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What Channel Is Pay Per View On Roku?

Television users who want to subscribe to the pay-per-view (PPV) channel must have downloaded the showtime app on their supported devices and operating systems.

Roku, a digital media player manufactured by an American company, gives lots of media content from online services. The first Roku manufactured model was developed in collaboration with Netflix in May 2008.

This digital television with many free channels available, ranging from movies, live channels, TV shows, etc also has other channels that could be watched on pay-per-view bases.

The UFC channel is the major app for dedicated fight fans, who would like to watch pay-per-view events directly on their Roku devices.

The UFC channel on Roku television provides customers access to UFC "fight pass" to watch exclusive fight pass events live. Furthermore, it unlocks the window to the largest world's fight library to per pay view audience. This fight library is to include - Pride FC, Strikeforce, the WEC, and more.


How To Get UFC PPV On Roku

To get the UFC pay-per-view on your Roku device, the following steps must be followed:

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Press the scroll up/down button.
  • Choose 'Streaming Channels' to open the Channel Store
  • From the channel store, search for 'UFC'
  • Locate and select Add Channel.
  • Enter your account password
  • Go to UFC Fight Pass to order for PPV

How To Purchase The PPV Event On Roku Device

Purchasing pay-per-view on your Roku device could be very easy if you follow these steps:

  • Open 'Menu' and click on Sports. Information about pay-per-view will display.
  • Click on 'Event Info' then, on 'BUY NOW $74.99'

Being a digital media, Roku Channel has different types of programs, ranging from free TV, Roku Originals, and premium entertainment. Roku carries a variety of programs. It is a home of multiple television series, hit movies, TV shows, 24/7 live news - restricted to U.S. and Canada - as well as popular kids’ entertainment, just for free.

A catalog of free services, including that of pay per view, is readily available on Roku. Select from thousands of television programs with no subscriptions, purchases, or rents required.

The US-based customers have the advantage of adding over forty Premium Subscriptions from SHOWTIME, AMC+, STARZ, EPIX, etc.


Watching UFC Pay Per View on Roku For Free

You can imagine watching UFC PPV on Roku for free. Though it's possible, it's limited to certain areas.

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To benefit from this free program, you need a virtual purpose network VPN to bypass geo-restriction, if your location is restricted. ESPN is the official broadcaster that will stream the event live for free.

It is important to note that before you watch PPV, either for free or pay, you must have a showtime app on your supported device and operating system. You will also make sure that you downloaded the newest showtime app just before the fight. Pay-per-view events are available for both Showtime subscribers and none subscribers.

List Of Channels On Roku TV

These are the list of channels that could be found on Roku television:

  • HappyKids
  • Pluto TV
  • Apple TV
  • Qello Concerts by Stingray
  • Sky Store
  • TED
  • Hayu

HappyKids: This is a free and safe app for children. It is a children's companion television. It educates, informs, and entertains kids. The most interesting thing about HappyKids is that it is suitable for all age groups.

Contents here are partitioned based on age groups and interests. It is designed in such a way that parents could easily find the videos best suited for their kids.

Pluto TV: This is a free television. It has more than one hundred channels with thousands of movies on display. Pluto television movies are interesting. It features movies involving popular actors and actresses.

Going through the list of channels on Pluto television gives you an ample opportunity to find your favorite channels.

Apple TV: This is not a free television. If you want to watch Apple TV, you have to buy, rent, or subscribe to the premium channels.


Qello Concerts by Stingray: Here, programs shown to the audience are requested. You could request to watch interesting music documentaries, films, and much more, on your Roku player and Roku TV.

Sky Store: On Sky Store, you can buy or rent new movies, starting from £9.99. You can also buy digital movies that could be stored in your library for later use.

TED: There are lots of TED talks you can browse on. Over 2,000 TED Talks, you could browse on, ranging from remarkable people to science and technology.

Hayu: Before you gain access to Hayu services, you need to sign up. There are hundreds of reality TV shows on Hayu with thousands of episodes that would be delivered on your device on-demand. All programs here are paid for.

Roku channels are not limited to the aforementioned television channels. You can find, among others, Marquee TV, CBS, and UKTV Play on Roku.

Your choice of channel depends on the program you intend to watch. Both free and paid channels vary in programs.

With these varieties of channels, it's left for you to choose between free and paid televisions.

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