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What you Need to Know About Adele's Easy On Me Song Lyrics

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Easy on me song lyrics of Adele explained

Easy on me song lyrics of Adele explained

Easy On Me Song Lyrics Explained

Adele just released her new song after 5 years. The song is titled “Easy On Me”, and as expected the melody is heart-wrenching. If you just had a break-up, even without looking at the lyrics, Easy On Me would be on top of your playlist.

But, what do the lyrics of the song mean?

To appreciate the beauty of a lyric, you must first read the lyrics, listen to the song, and interpret what it meant. And that’s what we have done here, we took out words and phrases of the song and interpreted its meaning.

The way the song was written was from the perspective of the lyricist. And in this case Adele herself. You have to know her backstory to successfully relate each word of the song. But let’s break down the song by verses, take out phrases, and understand what she went through.

The Verses

Inside the first verse, she drops the idiom “washing my hands in forever”. Here she may be referring to avoiding responsibility for something. She may have been addressing it to herself, or with another person. And this is one beauty of her song Easy on Me, it will make your brain think about what she’s trying to mean and who the song is for. That is if you skip the cheat sheet of watching her interviews about the song.

Then the idiom would be followed by phrases like “hope”, “can’t bring myself”, and “drowning in this silence”. So here we can sense that whoever was avoiding taking responsibility, someone tried to reach out. But unfortunately, to no success since the effort did not receive any response.

Then we go to the second verse where she tries to supplement the first verse. Here we have phrases like “no room to change '', “deeply stuck”, “I have tried”, and “I give up”. Now here we can see she tried to fix the relationship.

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And the problem might be rooted in pride.

Pride is a simple word, but it has caused plenty of relationships to crumble. If no one gives in, it will lead to fights, and eventually, give up. And in Adele's case, this might be her divorce from her ex-husband.

The Chorus

And finally, we have the chorus. It has the words “Easy on Me”, which is the title of the song. The chorus can mean three things. First is Adele’s rough experiences growing up. The second is how young she was when she got married, and she might be telling us that she made the wrong decisions then. And third, she is speaking on behalf of her son who saw her parents separating.

And here is another beauty of Adele’s lyricism of the song.

One chorus, but can mean three different things.

But if you put yourself in the shoes of a parent, the chorus is talking about Adele’s son. She sings the chorus in the persona of a boy who may be having a hard time understanding the situation. And this is genius here. She’s not only talking about her son in the song. But she is also trying to reach other parents who also went through the process of divorce. The song is a reminder for these parents that their children need a quality explanation about the separation.

She is trying to tell parents to take it easy when trying to explain a complex process like divorce to children.

Why Easy On Me is Such a Great Song?

Aside from the meaning of the lyrics, let us also appreciate how Adele sang the song. She has such great skill in building emotions inside simple words like “feel”, “easy”, and “hope”. Her way of singing the song Easy On Me brought us closer to her experiences and made us understand what the song meant to her, and what the song could mean for you or me.

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