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What ever happened to Bobby Sherman?

Here Come the Brides Cast

Here Come the Brides Cast

Getting Together

Getting Together

Robert Cabot "Bobby" Sherman, Jr. was born July 22, 1943 to Robert Cabot and Juanita (Freeman) Sherman, Sr. They lived in Santa Monica at the time and also had a daughter named Darlene.

In 1944 the family moved to Mineral Wells Texas while his daddy was stationed there in the Army. After his tour of duty was done the family returned to Van Nuys, Ca where they had a dairy farm. Bobby graduated from Birmingham High School in Van Nuys in 1961. He then attended Pierce College located in Woodland Hills, Ca.

Bobby began showing an interest in music around the age of 11. His father then taught him how to play the trumpet when he was about 8. Bobby taught himself to play the drums, trombone, French horn, bass guitar and harmonica. While in high school he played football and was named most valuable player. He was also in a dance band where he found he enjoyed singing. He knew he wanted to be a performer, but at the time did not know how to make it happen.

He was discovered at a Fourth of July Hollywood party attended by actors and agents such as Natalie Wood, Jane Fonda and Sal Mineo. He was a smash! Sal took him under his wings and wrote 2 songs for him. He then snagged a spot on the hit ABC show Shindig. He became a teen idol. The show ran from 1964-1966. During this time he also got a recording contract with Decca records.

Here Come the Brides

Bobby's career then took off in 1968. He went try out for a role in a television series- the role Jeremy Bolt. He landed the part of the bashful, stuttering backwoods logger. The show Here Come the Brides was part comedy and part drama. The show also starred Bridget Hanley as his love interest Candy Pruitt. Robert Scott and David Soul as hid brothers Jason and Joshua. Bobby became the breakout star of the show. The show ran from 1968-1970.

The exposure of a weekly series gave Bobby an extremely loyal following. While on the show Bobby he kept recording. Most of his hit songs came in 1969-1970. He also traveled doing concerts His first gold hit was in 1969 Little Women. He was on the cover of Teen magazines, on lunch boxes and "Bobby Sherman Chokers" became the rage

Singing Career

Bobby released 107 songs, 23 singles and 10 albums between 1962-1976. He earned 7 gold singles, 1 platinum and 5 gold albums. He had a total of 7 top 40 hits. Some of his hits were Easy Come, Easy Go, Hey Mr. Sun, Julie ,do You Love Me and Seattle (theme song to Here Come the Brides).

He appeared on American Bandstand during this time. Bobby toured throughout the United States. He gave many concerts to sellout crowds of mostly screaming young girls. The screaming by the young women was so loud that Sherman to this day has experienced hearing loss.

Getting Together

After Here Come the Brides ended in 1970, he continued with his music and touring. He was also a guest on some television shows. In March 1971 on a Partridge Family episode it featured Sherman, serving as a back-door pilot for the ABC TV series Getting Together. It aired in September 1971. The show competed on Saturday nights with CBS's All in the Family and was canceled after only 14 episodes.

On the show he played Bobby Conway a young man who was struggling to make it in the music business. He wrote the melodies while Wes Stern as Lionel Poindexter a tone deaf, kooky pal of his wrote the lyrics. He was also the legal guardian to his 12 year old sister Jennifer- played by Susan Neher. The show if not in this time slot may have done better. Instead of letting the cancellation of the show get him down, Bobby saw the it as a welcomed relief from four years of non-stop acting and touring.

From this show He got two more hits - Getting Together the theme song to the show. The other was Jennifer.

Sherman has guest starred on numerous other shows such as Mod Squad, Ellery Queen, Murder She Wrote, Emergency, Ed Sullivan Show, The Monkees and Sonny and Cher Show.

Bobby and Patti Carnel

Bobby lived in an apartment at the time. A friend of Patti's - Diane lived in the same building. They came home after being at a fair and heard sounds coming from Bobby's place indicating a party must be going on. They were anxious to meet Bobby so they got courage and rang his doorbell. Diane introduced herself as a neighbor and so he invited them in.

Patti and Bobby started to date. They married in 1971. The marriage produced 2 sons Christopher in 1972 and Tyler in 1974.Wanting to be a hands-on dad and taking his role of a dad seriously, Bobby took a first aid course. Bobby and Patti divorced in 1979. Both boys are married today with children of their own.


While guest starring on the hit show Emergency Bobby found a new calling. He became more focused on his personal life, eventually leaving the public spotlight. He soon volunteered with the Los Angeles Police Department, working with paramedics, and giving CPR and first aid classes. He became a Reserve Police Officer with the LAPD in the 1990s. He was later promoted to Captain. He has served as a medical training officer instructing thousands of police officers in first aid and CPR. In 1999 he was named LAPD's Reserve Officer of the Year.

In 1999 he also became a Reserve Deputy Sheriff with the San Benardino County Sheriff's Department where he continued his CPR/emergency training of new deputy hires. He retired from the Sheriff's department in 2010.

Bobby Today

Bobby’s last concert came on August 25, 2001, and he retired from public life shortly after that. He does an occasional event here and there. He enjoys spending time with his sons and his 5 grandchildren.

He met Brigette Poublon when she joined The Bobby Sherman EMT Foundation. They married in July 2010. The Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children's Foundation was started in 2011. The mission is to provide motivated students with a high quality education and music program, thus giving them the tools they need to pursue higher education.

Jule Do you love me

Littlw Woman

Bobby Sherman Songs

DateSong Title Album


It Hurts me

Bobby Sherman


Little Woman

Bobby Sherman


La,La,La If i Had you

Here Comes Bobby


Easy Come, Easy Go

Here Comes Bobby


Hey Mister Sun

With Love, Bobby


The DruJulie, Do you Love Me

With love, Bobby


The Drum

Portrait of Bobby


Waiting at the bus stop

Getting Together



Getting Together


Linda on June 06, 2020:

Bobby Sherman was one of my favorite TV person.

I loved his role in Here Come The Brides and his songs.

Matt Love on September 17, 2017:

You got the song name right in the table but wrong in the article - it's "Little Woman" not "Little Women." And Perry Como had the hit with "Seattle " Did Sherman even record it? Who would know? But I found out what I really wanted to know, thanks.

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