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When Quick Fame Turns Toxic and Backfires.

PEDRO or POT, he’s a village boy and a grandmother's product. A man of many worlds. He’s a writer, blogger and shares his Stories Online.

The Downside of Being Famous.

Imagine yourself in the position of one of these stars. Despite being disguised, you walk the streets and always cover your children's faces with whatever veils you can reach. This is just to keep the paparazzi away and prevent them from taking pictures of your family. Fame comes at a cost and causes pain.

Imagine what it would be like living in a world of these celebrities: Complete strangers calling you out of joy as if they knew you intimately, screaming that they love you! That is the price of fame for you.


When Private Life Becomes Public.

Thanks to the internet, too, our most intimate personal details are now freely available online. Yes, fame comes at a cost and causes pain.

With the attention that fame brings, do we have the right to be so intrusive in the lives of our favorite celebrities, no matter what we think of them? And does it make sense for celebrities to make their private lives public?

With fame, an indescribable sensation comes into play that not many are able to experience: a feeling of living just to win. This brings with it a great temptation to remain at the top. To protect what others have entrusted to you. Could this not be the true meaning of fame?

One's reputation is often the foundation of one's fame, and a person's reputation is how others perceive them.

Today, fame is too often based on perceptions of beauty, talent, and winning rather than actual character.

What is the cost of fame that we should exchange a high level of talent for low character?

Abraham Lincoln rightly said, "If character is a tree, reputation is its shadow." In such a case, reputation (the shadow) will disappear when the shine is taken away. The tree, however, will always stand tall. Therefore, it is vital to preserve the tree!

When Celebrities Cry Out in Frustration in a Bid to Maintain Their Fame.

The burden of fame must have been expressed in many ways by many celebrities. But Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, captured some of these dramatic moments in one of his songs: "Leave me Alone," "Beat it," "They Don't Care About Us," and "Scream."

Why was Michael casting off what outsiders believed was suitable for him but rejecting something many attempt to attain without realizing the cost?

Michael had reached the pinnacle of his career, and I think he was trying to share with us, or better still with his fans his bitter experience of fame. He thought that perhaps there was a way to ease the pain by way of blowing off steam the of fame.

He realized he had sacrificed the seemingly insignificant things in life that we often take for granted.

We could think, eat, shop, take a walk in silence, collect our thoughts, and reflect on life during those moments. "If you're aiming for fame and fortune, you won't have a quiet life." Would it be worth it to forego walking your kids to the park, watching a movie, or going on simple, intimate dates in exchange for fame?


The Intoxicating Power of Fame.

There is no doubt that fame is enticing to most influencers and communicators.

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Being influential, speaking with more people, and getting more followers are attractive.

Fame is seductive and entices you. Millions of screaming fans are the lure that draws us in—the roar of the crowd. We fall short where we're weakest, and that's where pride strikes us.

While this is happening, we are being led astray without knowing it.

There seem to be more and more cases in our society where actors and musicians get too famous too quickly and then lose their reputations. We are unable to resist the temptations we face.

It is almost impossible not to think that fame played a role in many celebs lives who committed suicide as you would discover along this writeup. They joined many others who took their own lives too soon.

Fame Is a Very Powerful Addiction.

Whatever kind of influence you have, it needs to be maintained. If you want to stay influential, you have to keep up those patterns. Cutting ethical corners gets you where you are, but it won't keep you there.

Platforms are fine, but they can be costly.

It is greatly exciting to perform in front of a crowd of admirers. Receiving a standing ovation from a large group of people is rewarding. It is satisfying to have hundreds of retweets from your tweets. You feel energized.

Fame Is an Exciting Experience.

Unfortunately, the feeling eventually evaporates and disappears. It means you'll need some more for the next time. After that, even more...

Each time you perform, you try to top yourself. Maybe you will even start performing for the cheers alone. However, even that won't feel as good at some point. Then you start looking for excitement elsewhere.

The abuse of alcohol by Winehouse and those of many other artists shows us how addictions naturally lead to more addictions. You have to feed a habit to remain normal.

Fame Consumes a Person.

Those who are addicted to obsessions eventually succumb to them. When you have an addiction, you are tied to every thought, every craving, every waking second.

The irony is, you spent all this time building an audience - influencing others with your music, words, and art- and now you're owned by it.

It has become an integral part of your identity to pursue what was once a vocation. What you do converts you to what you become.


Fame Can Be Dangerous.

Fame is a powerful, seductive force that tantalizes you with its hot claws and compulsively addicts you. You will eventually lose both your identity and your will.

Your public persona is all you are. Smollett, do you remember him? That guy who falsely claimed to have been attacked? Everyone, including myself, wondered why such a decision had been made.

