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What a Stud, Other Words That I've Dreamed of Hearing

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Stoic, laid-back, relaxed. These are the adjectives of most male models.

Stoic, laid-back, relaxed. These are the adjectives of most male models.

Time to Open Pandora's Photo Album

and see what we have. Fun, excitement, and those warm memories. Let's get started. And I hate this like getting a leg set, but this piece deals with yours truly: Me. No. I've stated in prior hubs that I am not arrogant. Don't claim to be. Just want to take time to share a very personal dream of mine and see what you think.

By looking at the male models in this hub, should give you a dead give-away. I have always dreamed of being a male model. I would devote my life to posing for catalogs, sell papers, display ads for expensive clients in the ad agencies in New York City and the best of all, I wold be paid very generously. And no again. Thousands of dollars would not change me in the least. If I were a successful male model, I would still fly home and get on my keyboard and pound-out a hub or two. Living like a male model is an humble profession. At least I think it is.

I would not go into this fantastic vocation with my eyes shut. Before I began my successful modeling career, I would do some studying and modeling that would do to "pay my dues" and then I would be fully-prepared to be a male model. Not just "a" male model, but a male model that is sought-after on a weekly basis from every mega-sized ad agency world-wide, and with my studying and "paying my dues" modeling, which would take me a couple of months, three tops, I would take only the best ad agencies to do my best for whatever client the agency has chosen for me.

From diving from high cliffs to swimming underwater in my briefs, and with my lips puckered, (a sign of arrogance), I would be the talk of the world, not just town. So my male-modeling ideas are sure-fire dreams that would be soon to be reality.

A talent that male models must have is that looking-away into distance to make a great photo.

A talent that male models must have is that looking-away into distance to make a great photo.

I Would Love To Be a Male Model:

⦁ To hear every pretty girl, single and married, to swoon and gasp with joy when they see me and let them view my taut butt and how I know that my butt has been inspired by Lloyd's of London, for several million dollars.
⦁ To have audiences applaud loudly before I even start walking on he cat walk.

⦁ I would cause what few female models to storm-away in disgust at me taking their place in this event because I am naturally, better looking than they are.

⦁ To be the new host on The Tonight Show where Johnny "The King of Late Night" Carson had such a career and of all of the talk shows, I chose the best. I will reveal my new talk show later. Stay tuned.

⦁ To be able to dine in any high-end restaurant from France to Alabama.

With Patrick Warburton's smooth looks, it is no wonder why he is successful.

With Patrick Warburton's smooth looks, it is no wonder why he is successful.

Talking About Patrick Warburton

the good-looking guy in that photo on this hub was the star of CBS' Rules of Engagement where he starred as Jeff Bingham, a successful business man, but I happen to see him last night in his younger self on the old show, Designing Women, who was Mary Jo's date for awhile, but he still had that dangerous good looks as he has now.

In further research, Warburton has done a bit of male modeling before he went into show business. He was David Puddy, Elaine Bene's slow-speaking and witted boyfriend for a short time. He was also seen in Get Smart, the remake and as Joe Swanson as Joe on the Simpsons.

So I want to look a bit like Warburton, but be a little looser than he is. In short, I would be able to walk slowly in any men's clothing store and get comped for just being in the store. And I would be also like Warburton's few words answer to the press. I would simply reply to the press, do you think that you are super? . . .Yeah, and slowly walk away--leaving the crowd that has gathered stunned at just seeing me in public.

The Drawbacks From Being a Male Model

obviously I have to be very transparent here, because people might think that I am all about the good, positive, and successful items about male modeling, but there a few drawbacks that I did find in researching this hub.

⦁ Crowds might be a problem for me while I am not working. My case in point is that I am dining in a restaurant of unknown areas and I'm talking with my personal agent who has the easiest job in the world, getting my modeling gigs each time I get the opportunity, and before our negotiating has reached the most-serious of the meeting, a crowd of fans clamour about our table and I cannot hear my agent, but in professional mode, I smile deeply as my male modeling ability, which came at birth, has not hurt anyone's feelings.

⦁ If I'm walking down the sidewalk on Fifth Avenue, NYC, and a crowd of pretty girls run over and rip my clothing off, so how do I handle it? I immediately start posting in my briefs and flexing my muscles that also came at age 18. I know that it sounds like I am bragging, but I am not.

⦁ Being single, successful, wealthy, and popular does make me feel depressed when I am not in public. I mean, here I am reclining in my big, soft bed and I look at the empty place where a pretty girl should be, but I cannot afford to tie myself down to just do male modeling. I do not even like a one-night stand. Other jealous male models would get the wrong idea, sell their lies to the National Enquirer and my career might be over, but the three-month rest, would cause me to make a comeback to make me even more popular than before.

This male model is looking very stately because male models have to pull-off many characters in their job.

This male model is looking very stately because male models have to pull-off many characters in their job.

A Mild Summary

I realize that I have shared more than I meant to in producing this hub, but I am at the age of doing less dreaming and looking more to the reality that lies ahead of me. But I hereby promise all of you that when this becomes the truth about me and male modeling, do this one thing for me: if you should see me and Brittany Spears both waiting at some cashier in a drug store and you should yell, just look at that butt!

Then make sure that Spears knows that you said it.

But if Spears said it, just pretend that you didn't see my butt and walk away.

February 12, 2021___________________________________________________

"But in all sincerity, I wish all of you a Very Happy Valentines Day."(K.A.)

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Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on February 13, 2021:

Hahaha, this was really good. Yes, I think you have more than slim chances of being a male model. I love the fact that you can laugh at yourself, it makes others laugh with you. This article made my morning.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on February 13, 2021:

Hahaha! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

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