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What's Next for Hyun Bin and Son Hye Jin After Crash Landing on You

Hyun Bin & Seo Ye Jin

Hyun Bin & Seo Ye Jin

Crash Landing on You TV series is a huge hit not only in South Korea but worldwide. After the show ended last February 16, 2020, Crash Landing on You gained a total of 1.75 billion online views as of February 17, 2020 which made it the highest rated TVN drama, the 3rd highest rated Korean drama in cable television, one of the top shows in Netflix and has been one of the most talked about TV program in social media.

The success was no doubt a good combination of an effective writer, a strong story, an efficient director and top-caliber artists. Screenwriter Park Ji Eun, is one of the top writers in South Korea’s entertainment industry having consistent hit dramas on her portfolio such as “My Love from Another Star”, “Legend of the Blue Sea” and “The Producers” among others. Crash Landing on You was the first ever TV series about border-restricted lovers from North & South Korea. A typical story about love against all odds but was greatly presented by its director Lee Jung Hyo, who also directed "Romance is a Bonus Book" which is the last TV project Lee Jong Suk made before his mandatory military service on March 8, 2019.

Of course, a hit drama will never be a hit drama without having the right cast for the characters. Lead stars Hyun Bin and Son Hye Jin was one of the best in the acting field for their versality as an actor/actress whose acting ability was both critically acclaimed. They are also both being praised for being professional, level-headed, and down-to-earth personality.

Most especially, the two has this sweet and explicit chemistry. Many of their fans could not believe no matter how many times their respective agencies denied the continuous dating rumors on them.

Let’s run through some incidental facts about them first, shall we?

Fact #1

Hyun Bin and Son Hye Jin were both born in the same year 1982, Hyun Bin was born September 25, 1982 while Son Ye was January 11, 1982, which makes Son Hye Jin only 8 months older than Hyun Bin. Perhaps being of the same age helps in having a good professional relationship, as there were born in the same era (no generation gap there) and both are matured in all aspects.

Fact #2

Both are currently single and uncommitted. Hyun Bin last confirmed relationship was with Kang Sora in December 2016 but they broke up after a year that was said to be due to both their busy schedules. While Son Hye Jin’s personal life has always been very private even if she is active in social media platforms like Twitter & Instagram. As we don’t see anyone beside her yet, most probably, she is still more focused on her work as an actress.

Fact #3

They both have a long outstanding acting career and are one of the most in-demand & highest paid actors/actresses in South Korea. Son Hye Jin debuted in 2000 while Hyun Bin in 2003.

Fact #4

“The Negotiation” is the first ever movie Hyun Bin and Son Hye Jin have done together while “Crash Landing on You” is their first ever TV series acting together. It was only in Crash Landing that they "literally" act together as in their movie "The Negotiation", they were filmed separately in two different floors throughout the whole production and it was only in the last scene that they were filmed together. The Negotiation is also the first movie where Hyun Bin played an antagonist character as a hostage taker.

Fact #5

Crash Landing on You is a rom-com TV series come back for both Hyun Bin & Son Hye Jin. After Hyun Bin was discharged from military service on December 6, 2012, his succeeding projects were more on action – The Fatal Encounter, Confidential Assignment, The Swindlers, The Negotiation and Rampant. The last rom-com TV series Hyun Bin have done prior Crash Landing was “Secret Garden” with Ha Ji Won in 2010-2011 which was also a huge success.

While Son Hye Jin’s last rom-com TV series was “Personal Taste” with which she starred with Lee Min Ho in the same year “Secret Garden” was broadcasted in 2010.

Fact #6

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Son Hye Jin made a cameo appearance in “Secret Garden”’ Eprsode 20. The scene was with Lee Phillip where they were talking inside a café. (Please see video clip below).

Son Hye Jin played a cameo role in "Secret Garden"

Hyun Bin and Son Hye Jin's Next Project

Now, after Crash Landing on You, will we see Hyun Bin and Son Hye Jin in the screen again together? Well, not so soon. There are rumors in some blog sites and Youtube videos that there were plans of making “Descendants of the Sun Season 2” and both Hyun Bin & Son Hye Jin were thought to be the main casts but those were still rumors as it is. There were no production companies confirming the production and selection of casts yet.

Hyun Bin’s next project is an action-thriller film titled “Bargaining” which was planned to be released late this year 2020. His agency VAST entertainment confirmed his casting on February 21, 2020, which is just 4 days after Crash Landing has finished airing. Bargaining will tell a story about a kidnapping case which happened in the middle east and the attempts made to rescue the kidnap victims. Hyun Bin will play as an NIS agent who is tasked to rescue the hostages. Note that this film is different from his previous movie “The Negotiation” where Hyun Bin played as a hostage taker. This time, Hyun Bin is a hostage rescuer. "Bargaining" is scheduled to be intensively filmed abroad, particularly in Jordan.

Hyun Bin will star with veteran actor Hwang Jung Min who will play the role of a South Korean diplomat working alongside Hyun Bin to free the captives. For those who do not know Hwang Jung Min, he is the actor who played as a band master in the 2017 period action film “The Battleship Island” where he worked with Song Joong Ki and So Ji Sub as the main casts.

What now for Son Hye Jin? Sources states that Son Hye Jin will be appearing in a sports-genre drama, based on a true story of Korean athletes who ran in the 1st international marathon held since World War II, the 1947 Boston International Marathon. Son Hye Jin is said to be cast with Ha Jung Woo, who will be playing as the marathon coach, along with Bae Sung Woo and Im Shi Wan. Boston 1947 is scheduled to be released by December 2020.

Hyun Bin and Son Hye Jin has been both tirelessly doing projects one after the other. True to a popular idiom phrase, “strike while the iron is hot”. However, celebrities, like ordinary people like us, need to take a break during this Covid19 pandemic crisis.


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