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What your Favorite Music Reveals About your Personality

Deejay Mash has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. He is also an experienced event organizer and entertainment consult

The music you listen to mirrors your personality

The music you listen to mirrors your personality

Choices have Revelations

Apparently, we are a lot of things; what we eat, the friends we keep, what we drink, the air we breathe, the books we read, movies we watch, our political leanings and the music we enjoy, among many other considerations.

Our preferences on various matters define us and match our personalities according to hundreds of studies.

Music lovers have that one genre that does it for them. The one they identify with, relate to and which touches the depths of their soul. It could be a genre they were first exposed to, or one that has grown on them over time.

Studies show a strong link exists between our diverse music tastes and varied personalities.

Based on a clinical study over the years, this is what I have observed.


Most people imagine rock lovers as rowdy, loud, aggressive and wild; nothing could be further from the truth.

Ardent rock listeners are actually shy, cool, reserved and reclusive.

However, behind the calm demeanor lies an adventurous, erratic and tough spirit. They love the adrenaline rush and are constantly on the lookout for new ways to experience life on the edge, away from prying eyes.

Bungee jumping, sky diving and extreme sports are their cup of tea; and are constantly pushing and re-defining their limits.

Normal is boring according to rock lovers and they rarely do things the conventional way, which also makes them a humorous, mischievous and cheeky lot.

Additionally, they are unpredictable and can make life-changing decisions in the blink of an eye without consulting. Rock listeners are reliable to a fault, zealously self-reliant; loathe asking for assistance and love being in control.

As family or colleagues, they are solid and dependable. Friendship is considered sacred and they are among the few people who still have childhood friends.

Rock band Guns N' Roses perform in London at a past event

Rock band Guns N' Roses perform in London at a past event

Rhythm and Blues (R 'n' B)

R ‘n’ B listeners are an extremely sensitive and delicate bunch in matters of the heart and life in general. While most portray a tough exterior, they posses a soft interior and are adversely affected by negative attitudes and perceptions that touch on their lives and issues dear to them.

But they never show it openly.

Most of them are aware of their sensitive nature and realize it is a weakness that can be easily exploited. Therefore, they go to extreme lengths to protect themselves and the tough exterior is their defense mechanism.

An R ‘n’ B lover could be flashing the sweetest smile, but screaming murder deep-down.

When they choose to give, they offer their all; 100%, and do not tolerate mediocrity or halfheartedness in any form. They are some of the warmest, nicest, bubbly, most generous and helpful people you will ever meet, and have big hearts. They take disappointments extremely hard though.

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In the event their kind and generous nature is abused, they never forgive or forget. On the other hand, it is rare for them to intentionally wrong people and they get along with almost everybody.

Their careers are mostly along the lines of alleviating human suffering and if they are not, they volunteer regularly on various humanitarian causes.

They have never been known to give up on love.

R 'n' B artist Alicia Keys in action. Lovers of R 'n' B tend to be sensitive and delicate

R 'n' B artist Alicia Keys in action. Lovers of R 'n' B tend to be sensitive and delicate


Recognized by the UN as an international cultural treasure in 2018, the popularity of the ‘big music from the little island’ is evident.

Reggae lovers are well-informed on their history, identity, beliefs and roots. They are naturally rebellious and maintain a safe distance from people who oppose their beliefs.

The reggae community is closely knit, like the proverbial birds of a feather. They always side with the underdog, and mistrust politicians and cops.

Most are realists, and approach challenges and issues with caution and a critical mind.

Matters considered important are put through the microscope, never interpreted at face value. They are 'read between the lines' sort of people and so important decisions take time. Change is a painstakingly slow process and only accepted when it is inevitable.

Most reggae fans are creative, hardworking, and industrious who can thrive under difficult and hostile conditions. A large majority have experienced the tougher side of life, which makes them resilient, hardy and street smart.

Also, they do not trust easily, and are very choosy about whom they allow into their lives. Everybody is suspect until proven otherwise.

However, they are a reliable lot, always ready to lend a helping hand, but are very cagey and guarded on matters they consider personal.


Hip-hop and reggae fans have a lot in common. Both genres began as a form of protest against exploitation, discrimination, poverty and other ills in society. They became the voice of the downtrodden and provided enlightenment which fueled resistance.

Therefore, it is no wonder that hip-hop lovers are an opinionated lot who boldly speak out whatever is on their mind. They are proud of their identity and take their freedom seriously.

Hip-hop listeners are not good with rules or authority and prefer to live according to the way they deem fit. Also, they are possessive and naturally protective.

They make great mobilizers, activists, coordinators, negotiators, creative’s and orators.

