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What really is the TikTok APP?

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app that you can download on your android or iphone. On this app you can watch a series of videos posted by people around the world. You can find videos like lip syncing, dancing, singing for real, lip dubs, video games, babies, the list goes on. This app used to be known as Musical Ly and is similar to our old obsession Vine where you could post six second videos.


How to become famous on TikTok?

Everyone wants to be the next rising star but ask yourself this... Do you want to have attention for a few months or do you actually want to show case your talents? If you want to be taken seriously and actually land yourself in a movie with Brad Pitt or want to go on a world tour with Justin Bieber than recording yourself dubbing a clip of Michael Scott while you mouth the words or lip syncing 7 Rings by Ariana Grande isn't the way to go. You may see people rising to fame from doing this but they will be nothing but a distant memory in a few months. If you have no new original content that you are producing people will become bored of you sooner or later. Share your own singing voice, dance moves, comedy skits, etc..


Charli D'amelio

About a month ago I started seeing the name Charli D'amelio all over the internet. I personally do not have my own TikTok account so I had to do my own research on who she was. I read an article that stated she was a dancer from TikTok. As soon as I read she was worth 4 Million dollars from posting short videos on the app I was annoyed. I instantly thought back on all the people I used to watch dance on YouTube with actual choreography that they created on their own and had practiced for years and these people never got any further than YouTube. A few weeks later my sister and I decided to check out her TikToks on YouTube. I was even more disappointed to learn that these videos looked like someone dancing in front of their mirror lip syncing songs more than someone showcasing dance moves or talent at all. This 16 year old "TikTok star" has her own drink at Dunkin which also supports the hype of inspiring kids 16 years old and younger to have a caffeine addiction.

D'amelio is a perfect example of someone will no longer be famous in a few months because she will do nothing to entertain her fans besides dance in her bedroom and take Instagram pictures of her holding Dunkin coffee. If you want to gain long lasting fame this is not the way.


Adult Content

One of my good friends and co workers likes to send me links to TikToks and I will usually watch them. Underneath the nice friendship TikToks she sends me are usually a bunch of videos that you would of had to pay for a few years back... if you know what I mean. This app does nothing about the highly inappropriate content that users post. It makes me sick to think that some 12 year old kid is seeing all of this. A few weeks back she had sent me a TikTok of a BABY and underneath was a video with a "man part" this video popped right up without me clicking anything. I am confused on to how this is allowed. This also inspires young teens to start posting videos like this and thinking it is ok. It is not ok to degrade yourself for some attention.


Moral of the Story

I do not like TikTok or suggest the app to anyone. Apps like Vine back in the day were fine still not funny but they were somewhat appropriate. There was a day when people used to create their own content and make their own music or at least sing covers with their own spin on it. TikTok inspires you to copy ideas and post videos half naked. It is creating a world where humans will do anything for some attention. The app would be fine if it was more filtered but it is too much of a free for all with no copyright limits or real talent!

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