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When I Decided to Go Solo for a Music Concert

When I was a teenager, I was a huge fan of concerts and attending music festivals or gigs. There was a deep-rooted enjoyment that I felt in attending concerts of my favorite musicians or DJs. Even though it has been a while since I went to one, I sometimes reminisce of those days where my love for music made me attend a concert solo. I mean there is a notion that these concerts are best enjoyed and experienced when with a group of friends & there is no denying it..

Music concerts are meant for such occasions and the level of enjoyment, energy & togetherness when we sing or dance to the tunes of our favorite musicians & DJs is on an even scale. There was a sunburn concert that I was eagerly anticipating for a while. It was a DJ Afrojack concert. Afrojack is one of my favorite DJs and at that time I was a huge follower of his songs, & also his upcoming tours in India, so there was no chance that I was going to miss a live event of his, in Mumbai.

I and my friend had been planning to attend that event for some time, but due to some illness, my friend bailed out on me a day before the concert. I asked several other friends of mine, whether they would accompany me to the concert, but they were all occupied & there were some who wanted to come but couldn't, due to me informing them on short notice.

The thing was that I hadn't booked the tickets for the event so I could have missed it, and attended another upcoming sunburn event with my friends. But the thing is, attending this concert had been part of my to-do list for a long time & I wasn't going to let a last-minute change scupper my plan. So in the afternoon, 4 hours prior to the event I booked the tickets and decide to attend this concert solo.

I felt like an idiot .

  • I arrived at the venue on time & the moment I looked at the group of people attending the concert, I literally felt like a fool. The reason for that was everyone at the event was a stranger and naturally, they had come in groups or at least in twos. So I would like to believe I might have been one of the few who came all alone to attend the concert.
  • Obviously, there was a little bit of anxiousness & also the feeling that whether I would be able to enjoy myself fully. This feeling also had more to do with the fact that I was met with inquisitive stares from people, who might have thought I was really crazy .attending a concert solo.
  • But those are very temporary states of mind and that feeling quickly went away as I started interacting with a few groups of people younger & older than me. Well. I was not trying to fit into their group or anything, it was just that I wanted to make myself feel somewhat at home & convince myself that I had made the right decision in coming solo for this concert.
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Talking about music with people was the icebreaker.

  • What looked like rocket science to me a while back turned out to be a wonderful affair, talking with random unknown people about music, the concert in general. In the beginning, there was a certain apprehension amongst some of the groups of people that I had approached as they were not quite comfortable when I was trying to strike a conversation with them.
  • Then while purchasing the refreshments half an hour before the concert, I met a group of people who were very forthcoming & engaging. At first, they asked about my willingness to attend this concert solo, later on, we then chatted a lot about music, our favorite DJs, and other random topics.
  • It was sort of an icebreaker and that made it much easier for me to enjoy the occasion, and the group of people that I met were a mixed bunch of young & elder people, which made room for us to have conversations outside the general topic of music.

When the music kicks in, you are no longer strangers.

  • The stadium where the act was set to take place was a 10000 capacity stadium. i along with the group of people I was with split inside the arena, as once the gig got underway, we went absolutely crazy. The main set of Afrojack was 2 hours long. I would never forget the pop that he received from the crowd when he arrived on stage with the first song & when he addressed the crowd.
  • I had a blast dancing & bouncing to that set with complete strangers beside me. The feeling of anxiety & foolishness had long left. Initially, I was with the group of people I had become friends with, dancing singing like crazy as if we were good friends, But as the event progressed we split up & I met more crazy & friendly people who shared the same enthusiasm as me.
  • We formed huddles, picked each other on our shoulders to have a better view of the DJ, also soaking in the incredible musical atmosphere that had transpired throughout the course of the event. In the aftermath of the event, I had made some new friends & also some great memories that I will never forget.

After that, I went on to attend several concerts with my friends and every occasion was a musical treat and a fun experience. But its safe to say, that this solo concert that I had attended was the best one out of the lot, because it took a lot of courage to attend it alone & also the fact it made me realize that music brings people together whether you are acquainted or not acquainted.

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