Contemporary reggae artist Chronixx live in concert. Reggae and hip-hop lovers have some shared history

Contemporary reggae artist Chronixx live in concert. Reggae and hip-hop lovers have some shared history


Pop fans tend to be well informed on the latest trends, are sharp and generally have an optimistic outlook towards life. They live for the moment and believe life should not be taken too seriously since it is not permanent.

Most pop listeners love the outdoors, are fashionable, open-minded and always eager to experiment on almost every aspect of their lives.

This also makes them terrible at maintaining stable relationships, but they can make friends in an instant. They are great conversationalists; the kind of people you meet for the first time and a few minutes later, it seems like you have known them for years.

Flexibility to emerging challenges and situations comes naturally, and they can be invaluable under sticky circumstances; courtesy of their witty nature and quick thinking.


Jazz listeners are considered the elites of the music fraternity. They are people who are very particular especially on intricate details; the amount of calories in their food, background of who they date, the make of the car they drive, social standing of who they hangout with and where- Image is everything to this bunch.

People are categorized based on first impressions and titles. They are also very difficult to please and quick to find fault and criticize.

In their world, only two categories of people exist; the have and the have nots. There are no grey areas- things are either black or white.

Most have careers in top and middle management, are creative, highly organized and have great problem-solving skills. They are also introverts and have a taste for the finer things in life.

The late King of Pop Michael Jackson. Pop listeners are witty and sharp

The late King of Pop Michael Jackson. Pop listeners are witty and sharp

Classics, Soul and Old Skool

Classics, in this case, represents music of the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Soul refers to vibes from the mid-70s and 80’s, while Old Skool is music of the 90’s. If you are clueless about this music, you cannot learn it; because it is experienced. This means lovers of the music either grew up during that era, or were exposed to it at an early age and fell in love with it.

If it was up to this group, the world would revert back to the practices of those ages in a flash. They uphold the ideals of the past when things were a little less complicated. Then, true love existed, the cane was not spared, there was honor among friends, hard work reaped reward, elders were respected and functional families were the norm.

This group struggles with technology and only uses it due to lack of an alternative. They are time conscious; the type who arrive at meetings with an hour to spare, and disciplined in general.

It is very difficult to convince them to adapt new ideas; they prefer to always have their way, are argumentative, relentlessly push their agenda and passionate about their responsibilities.


Country music folk are a hardworking lot and not choosy when it comes to the hustle. They rarely change their mind after arriving at a decision, do not take dissenting voices kindly, and have immense faith in laws, systems, laid-down procedures, protocols and processes.

They love politics and keep abreast on current affairs mostly through newspapers and watch news religiously.

Also, they strictly observe family traditions, are fiercely loyal to their favorite brands, and do not like to be rushed or pushed into corners. They prefer to do things at their own pace.

A large majority are pet owners, attend Church and their early lives were spent in the country. Hobbies include travel, farming, guns and beer.

They rarely listen to any other type of music.

90's artist Toni Braxton performs during the Soul Train Awards in 2019

90's artist Toni Braxton performs during the Soul Train Awards in 2019


Also referred to as traditional music and sung in local dialects- Salsa, Arabian, Bhangra, Rhumba among many others fall under this category.

Folk music listeners are authoritative and adhere to the teachings passed on over generations by their respective ancestors; and are proponents of the pecking order. They believe everybody should know their place and role in society, and stick to it.

They possess a strong sense of identity, nationalism and belonging.

They stick to routines year in, year out, which makes them predictable; have a laid-back attitude, are orderly and expect things to move like clockwork. Most have served in the military or civil service and take great pride in their achievements.

Their word is law, and they tend to be very reliable.


These are the crazies in music circles.
They live life on the fast lane like there is no tomorrow; are hyper, do not mince words and prefer the direct approach. They wish days were 48-hours long to enable them accomplish all their plans, and keeping up with them should be included in 1000 ways to die.

Electronic lovers know no fear; impossible does not exist in their vocabulary and they have very little reserves of patience. Arising issues, hurdles and challenges are tackled on the spot.

Their personality makes this group great marketers and at multi-tasking, meeting deadlines and taking care of those seemingly impossible assignments.

Electronic dance music Dj, artist and producer the late Avicii works up the crowd during a past performance

Electronic dance music Dj, artist and producer the late Avicii works up the crowd during a past performance

Parting shot

There is another extremely rare group of music lovers, one in a million, who love all the music genres. Well, the jury is still out, and we will figure you out eventually.

So, the next time you meet somebody you think you like, and you would want to know more about them, just ask what their favorite type of music is; their response will reveal the rest.

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