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What do Humans Eat in Pokemon World?

I've been a fan of Pokémon since the beginning & an anime fan since birth. I love to read manga and play video games, including "Dota 2."


Food in the Pokemon World

This article is actually inspired by the question I answered in : What does a human eat in the Pokemon World?. My answer was upvoted for a hundred plus and counting. It was also viewed by almost 3000. My answer is not quite full because I know it would take too long to create an analysis on what do people really eat in the Pokemon World. But I won't give a thorough analysis here also. I will just give everything I know and complete the list that there should be.


Food is essential to all living things. We need this to survive. That is why this question is raised - What do humans in Pokemon World eat?

What do they really eat? Do they eat fruit or vegetables only? Do they have a source of meat or protein?

In this article, I will enumerate every food that is seen and have been discussed in the anime series. If I forgot something, just tell them on the comment box below. Because I am sure I will forget some. This will be a long list so buckle up guys!

Here is a list of foods that are seen and / or mentioned in the anime and in the games:

1.) Fruits or Berries

This is one of the most obvious food that humans eat in the Pokemon World. Actually, berries are the counterpart of fruits and vegetables in the Pokemon World. It has different taste and texture. So it can be also used to give flavors and textures to any food that they eat.

2.) Bread / Sandwiches / Cakes

Breads, cakes, and other pastries are also found in the anime. Meaning they can produce flour and other essentials in making this foods. The flavorings maybe they used the berries. Berries are known to have different tastes form sweet to spicy. So it will be a good use to create different tastes in foods.

3.) Vegetables

It is safe to say that the green leafy thing in most foods they ate are vegetables. Maybe these vegetables or the leafy greens in the foods are from the same plant where they get the berries.

4.) Pasta

Ash and Serena is also seen eating pasta. You can look at the pictures above. <3

5.) Brock's "Jelly Filled Donuts"

Some comments on the answer I made at quora, stated that I misspelled something. They are stating that it should have been jelly filled donuts. So I looked at all the pictures I have on my post and rethink if there are donuts in there that I forgot. But then I searched "jelly filled donuts in Pokemon" and a meme was first to caught my attention. It was actually a 4Kids translation to the rice balls made by Brock. It was dubbed as "jelly filled donuts" in the English dub of the anime. Then it became a meme that I never heard or seen until just now. That was hilarious.

6.) Ice cream

Ice cream is also present in the Pokemon world. We all know that ice cream is made from milk so most probably the ice cream in this world is made from the moomoo milk and its flavors are from the berries.

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7.) Meat

This is one of the mysteries in the Pokemon world. There are some scenes were Ash and company are eating meat, so people think that there are normal animals in this world or they think that they actually eat the meat of Pokemon. But until now, nobody knows the truth.

8.) Lobster

Like the meat, a lobster is also scene in a table where Ash and company is munching. This lobster is not the typical lobster Pokemon. It is actually a normal lobster. So because of this it is safe to say that the meat I talk about above is a meat from a normal animal not from a Pokemon.

9.) Takoyaki

10.) Moomoo Milk

11.) Ramen - Team Rocket was once seen eating a ramen.

12.) Soup -The funny thing is that while Ash is eating the soup, he uses a fork rather than using a spoon.

13.) Pancakes

14.) Malasadas

15.) Ketchup - Pikachu's favorite!

These are only some of the foods I recall, that were present in the anime. There are a lot more kind of foods that are present in the Pokemon World. It goes to show that what happens in real life is also applicable to the Pokemon World.

Where does it come from?

You will think now that how did they cook or made that food? or where do they get the ingredients?. It is actually easy. As stated above, what happens in real life are applicable also to the Pokemon World.

Like the milk, in the anime and games, it was explained that it came from the Pokemon, Miltank.

Berries are most likely the thing that gives taste to the food. It acts as the spices and flavorings of every food. As you will recall, in the third generation games, the berries have different tastes - sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, etc. It was represented as colors.

Flour is probably the same as how flour is made in real life. There are plenty of plants in the Pokemon World, so probably grains are also present.

Meat and the lobster indicates that there are "animals" present in Pokemon world like in the real world. Or could they have cook and ate a Pokemon?

Honey is produced by Combee and Vespiquen.

Eggs come from Chansey and Blissey. It is believed to be delicious and also nutritious.

This goes to show that some foods are by-products of the Pokemon and some are present in the surroundings, like the berries and plants.


Human eating Pokemon

Some may think that it is impossible that people will eat Pokemon. But the anime and the pokedex entries have implied that these are true.

1.) Farfetch'd - this duck like Pokemon is one of the proof that people eats Pokemon. In its first appearance in the anime, the pokedex stated that "Farfetch'd makes a delicious meal, especially when cooked with leek. Because of this, Farfetch'd is nearly extinct."

2.) Basculin - In Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, its pokedex entry is "Red- and blue-striped Basculin are very violent and always fighting. They are also remarkably tasty".

3.) Cherubi - this one is just a speculation. Because when you read its Pokedex entry, "The small ball is not only full of nutrients, it is also tasty. Starly try to peck it off." It is safe to say that humans also eats Cherubi's appendages since it is tasty and a Pokemon can eat it.

4.) Slowpoke - this one is more popular than the ones above. In the anime and in the game, Team Rocket captures many Slowpokes and cut off its tail. Because they say that its tail is a "rare delicacy".

5.) Krabby - In one episode of the series, Ash calls Professor Oak, who was then cooking dinner. Ash thought that the professor is cooking his Krabby. But Oak told Ash that he wouldn't cook Ash's Krabby because it was too little unlike Gary's Krabby which will make an excellent dinner.

Let me know in the comment section below if I missed some things that are needed to be discussed. Also, don't forget to share this to your friends!

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anime food! or who knows maybe even pizza!!!!

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