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Are These your Favorite Anime Powers? This is my Top 10 Anime Powers List

Anime Collage

Anime Collage

Top 10 Anime Powers

If there is one big aspect we love about anime is how well made the stories and characters are, bringing new ways of seeing things and experimenting them. The sheer amount of imagination needed for this is inhumane and quite astounding to viewers since making the scenarios and outcomes is a very difficult task.

The best area the creators excel at is making us want things. We want to live in the fictional towns and cities that our anime takes place in, we want to taste the meals that look so delicious in the anime and we especially want the powers found in them.

The characters in most anime have a very unique ability or power that all viewers absolutely envy. It could be anything "basic" like mind reading or stopping time or something more complex like wielding your soul with a special sword or creating illusions with your eyes.

Alchemy from Full Metal Alchemist

Alchemy from Full Metal Alchemist

Alchemy from Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood:

To sum this idea up, creators come up with new powers all the time and many of us always argue and discuss as to which one of these abilities is the best. Therefore, I have devised a list on what I think are the top ten best anime powers. These are not ranked in any specific order since I think They are all either great, could come in handy or are just cool. Without further ado, here is the list: Useful? Yes. Astonishing? Definitely.

Continuous growth of power that you can investigate and learn more about? Oh yeah. This power has many attributes that make it desirable. Following the law of equivalent exchange, you can transform anything into something else with the matter at hand. You cannot create anything out of nothing but the power to fully wield whatever element you can get your hands on if you understand it is just one we could really use in this world.

Imagine how quickly construction would go if we had people work with cement and shape it as they wish! The implication to it also seem endless since there are so many different uses to alchemy, may it be for the good of mankind like health and nursing, or the total annihilation of it like the philosopher stone created with it.


Ki from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, GT and more:

Known as the titular source for all the power in living organisms, ki can be used in many different ways. Controlled, it can even be used to enhance your body and how much it can withstand. It also comes as a combo as with it you can fly too. The powers vary from human to saiyan but even as a human you can still achieve some great levels if you can control over this ability.


Soul Waves from Soul Eater:

This power brings with it the ability to work together with a soul weapon, which can turn into a human form at will, and grow in your strength. After a lot of training and persistence, you could even achieve resonance and have the exact same wave length.

Although many of these attributes seem to be destructive and dangerous, they are used on demons and witches only, and in very rare times on corrupted humans. The dynamic duos created by the union of the meister and who he or she chooses to be their partners only go after evil, thus becoming this sort of police of the other world.

Cool and filled with a giant world of different weapons and skills to learn, this is a power that would come in handy when fighting evil spirits and make you look awesome while you are at it.

Jutsu from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden:

Dividing into three branches of illusion, strength and chakra fueled elemental attacks, jutsu is an ever-growing source of power to any who wields it. It brings the capacity to walk on water, teleport and substitute yourself with various things as well if you are skilled enough.

The applications are also great, especially if you can control two elements and work with a new one like mixing water and earth to create trees. I just know that everyone would always strive to better themselves and achieve newer levels of power when it comes to this skill.

Vectors from Elfen Lied:

Imagine being able to have more arms that are immensely strong and can reach larger distances the more they are used. This is what vectors are. Normally used by diclonius, these long claws are filled with power that can tear through many different materials with a single sweep. I can only imagine how useful these would be in construction or heavy lifting competitions. They are not visible either so people will not see you walking around with them popping out of your back.

Geass from Code Geass:

Bringing control of the situation to a whole new level, the Geass is a powerful gift given to a select few that makes their eyes wield a significant ability; the most recognized being full mind control.

A few other ones worth mentioning are hearing people's thoughts, stopping time and seeing a bit of the future before it happens. The uses of it can be somewhat manipulative but imagine the control you could have. It is not a power to toy with but at times one that could be necessary to get out of a tight spot.

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Celestial Spirit Magic from Fairy Tail:

I think everyone would love this amazing power. Allowing the user to summon powerful spirits, the applications and characteristics of each different and unique, the ability is filled with potential and room for growth. Working with certain keys that allow the summoning, people would always search for more of them and try to fully understand the creatures that inhabit the celestial world they come from.

Contracts from Darker than Black:

This ability comes with a price, each different to whoever uses it. Some can make their blood explode or control electricity but have to drink scolding hot coffee or even break one of their fingers to pay for using this power. It's cruel yet somewhat realistic since the total gift to use an amazing power should not be given easily and the user needs to understand that there might be consequences for using them.

Goku Uniform from Kill la Kill:

Utterly ridiculous and strangely overpowered, these uniforms bring different powers to whoever wears them. They are strange and unique and for some strange reason I want one for myself.


Death Note from Death Note:

A notebook that brings the writer the ability to kill anyone anywhere just by writing their name on it. It's absolutely terrifying and somewhat cool. All of us at one point have wanted to have one and be able to meet the shinigami or death god that happened to drop it. The only application it has may not be the best for humanity but it sure is one that would bring great power to whoever wields it

All these powers are different and cool in their own respective way and we can only hope to have one of them sometime in the future. I don't know how they will be brought about but they have to be, at least a select few of them. I think we could all really benefit of a small ki boost or a special relationship with our soul weapon.

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Milady González (author) on December 23, 2016:

Hey there! I totally agree with you on the alchemy, always wish I could spark up such a flame like Mustang just by snapping my fingers! Probably wouldn't solve many things, but would still be veryy awesome. Thanks for your comment!

Milady González (author) on December 23, 2016:

Hey Maaa! I also think it's pretty cool to have Haki, especially love how Roronoa uses it. Devil fruit, awesome too, but wouldn't like the limitations like not being able to go in the water. Thanks for your comment!

Milady González (author) on December 23, 2016:

Hey Vali! I just considered the celestial magic because it seemed the coolest to me, being able to summon such creatures and have them as friends in combat. I've always been a Final Fantasy fan and couldn't but help to get attached to the summoning I love

Unknown on August 10, 2016:

In FT i think that both Mira's and Erza's magic (Take over and kansou) are really awesome. Not to mention all slayers magic (both God's-Cheria, Dragon's-Natsu and Devil's-Gray).

And in FMA:B my 2 fav alchemy powers are Ed's and Mustang's.

Maaa on July 10, 2016:

I would love to have a Haki or being a Devil Fruit User, i mean, they're coool

Vali on June 04, 2016:

Why just the celestial magic from Fairy Tail. I mean yeah celestial magic is great an powerful but why not magic overall (even though magic is cliché) cause in my opinion being a Slayer an having dragon slaying or god slaying magic would be more... interesting, for instance I would love Laxus's lightning dragon slayer magic, also more useful since your fighting for yourself don't have to summon anyone. Lucy has gotten into tight situations due to that fact of only being able to fight if she summons a spirit (though she has come up with a way to fix that now).

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