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What Your Favorite Host Says About You (Ouran High School Host Club Edition):

Marga is an Anime enthusiast since '01 (◕‿◕✿). She enjoys writing and drinking milk tea with boba.


I’ve watched "Ouran High School Host Club" pretty much for the 1000th time, and read the manga, so I guess you can say I’m credible enough to be writing this article. I am also basing this on the hosts’ personalities and the girls that have requested them. Hope you enjoy it! (o^▽^o)

Alright, let’s get into it!

Haruhi Fujioka

Just like Haruhi, you must be a scholar, you’re very responsible and disciplined. You’re probably even the type to read the terms and agreements before checking the “I agree” box when you’re signing up for something. You decide using your brain, and rarely your heart. I noticed that in episode 8, the three girls that were in trouble were Haruhi’s regulars. They seem to be very kind-hearted and mature, considering how the girl with mini space buns reacted so calmly and maturely to the trespassers. You are forgiving and generous, and avoid relying on others.

Tamaki Suoh

You’re probably a fangirl, to be honest. Most of his clients tend to praise him a lot like a full-time fangirl. You probably use emojis instead of these “:) :/ :| :(...” You type in either all lower case or all in uppercase. You always go with your instincts and you are very expressive. If this isn’t you, then there is another type of person that Tamaki seems to attract, and that would be the very elegant and polite type, but may be a little bit mischievous and/or malicious, kinda like the girl from episode 1.

Hikaru Hitachiin

Ah yes, the older twin. You’re very outspoken, you speak your mind, despite it being insulting to someone. You’re very honest. You dismiss anyone that you do not like, especially when they’re a possible threat in your relationship with someone (meaning you’re jealous). You act differently when you’re around certain people. You’re very oblivious of other people’s feelings and sometimes your own, too. You are very stubborn, just like Hikaru, and you enjoy teasing others. Oh, and your fashion sense is exquisite! You can be high maintenance sometimes though, hehe.

Kaoru Hitachiin

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You, too, speak your mind, but you are a bit more considerate. You know when to stop, and you are more aware of your feelings and others’ as well. Even when you’re jealous, if you know they don’t mean any harm, you’ll set the jealousy aside. You’re pretty much like Hikaru stans, just a bit different, but the difference is clear. Ah, and you only eat what you like on your plate and throw away the rest.

Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya stans are very knowledgeable and can be competitive. You work well under pressure, and just like Kyoya, you love challenges. You may seem harmless, but you have your own secret aspirations, don’t you? You probably have a rival that you’re trying to surpass, could be a sibling or that one person in class that just seems to always be one step ahead.

Mitskuni Haninozuka

You’re a shota!!! Haha, but in all seriousness, you’re probably the mom/dad of the friend group. You like to take care of others, you always have a first-aid kit in your bag. You love kids and you probably own a cute, small pet that you treat like your own child. You just like cute, small things in general hehe. Just like Mitskuni, you enjoy sweets very much. Your favorite flavor is probably strawberry flavor.

Takashi Morinozuka

So you like the quiet ones, huh? Then you’re probably the opposite. You’re very cute and quirky, and you have two speaking tones: you’re either very loud or very quiet. You like it when people pat your head. You’re also probably the type to say “I don’t know wherever you want to eat.” You’re just an overall good girl, you probably spend your Friday nights eating Kbbq or hotpot and having milk tea afterwards with your family.

If you feel like you didn’t fit in any of the descriptions, I’m sorry!


But if you did, then yay!! :D


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