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When an Evangelion DVD Has a Creepy Video

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I know you will agree with me. Hands down, the Neon Genesis Evangelion is a sick, sick anime. I kept stressing this, for never in the history of mecha, and even in the anime world that we have something as convoluted as this. Messed up is the best term for the series though some might point out that it’s the charm of the whole darn show. The way it conveys those insanity made it a classic among the pantheons of legendary anime. Others find it confusing. Some might find it depressing. The Evangelion series is not exactly melodrama, but it never needed tear jerking moments to ruin your day. But for me, it’s just simple trolling by Anno. People may not agree with me, but the Evangelion series has too many loose ends that might be open to individual interpretations.

But the Evangelion series could get creepy at some point.

Those gibberish sketches and terrifying images of a tortured mind is already spine chilling on its own. But be careful which Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD you will buy. You may end up with an unexpected, and brow raising bonus instead.

Again, I managed to dig out from the bottom of the clear web this clip of an Evangelion DVD, with something creepy to offer. As you scan its content, an image of a woman will suddenly appear, and disappear. What the hell it was no one knows. But something like that popping out from nowhere will surely raises eyebrows.

How I Dug That One Up

The Reddit post, about the Evangelion DVD anomaly.

The Reddit post, about the Evangelion DVD anomaly.

I was tipped by my friends to check my Evangelion DVD, for some undesirable contents. My first reaction was “get used to it,” as there are a lot of undesirable scenes in the Evangelion anime to begin with. I mean the hospital scene was among the many. Then my friends cleared out that “there was a bonus.”


I checked my DVD, and so far, I found no anomalies whatsoever. My friends gave a sigh of relief that theirs was also clean. They then told me to Google what they tipped. Look for that “creepy Easter Egg in an Evangelion DVD.” I did, and I realized what they mean.

My search first pointed me to a couple of Youtube channels. Again, I like to thank Youtubers Goose Boose and Superhondanut for the scoop. And I also like to point out that Superhondanut posted this in Reddit. In their video, they discussed how this short, and somehow strange video clip, which was unrelated to the whole anime just appeared and disappeared.

We will get to that below, but it seems that this was an isolated case, as what was claimed by the Youtubers. The Youtuber Superhondanut mentioned how he made a Google search, just to know if others were seeing the same thing in their own Evangelion DVD. He then found out that no one saw this anomaly before, except for one in a forum site Rooster Teeth. The user, named VScommoman claimed he saw the same video in his own Evangelion DVD.

Before we get any further, you might be wondering what the clip looks like, or which DVD version it appeared. We will have more of that below.

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The Clip

The woman in the clip.

The woman in the clip.

Seasoned EVA fans probably knew this, but I guess for some, it’s new to you. As what our Youtubers mentioned, the DVD in question here is the Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:7. Everything was fine, until they get into the Magi Files selection. 12 seconds into the menu, a sudden video clip appeared, much to the surprise of the Youtuber Superhondanut. It was the strange video of a scantily clad Asian woman posing in bed. After a few seconds, the clip stopped, and everything returns to the Magi Files menu.

The Youtuber Superhondanut probably thought “what was that?” Earlier we mentioned how he posted this in Reddit, and scanned Google for answers, before stumbling upon a forum site where a user claimed that he saw the same thing. The said Youtuber mentioned that he obtained his collection from a store owner from Sidney Australia, while the forum user who saw the same creepy clip was also from Australia. One might also wonder if the clip was faked, or the DVD was a bootleg. But as what the Youtuber Goose Boose said, there are no good reason for Superhondanut to fake the story. And it seems like the DVD is an original and not faked. But one might wonder, who was the woman from the creepy video clip?

The Identity of the Freakish Woman

Annabel Chong, the woman behind the video.

Annabel Chong, the woman behind the video.

The mysterious woman behind the strange Easter Egg is not that mysterious after all. In fact, she is no random stranger. Her name is Grace Quek or known by her stage name Annabel Chong. And anyone who spent too much time in the dark side of the net probably knew her by now. The woman is a Singaporean-born American actress, famous for her adult films.

Before she engaged in such “daring” roles, the woman was gifted and intelligent. In her younger years, she was described as “quiet and intelligent” by her peers. Later, she took law school but later dropped out to study photography, art and gender studies. To pay for her college fees, she tried modelling, but the modelling agency she entered turned out to be an adult film company.

And her career as an adult film actress started.

A documentary about her was made, which was released in 1999. In 2003, Chong retired from adult films for good, and now she is living the peaceful life of a web developer in California.

And it’s worth mentioning that it was the Madman Entertainment that distributed the DVD version of Chong’s documentary to Australia, the same company where the Evangelion DVD came from.

And from here you probably guessed what happened.

Yes, it was an editing error. When the Neon Genesis Evangelion Version 0:7 was being authored, someone mistakenly inserted Annabel Chong’s clip in the Magi Files selection. It was not the case of a bootleg DVD, an internet hoax or a prank. And don’t worry, Annabel got nothing to do with Anno’s gibberish symbolism, though I got to admit she fits perfectly well in the Evangelion universe.

And there you have it. Good thing though that this issue never spread and created an urban legend of its own. We have enough hoaxes about cursed objects already! But I got to admit, this one counts as the creepiest authoring error I ever saw. Though finding out what caused it is very anti-climactic. But mistakes will happen, and if you got sharp eyes, you would also notice that the same DVD also misspelled Shigeru Aoba’s name.

What Really Happened...

The Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Version 0:7. Where everything started.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Version 0:7. Where everything started.

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