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This Is What BTS Looks for in Their Future Partners!

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Have you ever wondered what kind of girl (or boy) the BTS boys are looking for when the time finally comes? We don't know about you, but we sure want to know ourselves!

RM (Kim Namjoon)



Desired age range: 1991-1999

Height: 164 cm - 170 cm tall.

Weight: 50 kg.

Wants to get married at the age of: 32 - 33 years old.

Kids: He would like 2 boys and 1 girl.

  • RM desires a girl with straight long hair, that has a sexy voice, and can converse with him for a long time.

  • He wants to date a girl that's smart and feminine, tall and with a sexy body shape.

  • Is flirty and friendly. He wants her to be calm and relaxed, and with a sexy brain.
  • A girl that isn't scared of skinship: soft kisses, hugs, small enjoyable conversations, and laughter. She must enjoy her moments with him.

  • But when the time comes, she also needs to respect his personal space.
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  • A girl that would go shopping with him and would share his fashion. Taking selcas in private or public.

  • He doesn't like girls who smoke and go clubbing very often, he loves a girl that is nice, very soft, kind and a lovely girl.

RM would prefer not to date someone famous.

Jin (Kim Seokjin)


BTS Jin:

Desired age range: 1991 - 2002

Height: 158 cm - 164 cm tall.

Weight: X

Wants to get married at the age of: 31.

Kids:1 girl and 2 boys.

  • Jin wants a girl that is sweet and cute that will cook for him and cook with her. He wants her to share with him new dishes that he has never known off.

  • He wants a feminine girl that loves anime and Disney princesses.

  • A girl who is affectionate, soft and has the personality of a puppy.

  • Cute and caring, positive and nice, but still mature, she has to be responsible at the same time.
  • An outgoing/easygoing girl, sociable. A girl that will laugh at his dad jokes or general his jokes. She must have a sense of humor, she has to share with him her own kind of silly/funny jokes.

  • A girl who wears soft but also elegant makeup, oversized sweaters, skinny jeans, and sneakers.

  • She has to be soft-spoken in nature, silly yet funny, understanding and considerate of other girls/boys.

  • Jin would like a girl that accepts his jacket in the cold seasons/weather and give him hugs to warm him. His ideal date would be holding hands while taking a walk on a winter night.

  • He wants a girl that lets him take care of her. A girl that will tell him everything, her sad days, her happy days, he wants her to trust him enough to tell him everything about her.

Suga (Min Yoongi)


BTS Suga:

Desired age range: 1980-2001

Height: 155 cm - 158 cm tall.

Weight: 43 kg.

Wants to get married at the age of: 35.

Kids: 1 boy.

  • A girl that has a nice fashion, and can rock a street style. She has to be simple but beautiful. She has to look nice in any kind of style. He wants her to look good in a simple street wear: black leather jacket with a knitted hat, shirt with skinny jeans and Air Jordans 11.

  • He wants a girl that has a calm and understanding personality. A person that will listen before judging him, giving him a chance to explain if there is a misunderstanding.

  • Suga wants a girl that always will support his career. He loves his job and making music so much, that he wants a girl with an understanding personality that could share his love for music even by just bringing him meals and snacks when he's working, or cheering him up when he feels down.

  • Suga doesn't like going out too often and prefers an indoor date.

  • She must be easygoing/outgoing.

  • A girl that makes him laugh when he feels down (because he doesn't smile a lot).
  • A girl that loves him as much as he loves her, she MUST take care of him and love him as if he were her own baby.

  • Even if he works a lot, and requires a lot of space for doing that, he will really appreciate if she is smart enough to get his attention in an original way, that makes him stop whatever he is doing at the moment to give his full attention to her.

  • He likes joking around, so he would love a girl that will be able to take his teasing, and playful moves and that she would respond to them.

  • Suga can get mad really easily, so he wishes for a girl that will be able to endure his bad temper.

  • A girl who is wise and composed and has a passion for music.

  • Suga doesn't mind wearing matching clothes with her, and he is even willing to date a girl taller than him.

Suga would prefer not to date someone famous.

J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok)


BTS J-Hope

Desired age range: 1980 - 1998

Height: 158 cm - 164 cm tall.

Weight: 45 kg.

Wants to get married at the age of: J-Hope does not care what age he gets married.

Kids: 2 girls and 2 boys.

  • J-Hope would like a girl that is good to him and will take care of him and cherish the moments they have together.

  • A girly, but casual style, he likes girls that wear dresses with a very feminine style, but hates high heeled shoes and not to fancy dress up.

