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What to Learn From Entourage: Why You Should be Like Ari Gold


Why Ari?

One of the greatest characters ever on television, Ari Gold completely took over the Entourage show and was a key component in it's success. This is the first in a series of ways you can learn a lot about business and life through this series. Let's get one thing clear, Ari Gold was not just a boss, he was THE boss. He was the lovable ahole that was just so entertaining to watch. But what is better if we dissect his actions to actually take something away from his best moments on the show. So sit back and let's recap who exactly Ari is in the video below first.

Who is Ari Gold?

As you can see, Ari is a beast at what he does, the ultimate alpha male. What make's his character so intriguing? Maybe it's his vulnerability that seeps out or his wit and charm. While these are some of his best one-liners and such if you watch the show you will see how these actually play out. Here are some good 'Golden Rules' of being Ari Gold.


Lesson 1: You can act however you like if you get results

No one can deny how much of a jerk Ari can be to his employees and clients. "How does he get away with this?", you may ask. Well, to put it simply, Ari is the MAN and gets results. You have to put up with him in order receive his benefits. He know's he has the upper hand so he can really do whatever he want's, whenever he want's.

That's why it's so important to be on your A game at the top. As long as he gets stuff done, at the end of the day his clients don't care about his snide remarks, they care about all the cash he got them.


Lesson 2: Get your point across

"LOYD!!", is a very familiar term. Yes, it's harsh ,but it gets the job done. Ari is very direct and not afraid to tell you exactly what he thinks. He will call you out on your bull and you won't be able to play him. This is extremely useful in the business world. He gets what he wan'ts because he asks for it. If you are bothering him you better believe he will tell you.

Why is this important? Some people are way to afraid to ask for something or even stand up for their beliefs. If you are like this you will lose out on opportunities and remain a coward. Ari is on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum so find a good middle ground and start from there.

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Lesson 3: The better you dress, the worst you can act

Ari is always looking like a baller. His dress symbolizes his power and dominance. How else can you walk into a rival agency with a paintball gun and get away with it. The suit makes the man and Ari always has the finest tailored suits. "Dress for success" is lame and cheesy, but it's true. Ari looks like a winner so he is.

Women say that a man in a suite is like a woman in lingerie for guys. No matter the situation, Ari is usually the best dressed there. And guess what? He usually always take command over that situation. Is this a coincidence??


Lesson 4: Get your priorities straight

Yes, family is very important to Ari. Yet, he realizes, to the much chagrin of his wife, that without him being 'constantly on' they could not afford their lifestyle. Although work should not be number one in your life, it is important to realize that what you do does give you the ability to live and support others. Ari is always on his A game so he never misses and opportunity to advance his position or make money.

This is another example of where Ari is on the extreme end on. It's important to make time for your family and Ari doe's try to. However, he knows in the lifestyle of an agent he is never completely "off". While balancing work and pleasure, Ari's follows the rule of work hard, play hard.


Lesson 5: Be someone you don't want to mess with

"I will destroy you!!", is one of Ari's grandest statements he uses on his rivals. Ari is incredibly loyal, but if you ever back-stab him watch out. Ari will go to impossible lengths to get revenge on those who betray him or do him wrong. He's all about business ethics and he's not an 'unfair player'. However if you go out of line to wrong him you will regret it.

This is the biggest difference most people don't realize. Ari is a jerk, when he needs to be. He's ferocious when he needs to be. Do you see a pattern? The reason why Ari is such a successful person with people is he knows when to turn on these personalities. Know when to bring out the lion and when to bring out the lamb.

I leave you with a bit of very accurate business and life advice. Probablly the best practicle quip from Ari...

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