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When Calls The Heart Popular TV Series and Season 2 Speculation

"When Calls the Heart" may have started out like any other Hallmark series. It was originally expanded from a made-for-TV movie.

But the series has turned into a phenomenon pulling in higher ratings each week. According to Zap2it, the series ratings climbed and pulled the ranking of the entire Hallmark network up to a remarkable 3rd place based on the growing fan base and audience.

But what is it about this TV show that makes it so different from the others and will Hallmark give the audience what it wants--more?

The Magic of The Story

Based on a very popular series set in British Columbia by Janette Oake, the story captures the audience's imagination in several ways.

  • Setting: The actual set for the TV series is in Langley Canada in a field according to Huffington Post. According to the same article by Bill Brioux, the fictional Coal Valley was created over a series of weeks and the design of the set makes areas such as the row houses, where coal mining families live, look realistically small. In reality they are big enough to accommodate the cameras needed for filming. The final result is magical and beautiful.
  • Actors/Actresses: There's no doubt that Erin Krakow and Daniel Lissing are beautiful people and the camera loves them. But veteran actors and actresses such as Lori Loughlin bring depth and subtlety to the show's plot points. Each actor is convincing in their role and under the superb direction of Michael Landon, Jr., the show comes to life.
  • Relatable Issues: Even though it is set in the turn of the century in a coal mining town where many of the characters struggle to survive after a mining accident, the show's story line and plots are relatable to modern audiences. There is love, loss, death, small worries, large concerns, deception, agony and hope. What is coaxed out of each episode is that our struggles and triumphs are all human and are a common experience.
  • Romance: Not just the romance between Elizabeth and Jack (though there is plenty of that) but the romance of the time period are captured in Landon's series. As human beings we all have romantic ideas about the past and of the old days when things were simpler. Landon does a good job of giving us a bit of romance without going too far over the top. We want to be swept away by the story and he does that but he also allows us to feel and learn and understand about what life was like in this time period as well.
Michael Landon, Jr. way back when he was in an episode of Little House on the Prairie.

Michael Landon, Jr. way back when he was in an episode of Little House on the Prairie.

Michael Landon and His Living Legacy of Michael Landon Jr.

Michael Landon was a dominating force in Television in the 1970s and 1980s. His most enduring work, the TV series Little House on the Prairie has stood the test of time and has been syndicated for multiple generations to fall in love with it, enjoy the story telling, the acting and the lessons.

Michael Landon, Jr. has captured that magic once again in "When Calls the Heart." The series is at once new and familiar. For those of us that grew up watching Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert on "Little House on the Prairie," it truly feels like you are coming home again when you watch these shows even though it is set in Canada and based on a different series of books.

The growing ratings are indicative of the television audience's desire for a story of this kind. Each episode can stand on its own but, unlike Little House, it also progresses, tying story lines from previous episodes together.

The Growing Fan Base

"When Calls the Heart" developed a growing fan base causing its audience numbers to continue increasing each week up until the finale.

Calling themselves "Hearties," their push on social media for a Season 2 has been very visible.

The fans of the show have developed their own website which you can find here:

The fan site includes a show recap, message boards, newsletter and even an interview with Michael Landon, Jr. about what it was like to grow up on the set of "Little House on the Prairie."

The actors and Landon will often send tweets of thanks out to all their devoted "Hearties."

What are Hearties?

What are Hearties?

Twitter Handles for Actors and Actresses on When Calls The Heart

Michael Landon Jr. and many of the cast regular tweet updates and interact with the fans. The personal touches that are seen in the TV series expand to their personal lives as well. Their following of fans has become deep and devoted.

Follow the show's producer/director and two of the lead actresses on Twitter:

NameCharacterTwitter HandleActive?

Michael Landon Jr.

Director and Producer of Show



Erin Krakow

Elizabeth Thatcher, School Teacher



Lori Loughlin

Abigail Stanton, Friend, Cafe Owner



Daniel Lissing

Jack Thornton, Canadian Mountie



Chelah Horsdal

Cat Montgomery, Friend



Loretta Walsh

Florence Blakely



Mitchell Kummen

Gabe Montgomery, Student



Mamie Laverock

Rosaleen Sullivan, Student (red head)



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Season 2 of When Calls The Heart

Devoted "When Calls The Heart" fans are clamoring for a Season 2 of their beloved show. Indications are that Michael Landon Jr. and the actors are interested in continuing the series.

It truly would not make sense for Hallmark not to renew this remarkable series for many seasons to come! This could be the next "Little House on the Prairie!"

Check back for updates and confirmed dates of Season 2.

Update: Season 2 is in the works. Hallmark has renewed the series for another season. It should premiere in Spring 2015!

Watch Full Episodes of When Calls The Heart for Free

If you subscribe to the Hallmark Channel you can watch selected full episodes of the TV series for free. Simply follow the link below and provide some basic information about your cable subscription. Then enjoy the shows. Note: Some of the episodes will expire and are only available for a limited time.

Watch When Calls The Heart Online.

Follow When Calls The Heart on Facebook: WhenCallsTheHeartMovie

Check Out The When Calls The Heart Fan Page:

This remarkable TV series is not just the same old prairie drama. It's as fresh as it is familiar and has the potential to become a very popular and beloved series.

Join the rest of the Hearties today and start watching!

Official Trailer for When Calls The Heart


Robert on September 21, 2014:

Excellent show never miss it. There should be more shows like this which have enjoyable meaning and story line. one of my favorite shows.

Bonnie Alford on April 29, 2014:

I watched every episode. I love the series. The writing, directing, actors. Including the kids are superb. It's so nice to watch. There is none of the things in other programs that make them inappropriate. Thank you Michael Landon Jr, Brian Bird, Hallmark Channel , actors and anyone else who worked on this unforgettable series.

Cari Lamperski on April 20, 2014:

LOVE When Calls the Heart series! SUCH great stories, actors, writing, & crew! This is QUALITY programming at its best, and it is so beautiful to look at, and even the music is superb. The whole family can watch it together, and it keeps the adults interested in it all the way. I recommend it highly! I am a #Heartie, and we welcome you too!

William Leverne Smith from Hollister, MO on April 19, 2014:

My wife and I got on to When Calls the Heart because we were fans of Debbie McComber's Cove series... saw the promos, and never missed one! We are/were big Little House fans, as well, of course! Just live a few miles from Laura's house in Missouri where she wrote the books... ;-)

Bridget Hatfield on April 18, 2014:

I fell in Love with When Calls The Heart Episode 1 and watched every Episode faithfully every Saturday and rewatched on Sundays. This is the first show that i felt passionate enough to buy the whole season on iTunes, bought the t-shirt and joined Twitter to support. I am one of thousands of #Hearties and we all want a Season 2 and more. I would and have recommend this show to everyone. A 10+++++

L C David (author) from Florida on April 14, 2014:

I was too. I have dialogue from multiple episodes of LHOP memorized. Loved that show and I'm so happy Michael Landon Jr. is continuing the tradition of this type of TV show. You should definitely check out some episodes.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on April 14, 2014:

I haven't seen this show, but the trailer tells me it's something I'd enjoy. I was an avid fan of Little House on the Prairie. How can you not love Michael Landon?

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