  • He likes a girl that loves and cares for him, that also helps him in the future and wants a girl that gives him attention and in return, she will receive his brightest love.

  • A girl that can cook, and will cook him delicious meals, and also teach him how to prepare them himself.
  • J-Hope would like a girl that is sweet, caring, playful, positive and always have a beautiful smile on her lips.

  • He does not really care about her appearance and would love to try and date a foreigner. He will work hard to learn her language.

  • He wants a girl that doesn't know the word 'quit' and will work hard, and never give up on her dreams.

  • A girl that support him.

  • A silly girl, that wants to be silly with him even in public or private.

  • J-Hope loves reading and would like a girl that loves reading too.

J-Hope would prefer not to date someone famous.

V (Kim Tae Hyung)



Desired age range: 1990 - 1999

Height: 161 cm - 164 cm tall.

Weight: 45 kg.

Wants to get married at the age of: 30.

Kids: 2 boys 1 girl (if there is no time)

  • V would like a girl that has a lot of aegyo, is cute and fun. Someone, he can be silly with.

  • He would like a girl that has: Long straight hair, monolids or double-eyelids. Is mature, unique, charming in her own way, and doesn't copy other girls to impress him. A girl that looks attractive with a skirt/pants.

  • Even if he prefers tall girls, V has a thing for small girls where he can pat the top of their head and call them cute.

  • She must have a great sense of fashion. V would like to dress her up sometimes too.

  • A girl that likes oversized shirts, a casual style similar to his. Wears white or red converse, black Adidas or grey Vans.
  • V would like a girl that will love his parents as much as he loves them, he would like a girl that loves his parents as much as she loves her own.

  • He would like a girl that loves kids as much as he does, a girl that gets more charming as times goes by.

  • He does not care about how she looks, but he would like a girl with a good personality and knows how to cook, and loves doing it.

  • V wants a girl that understands him and shares his unusual interests. He enjoys doing weird things and would like his future girlfriend to also enjoy it. He would love a girl that also likes to play video games.

  • His ideal date would be a walk in a nearby park while holding hands.

V would prefer not to date someone famous.

Jimin (Park Ji Min)


BTS Jimin

Desired age range: 1993 - 2001

Height: 158 cm - 161 cm tall.

Weight: 40 kg.

Wants to get married at the age of: 35/36.

Kids:3 boys.

  • Jimin's future girlfriend 'MUST' be: smaller than him and shorter than him and long straight hair.

  • She must be cute and caring, a girl who loves sharing and is a big lover.

  • A girl with cute yet simple make-up, wears feminine colors, with high/low heels, light shade of lipgloss, doll-eye make-up. She has to have monolids, be charismatic and cute at the same time. Girly girls are his weakness. A sexy girl without trying or knowing it.

  • Jimin loves surprises and would love a girl that can impress him with her cooking skills or other talents. Just the simplest things can make him happy, as long as she set her heart and time into it, he will be really happy.
  • A girl that supports and comforts him, gives him strength when he needs it, and be happy when something good happens to him.

  • Jimin enjoys any type of skinship, and would love to cuddle all day.

  • He loves taking selcas and would love taking pictures and videos of the precious and sweet moment in his entire life. He would her to share that same love, and not saying not saying no to taking selcas with him.

  • Jimin is a very flirty man and would love a girl that wouldn't shy away from his moves. He doesn't like 'shy girls'.

  • His ideal date would be walking around or sitting on a bench somewhere together. Countryside dating, and holding hands.

Jimin would prefer to not date someone famous.

Jungkook (Jeon Jeong-Guk)


BTS Jungkook

Desired age range: 1994 - 2000

Height: 170 cm tall.

Weight: 45 kg.

Wants to get married at the age of: Just like J-Hope, Jungkook does not care what age he gets married.

Kids:1 girl 1 boy.

  • Jungkook likes cute girls with fair skin or healthy suntanned skin. Long straight and wavy hair. Double eyelids/monolids, and natural makeup.

  • He would like a girl that has a similar style to his: White/grey/black. If all black, he would like she had her favorite black undergarments on too ;)

  • A girl that wears oversized clothes, because he really loves it.

  • Jungkook wants a girl that doesn't just like him for his fame, but for him himself. He wants a girl that can impress him.
  • A mature girl, that is caring and loving to him.

  • He really likes video games, so it would be nice if his future girlfriend could like video games too, so they can play together.

  • A girl that is confident and isn't scared to say whatever is in her heart.

  • Someone who can be silly with him, Jungkook is very competitive, so it would be a nice challenge if she were too.

Jungkook would prefer not to date someone famous.


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