic. Now we humans must bear being locked inside our homes as a deadly disease raged outside. But it could have been worst, and there are still some good things to talk about. In fact, Japan just incarnated its icon to cheer the disease-stricken world, and it came in the shape of something that will drive the mecha fans wild with excitement.

A real moving giant robot.

Japan just can’t stop doing awesome things! Once they erected an awesome full-sized Gundam statue, which later evolved into a transforming likeness of the Unicorn Gundam, complete with lights to emulate the Destroy mode. And we can’t blame Japan if their corporate philosophy dictates them to outdo what they achieved. I work in a multinational company, and I got the chance to interact with Japanese expats. They believed in Kaizen, which literally means continuous improvement. And their drive to continuously improve pushed them to make the Gundam statue move.

And now for the first time, the world is in awe to see the first moving giant humanoid robot, a Gundam being brought to life. It still needs frames and support as obviously our existing technology cannot produce a fully functional giant robot that could balance on its own. But what a feat of engineering they achieved and seeing the massive frame of Gramps Gundam coming to life is a sight to behold.

But again, we also cannot underestimate the capacity of humans to be sour.

Man’s ability to throw tantrums, and spew negativity like a stinking fart is the stuff of legends. Combine this with sheer ignorance, entitlement, and access to social media and we got a deadly mix.

And these people should cut their sodium intake, for they are always salty. And their saltiness made them irrationally hate what seems to be innocent fun for mecha fans. For some reason, they don’t like that moving Gundam statue.

The Gundam factory in Yokohama

The rendering of the Gundam Factory in Yokohama.

The rendering of the Gundam Factory in Yokohama.

To begin with, the Gundam with seemingly a life of its own is the centerpiece of an amusement park in Yokoham, Japan. The Gundam Factory Yokohama is located at the Yamashita pier and originally it was set to open in October 2020 but was pushed back to the end of the 2020 due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Together with the moving mecha, which was stored and maintained in the Gundam-Dock, the park also features an entertainment complex, a café and stores.

Again, with the year 2020 getting out of hand, seeing an awesome theme-park is a breath of a needed fresh air for the fans. And for some people, the fact that Japan managed to pull off such a feat during the pandemic is encouraging. Japan could afford to construct giant robots as it handled the coronavirus cases well. In fact, their management of the pandemic was cited as one of the best, so much so that they could do construction projects with low risks. And for some, the moving Gundam is a hopeful sign, that the world could survive this awful crisis.

But again, people could have different opinions, with some gaining newfound nerves through the power of social media. People knew all along that not all will be impressed by a moving mecha, but what was unexpected is how it gained haters. Not too many people will surely take notice of the criticisms like “I don’t like it,” “I’m no fan,” “I’m not just into Gundams,” “that was nerds stuff,” or anything that the fandoms had been hearing through the years. In my case, I would not even mind if people call the moving Gundam a “Transformer.” But some of the remarks it was getting are beyond stupid.

Matt Walsh's Tweet

The infamous Matt Walsh Tweet.

The infamous Matt Walsh Tweet.

In my last article prior this, I joked how some random guy will believe that the moving Gundam is a real weapon. It’s just a joke and nothing to be serious of, until it really happened.

At present, Matt Walsh hosts a show (The Matt Walsh Show) at the Daily Wire and runs a column. Matt is also a blogger and a speaker of a large national following. But as his recent post in social media shows, he is also capable of saying less than intelligent stuffs.

One morning of September 22, 2020, I found myself looking at the screenshot of his post being shared among mecha fans. I must do some fact check first, to be sure that it was not some doctored internet prank. But to my horror, it was indeed real! You probably knew what Matt said, but to the uninitiated, he just called the moving Gundam “a spectacular waste of money in human history.” He then moves on by saying how impractical it is as a weapon.

And it was then that I got what he was trying to convey to the public. He thinks that the mechanical moving Gundam in that amusement park is a real weapon.

Going back to the beginning of my article, I stressed that the moving Gundam is the centerpiece of an amusement park. It’s just an oversized mechanical puppet for a park and a marketing stunt for Bandai. Fan knew from the very beginning that it wasn’t meant to fight in wars, and we are not sure why Matt Walsh thought it was a real weapon. He was not the first one though, years ago the Chinese state-run media run a propaganda news where they mistook the Gundam as a real and functional military hardware.

It’s a classic case of someone going super serious about something without knowing anything.

People Say It's a Waste of Money...

See for yourself.

See for yourself.

also stressed out earlier that the moving Gundam is a project of a private corporation, meant for an amusement park and a publicity stunt. It was expected to boost the image, not to mention the sale of our favorite hobby, the Gunpla, not to mention generate profits from the park itself from visitors. The project also means available jobs for engineers and construction firms, not to mention staffs and managers once the park opens. Then, we are talking about Japan here, the country with better management of the pandemic, hence they could afford to pull-off such project. That’s why I was left scratching my head when random strangers in social media kept on clamoring that it was a waste of money.

According to them, people should just give the money to charity instead of investing on something useless like a giant robot. That there are a lot of starving children out there, and here they are spending their money on stuffs like an oversized toy.

These are rubbish.

For one thing, people saying that it’s a useless waste of money should answer to the engineers and construction workers that got employed thanks to the project. Meaning there will be fewer starving people in the world. And obviously, these people never worked in a private corporation before. I mean our marketing team are known to invest a considerable amount in advertisements and product promotions. It is a calculated gamble, where the profit will make up for the money spent on the promotions. And have they seen an amusement park before? Because that’s what it is, an amusement park, no different than Disneyland Park. And if we will apply their logic in real life, then we should stop making movies, demolish theme parks and quit doing artworks so we could give the money to the poor.

And in the end with the jobs lost, we won’t have money to give to the poor to begin with.


Social media really brings out the worst in humanity. People just want to have fun in the dark days of the pandemic, and the last thing they need are random grumpy strangers spreading negativity. In fact, this people reminded me of the mobs that will vandalize statues, public monuments, heritage sites and churches just because it offended them.

As these cases showed, mecha fans now sound more mature than them.


Mamerto Adan (author) from Cabuyao on September 26, 2020:

Well Arensshi, maybe the lockdown is now getting into peoples' heads.

Arensshi from Philippines on September 26, 2020:

How could they? A lot of people's dreams have been granted because of this!

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