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What Your Favorite TV Couples Look Like Today

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No matter what type of genre you enjoy, most can agree that there are certain TV couples who truly tug on your heart strings. We watch romances blossom, and find ourselves heavily invested in their relationships and ultimate happy endings. Let's take a peak at what your favorite TV couples look like today.

Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky (Full House)

It was love at first sight for America's favorite Elvis loving, hair obsessed uncle and the kind and beautiful news reporter. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky defined couples goals and were bursting with passion and chemistry any time they shared the screen. Though she initially played hard to get, it didn't take long before the duo were saying "I do," moving into the Tanner household and having adorable twins. Their love was always amusing and endearing, and Becky seemed to effortlessly fall into step with the rest of the family. Who wouldn't be enviable of a love like Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky's?

Chandler & Monica (Friends)

Though often over-shadowed by the antics of will they/won't they couple Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler were the ultimate super couple of the show. The two had a relationship that not only took their friends by surprise, but also themselves. After a passionate night in London, a romance blossomed and fans immediately became invested in the amusing duo. Through all their ups and downs (a beautiful wedding, a job in Tulsa, fertility issues), Monica and Chandler remained a constant, taking on the world side by side. They got their happy ending with surprise twins and a home outside the city, proving that sometimes friends can make the best lovers.

Corey & Topanga (Boy Meets World)

Watching Cory and Topanga's love blossom and grow from friendship to soulmates was a fun ride for fans of Boy Meets World. Their opposite personalities--one being eager to succeed and academic driven, the other a slacker class clown--made for a perfect yin/yang balance. The pair dated on and off through high school, graduated side by side and were married, and together enjoyed their college years. Their wedding and nuptials caused fans to fall in love all over again, and proved that high school sweethearts could truly have it all.

Buffy & Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Regardless of if you were Team Angel or Team Spike, there is no denying the sizzling chemistry our favorite blonde slayer and brooding vampire shared. Their love was tragically beautiful, destined to fail due to one being a creature of the night, and the other hunting them down. Despite break-ups and other romances, Buffy and Angel always remained close and connected, supporting one another even from afar. Their love was truly one for the books, and their dedication to each other was both heart-breaking and touching.

Pacey & Joey (Dawson's Creek)

It may have been called Dawson's Creek, but the hit drama was all about the ongoing love between everyone's favorite side-kick slacker Pacey and beautiful tomboy Joey. Though the two started out as friends who constantly bickered and butted heads, that built up tension blossomed into a fiery and passionate love. Their relationship began as a secret, but once Joey said goodbye to Dawson in favor of sailing the summer away with Pacey, their epic love story was cemented. After break-ups and make-ups, the two finally got their happy ending and found their way back to one another.

Ross & Rachel (Friends)

It's no surprise that Ross and Rachel are easily one of the top TV couples of all time. Their roller coaster ride of a relationship unfolded and evolved slowly over time, taking fans along for the journey. From dating to breaking up, a drunken Las Vegas marriage and a subsequent divorce, the amusing couple truly kept everyone on their toes. In the end, Rachel got off the plane for Ross and proved their status as one of the greatest TV relationships ever. After all, they were each others lobsters!

Sam & Diane (Cheers)

Sam and Diane were absolute proof that opposites can and will attract. The prim and proper Diane seemed a complete mismatch for the bar owner and resident ladies' man Sam. And yet, beneath the duo's constant bickering, break-ups and marriage proposals, a true and honest love was obvious to all. Their intense and passionate relationship kept fans of Cheers hooked, that is until Shelly Duvall (Diane) decided to leave the series. It sure is interesting thinking about what ifs and what could have beens.

Jim & Pam (The Office)

The Office's Jim and Pam could easily be the poster children for will they/won't they romances. When the series begins, Pam is engaged but an attraction is obvious between her and fellow co-worker Jim. An effortless and easy friendship blossoms, full of inside jokes and the desire to constantly find a reason to be around each other. After a called off wedding, Jim and Pam's epic romance began, takings fans of the show on a wild roller coaster ride. Through their ups and downs, the two never stopped loving and supporting each other. After all, it's impossible not to root for them, especially when Jim said he bought her a ring a week after they started dating.

Carrie & Mr. Big (Sex and the City)

Carrie and Mr. Big were arguably one of television's most exhausting couples, as their constant making up and breaking up toyed with fans' emotions and many times sent them spiraling. From stole kisses to secret affairs, broken hearts to a jilted groom, their romance was full of love, heartaches and headaches. All throughout the 6 seasons of the show, Carrie and Big's relationship was rocky. But their feelings and devotion to one another ultimately prevailed, and the two realized they were simply meant to be. After all, there wasn't ever any doubt they were "abso-f******lutely" soul mates.

April & Andy (Parks and Recreation)

Pawnee, Indiana was full of amusing and endearing couples (Ben and Leslie, Ann and Chris) but none were as head-over-heels in love as April and Andy. Their personalities were as opposite as night and day: April was dark and cynical, while Andy was the lovable goofball who brought out her softer side. Watching the two grow together and navigate life was wonderful for fans of the show, and their all-accepting and constant love for one another demonstrates just how perfect April and Andy were for each other.

Marshall & Lily (How I Met Your Mother)

Through all of Ted's romantic turmoil as he searched for the mother of his future children, Marshmallow and his Lily Pad were the constant reminder that true love existed. Despite a temporary break-up when Lily went off to find herself, the duo were rock solid throughout the course of the show. Their adorable and genuine personalities meshed so well together, and fans couldn't get enough of their sweet and zany antics. The show might have revolved around Ted's journey to find "the one," but Marshall and Lily already represented that soul mates truly do exist.

Zack & Kelly (Saved By The Bell)

'90s teen idols Zack and Kelly were the epitome of high school couples' goals: there was the pretty, popular cheerleader and the handsome guy all the girls went wild over. Though the duo would have their make-ups and break-ups, they always found a way back to one another, reviving hope that the couple was endgame. Fans of the show finally got their wish, when the couple got married in Las Vegas in the show's movie adaption. Talk about a picture-perfect ending for the beloved TV romance.

Lorelai & Luke (Gilmore Girls)

Fans of Gilmore Girls were instantly aware of the sizzling chemistry between our favorite fast-talking, coffee guzzling mother Lorelai and the no-nonsense diner owner Luke. Their friendship was admirable, with both always going out of their way to be present and supportive to the other. Though the two made excellent sparring partners, they unsurprisingly made even better lovers. From first kisses to heart-wrenching break-ups, marriage proposals to daughter bombshells, Lorelai and Luke certainly kept fans on their toes. Thankfully, our favorite squabbling couple got their happy ending and a walk down the aisle in the revival.

Fran & Maxwell (The Nanny)

America's favorite outgoing, nasally fashionista Fran Fine became nanny to tight-laced, no nonsense Maxwell Sheffield's 3 children. Though a mutual attraction is obvious from the start between the two, they keep it professional (besides Fran's constant fantasies and dreams of Maxwell, of course). Over the duration of the series, their sexual tension and desire builds, and the duo ultimately confess their feelings and become a couple, marrying in the fifth season finale.

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