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What is a great lifestyle, to you?

Health, Mind and Wealth

What would you prefer for a great lifestyle?

What is a great lifestyle to you? Actually, no one knows that answer exactly for sure. I mean is there an actual life that can be recognized as a great life? People who are living their entire life from young to grown up, have they ever felt that they are living a great life? People sometimes tend to think that their lives are just so great but in their heart they feel different feelings. Sometimes people feel that they have everything they desire but still they don’t feel satisfied enough and they are not sure why. Being happy and living a happy life is something people are in doubt about. Because no matter how much money you have or the luxury life you live, still aiming for a great life is something outrageous. A great lifestyle is something that is in someone’s mind that fulfills their interest in the living style they desire to live in it. It's a choice and it’s a desire that creates the definition of a great life. Because one person’s choice never matches with the other person’s choice of living. It's a question of what is the exact secret behind a great lifestyle or is there such a thing called great life to begin with. There are so many choices that people can build their own choice of living styles. Some are great and some are very simple to maintain. In one life either you are happy with what you have or don’t. Because there are no permanent solutions or outcomes for a great living life. Sometimes even though people have everything they want in front of them but still they are not happy. I mean money, power and the materialistic life is always the temporary solution that impresses some, thinking that if these requirements are fulfilled will make them happy. Living in a perfect life means to some is status, power and high bank balance. But yet still seems they are reluctant to understand what is the definition of life and satisfying life which people call to be great.

The General viewpoint is that a great life's meaning is all about your inner peace, satisfaction of mind which gives feelings of satisfaction of how they feel within their heart and souls. A simple accomplishment that people ever make in their life actually is a great thing for some. A sense of happiness and joy that whatever happens is a good choice for lifestyle, people are happy and comfortable with it. Although, some may see their life long goal with different perspectives and in different angles. Because, when a child is borne and as they grow up, and as they become an individual; knows and learns how to set up a goal, or plans their future. To grow up and to have a great future, what do they need/like to do? What are their lives going to become? Learning the facts and figures as they grow from child to adolescence, teen, youth and as an adult; how they will grow, what they will eat, where they will live, what they will become, what they will study, how they will live, who they going to live with and so on and on. These are some choices they make since life starts and learns about this world and the facts about growing up. I mean these are just some general life schedules. These schedules becomes more sophisticated like as such as; what house will they will choose, what cars they going to drive, marrying someone or have girlfriend, choose a professional life are some choices people makes becomes lifestyle. But none of the choices that people make are always the perfect one or can be hundred percent accurate. But still people need to plan and hope for it to be the best choice they picked or planned for their life choices that they make can be the good one for their future. All they need is hope, ability and will power for having a great life in future and going forward with it. For this hope, people need four roles of guidance and these are: Having goals for the future, focusing on this goal, then getting into some action to accomplish it and be patient with the outcome.

What is a GFAP?

GFAP are the short form of goal, focus, action and patience. If you feel that you have a particular lifestyle that you want to follow, then all you need to do is set up a goal and plan it through. Doing more research on it and seeing the outcomes that might have an effect on your actions. Observe it very calmly and patiently and initiate further for future goals. Because not necessarily all these will be accomplished right of way or will become hundred percent accurate. Just keep your hopes up so you can always find another situation and or other solution to follow your dream. But never give up, maybe choosing an alternative solution is also another vital solution as well if your first goal plan did not turn out well or may seem that it may not be a great plan. Also, when you are planning a goal for future life you need to find out also what do you really want for your style to be like. And what will make you feel happy when you reach your lifespan destination. What makes you feel comfortable with your life and you want to see that might make you fully satisfied with life. But being happy, because the definition is very simple. Being happy and what you consider to be happy, the answer to this question is always remaining in your heart. Because each individual's definition is different from another. Being happy and having a great life also relates to your health, mind and wealth problem as well. Because, if people are not healthy or ill, if people don’t have that peace of mind or good mental condition and good financial stability or financial condition/wealth (economical condition). Then it is also something that is missing from your life that may cause problems and effect your dream to become true.

What is HMW?

Health, mind and wealth is something that is also a biggest problem to your future goal because your health, mind and body is the key part of your happiness. If your physical body is not in good shape or you're ill most of the time then it is hard to follow your chosen dream. Because when your body needs help and needs treatment it sometimes breaks your heart. Also, it takes your energy to take a part of any actions, or stops you to take any initiative to anything. That goes for the mind as well. Because your physical health and mind are connected to each other. If these fall low then it is hard to find any charm to any action. As that goes the same for people’s financial/economical condition. If these do not rectify your need then it is hard to go any further with your ambition. A big boundary stands in your way of setting goals for a great lifestyle. A great lifestyle needs these three concepts to be strong and bold to have more enthusiasm in your life long dream. As it can make a life less happy and less prosperous.

A great lifestyle is a mystery to us. Because to some people money, fortune and prestige is everything to them to become a successful person. But for some it is just their families, friends, love once and small, small things that makes life matter to them to be happy. A great life is what you see or what you feel in your heart that is the important thing that gives you a piece of your mind with comfort, and makes you feel great about yourself inside. Also setting up a GFAP (goal, focus, action and patience) plan and keeping control of your HMW (health, mind and wealth) is the key to be a successful person in life. A great choice of a lifestyle as how one chooses to be in a part with full accomplishment and satisfaction. Please find it in your heart that, what one thing that makes you happy and what considers to be a great lifestyle?

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A lifestyle should be like?

A great lifestyle doesn’t require lots of money, to begin with. A great lifestyle needs focus, ambition, motivation, and willingness to commit to something great, that satisfies one's needs. A happy choices people make for themselves are, all different from one to another.

© 2018 Afsana Siddique

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