Had the decision been made because of fear to lose audiences and patronage? Was that the only way for him to get attention, disregarding the risk of going to jail for making the wrong decision and, as a result, losing all, including the recognition he'd already gained? What about integrity, character, and a good reputation? They didn’t matter to him.

When I thought I had seen and heard all the weirdest stuff, guess what? At the corner, there was Trevor Jacob waiting (the pilot who deliberately crashed his airplane for clicks!) Was waiting to bring his own "show" on board, which soon became viral.

Your reaction to that crazy prank of his perhaps would have been the same as mine as I said in disbelief, "What the heck?" Who does that? I wrapped my head in my hands and thought in my mind, “God, see what social media has brought to people’s lives!” Imagine how far some people could get doing crazy stuff all for fame.

I can't believe this chap didn't even think about the plane's damage (even if he planned on using parachutes for the prank)?

Though I know an airplane is nothing compared to life if all of these are combined, would they be worth it if it's just to impress his fans, and, ultimately, get some clicks? What was his estimate of the number of clicks he expected, should they have been in the millions?

The desire for fame and more fame must have been the drive of his motive. Fame has rocked and continues to rock the boat of most celebrities. And the sinking of these stars happens often.

Are you surprised why do mega-pastors struggle with moral failure? And why there’re high divorce rates in Hollywood? And the number of rock stars going to rehab, should all not be because of the weight of fame?

Unfortunately, and sad to say, many celebrities choose suicide as their only escape because they consider it a last resort!


Are You Willing to Risk Your Integrity for Fame?

Are you still the same person in the mirror, or are you now seeing somebody entirely different due to physical and emotional changes and attachment to your strange new face?

Body ink, lip injections, butts, and breast augmentations are long-lasting decisions for temporary gains. Fame and the attention it brings can cost you your soul, so is it worth it? Fame has a cost that should be considered before it can be pursued.

Fame can demand your life because of its fast pace and turbulent lifestyle. The list long list just to mention a few, continues with household names like Elvis, Chris Kelly (Kris Kross), Whitney Houston, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Charlie Parker, U-Roy, Jackie Wilson, Billy Holiday, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, , Biggie, Tupac,, Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, and Kurt Cobain... and on and on.

According to Jesus, the whole world does not matter if a man loses his soul. Jesus himself was famous, but the Bible says he never pursued fame. So, you can be recognized without ever seeking fame.

The difference is that fame did not cost Jesus his life, but he died for a worthy purpose.

Can You Achieve Your Desired Goal by Doing What You Love Most? Leadership communicator, author, and pastor Andy Stanley mentions in his book "The Principle of the Path" that physical roads lead to physical destinations, and financial, spiritual, and emotional paths lead to actual goals.

If that is true, there'll probably be a way to fame. A celebrity might have a path, but the question would be, what is the price of following that path? Alternative paths may be an option for you.

Seek the road to your destiny instead of the road to fame! To live on a street paved with opportunities for your talents, you must have a high character that values integrity.

Look, search for it! Fame can happen along your way you just have to pay attention and be diligent! As the saying goes, life is most valuable when we spend it doing what we love. In many cases, if not all the above, majority of them died doing what they loved most.

But for too many on this list, their lives were marked by violence, turmoil, depression, tragedy, and battles with alcohol and drugs. Many may say fame doesn't come cheap. It is more likely that doing what you love doesn't suffice to live a meaningful life.

You may also need a sense of purpose to direct your life and lead you toward your destiny. You don't have to go crazy trying to find your purpose in books. The sense will reveal itself when you are true to yourself and what you love most.

A life of intimacy with God shows the goal most clearly. Due to the Creator's vantage point, He is most aware of who you are and your true destiny, and He will guide you in that direction.

How Can You Stop Your Fame Addiction?

The only way to break this vicious cycle is to:

· Be yourself—Influencers are often insecure about themselves. This is understandable because they are in the business of being someone else. Instead of embracing themselves, they damage themselves instead.

· Tell the truth— Integrity is the key to living (even when it makes you look stupid).

· Have it at the back of your mind that fame can destroy you due to its destructive nature Influence-seeking individuals should pay attention to this.

Are the Effects of All Influences Bad?

I don't think so. Success depends on your motivation.

Are you trying to gain influence solely through fame? This may lead to ruin for you. However, if you want to influence people to improve their lives, you need to be trustworthy in public and private.

As your influence grows, you should be aware of temptations. Refrain from an obsession with fame or an excessive focus on performance. It may not be necessary to attain fame to pursue your life's work.

I wept when I was writing this article. The reason is for the precious souls we're lost. Please, don't be the next to be missed so soon. Take heed!

Take care how you seek fame, it consumes, it's seductive, addictive, dangerous and it takes life. Anything you create must remain within your control and not the other way round.

Thanks for reading!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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