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What Happened to Rino Sashihara of Japanese Idol Group Akihabara 48?

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Rino Sashihara Seen In UTB Magazine 2012


Why Is There Another Article About Rino Sashihara?

The article for this next written piece is appropriate because I am sure some people around the world may be asking what happened to popular Japanese idol singer Rino Sashihara.

Note: I have previously written about Rino Sashihara as I wanted to pay tribute to her and much has happened since that time. Even though it looked as if my article about Airi Suzuki was going to be the final article here for a long while, the amount of curiosity plus a desire to make sure that the world reads and sees an article about a celebrity that has gone from rock bottom to super stardom was my motivation for writing about Rino Sashihara.


Sashihara Will Graduate from Akihabara 48 and Sing in the Group's 55th Single

She announced in December 2018 that she intends to graduate from famous idol group AKB48 but when I first wrote about her, she was a member of HKT48. On February 26, 2019, a promotional video for the song called Jiwaru Days was released. There will be six versions for this single including three limited editions & three regular editions. The single which is scheduled to be released on March 13, 2019 is actually AKB48’s 55th major single. How far they have come since 2006 when their first single was Sakura no Hanabiratachi!

What is the Song Jiwaru Days About?

This is going to be the last single for Sashihara and she will serve as a center. The song’s message is about the sadness and loneliness of parting and the celebration of a new beginning. The video sees the girls dancing in a room with the walls having over 3,450 outfits hanging from them. This number actually comes from her nickname Sashiko. The video is said to have choreography from the songs Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, Halloween Night, LOVE TRIP, & #Sukinanda. These are all songs in which Sashihara has been a center for.


Rino Sashihara's Thoughts About Jiwaru Days

Sashihara revealed that Jiwaru Days is the song that she likes the most. Is it because the song is the last song that she will sing with AKB48? Is it because of the song’s message? We can only guess what she may be thinking but for Sashihara who has survived a relationship scandal, this is a very sweet way for her to depart from AKB48. Sashihara was never one of my favorite J POP girls but she has done well, being selected as center for so many singles.

"Jiwaru Days"

Watashi Datte Idol! & a Little Bit About Sashihhara's Career

In addition to her center position for Jiwaru Days, Sashihara is seen dying from laughing too much in one of the coupling songs called Watashi Datte Idol! The song was directed by ZUMI who said that he wanted Sashihara to be an idol forever and that is the symbolism that the director tried to bring across. The song sounds a little like the one called Aozora Café which is a brilliant song on the AKB48 album called Tsugi no Ashiato.

For this 27 year-old idol singer, life is very sweet now even if she will miss her AKB48 band mates. She has also served as a concurrent member of the newer idol group STU48 which was announced on February 22, 2017 and she also served as STU48’s Theater Manager until November 25, 2017 at which point she announced that she is cancelling her concurrent position with STU48. Congratulations to Ms. Rino Sashihara and I LOVE YOU!!

"Soredemo Sukidayo" Rino Sashihara Sings LIVE

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