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'Wha' Frighten Dem'? Bob Marley's 'Message' Today

A former Photographer's PA - With a BA From A London University

“ My father had a true revolutionary spirit that continues to inspire and empower people of all ages and ethnicities”

Cedella Marley, music legend Bob Marley’s oldest child


R3membering the Hon. Bob Marley

So, Jamaica’s most famous son The Hon. Bob Marley, 'the most followed deceased entertainer', with more than 70 million Facebook followers, not to mention a healthy series of business enterprises bearing his name, would have turned 74 this February, (2019).

Birthday tributes flowed, reminding us of 'his essential message of both peace and revolution which continues to speak to people of all backgrounds, today.' And, 'Bob Marley Fever' could easily be found: - This way for tributes -

October, 2019

October, 2019

Linda P - Shorditch, London

Linda P - Shorditch, London

British Afro-Caribbeans

Back then, in the seventies, Linda (top picture) a former Hairdresser from Chiswick recalls it all.

How from the Lycem to Hammersmith Palais, the Rainbow, British Afro-Caribbean youth (and their white mates) went to all his gigs - "we followed the Hon. everywhere" says Linda.

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We were 'chained to the rhythm'- metaphorically - she adds whimsically, and no surprise as, according to the blurb, his shows were regarded as 'pivotal in boosting the self-image of young British Afro-Caribbeans', them and the London massive, which helped 'the Marley spirit spread to the rest of the world'.

Teenage Diary

1970 Reggae Diary - See No 12

1970 Reggae Diary - See No 12


'Bob Marley (1945-1981): remains one of most listened to musicians of the twentieth century and is often described as the first superstar to have emerged from the developing world, blazing a trail for other artists.

There's more. A 'plaque' honouring the 'duppy conquerer' (see Urban dictionary) will mark the house in Chelsea where he and the Wailers lived in 1977.


It was while living there that the band finished recording Exodus, the album that featured some of his biggest hits, including ‘Jamming’, ‘Waiting in Vain’, ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘One Love’' - as well as performed at the famous 'Rainbow' Live! (see Link above).

A Hoop La and a Plaque?

Places with a connection - to the Hon. yes but, forgive me for bringing it up, what would the Hon really make of this hoop la on his 'Earthday'?


The Intervi3ws

I don't claim to be have met the Hon. Bob, (I was the wrong side of 16 when the late Great Bob first landed in London) but can well imagine The Hon. Bob, chuckling or frowning at it all. Or both. Remember the interviews?

The Hon clearly wasn't all up for the thrills of fame...

  • My Richness is Life
    Bob Marley was once asked, "Are you a rich man, do you have a lot of possessions?" He replied, "I don't have that kind of richness...

Interviews; More

At Rodigan's


'The Prophet, The Lover And The Fighter'

The Hon's well documented sojourn on these shores caught the Nations attention , as did his views on fame, all of which were said to be a defining factor.

Film maker and Reggae DJ, Don Letts reminds us ( that fame aside 'people can't forget that Marley was 'a revolutionary man'.

“He fought with music.” says Letts. Certainly 'up for a fight, wherever he found it facing him, and his people'.

Moreover, some Rastafarians (and Us plebs), saw him as a modern day 'Prophet'. So much so that there’s much that has been scrutinized about Bob’s work.

So, there's always room to take a closer look at his body of work, especially those with the important 'militant overtones' containing 'the message in his music' - cut short by his demise maybe, but a message by no means silenced, not least thanks to the Don Letts of this world checking out 'the prophet, the lover and the fighter' for us.

Un Chante Militante

Charmingly dubbed 'Un Chante 'militante' - by the French, Bob's message was received loud and clear by the world!

Indeed 'dedicated to 'the struggle', he could kind of "tool you up for the struggle as well’. says Letts.

The Dreadlocked Rasta

To many of us, today, like yesteryear, Marley, Bob was quite simply 'the Dreadlocked Rasta' - still considered ‘hard-hitting and uncompromising’ when it comes to the message in his music.

From “Get Up, Stand Up”, (written with Peter Tosh and considered an 'inspirational civil rights anthem' to the story-song 'I Shot the Sheriff', are considered among the best songs Bob Marley ever wrote.

Reviewers, write that 'the tone of the first song reveals the band's militant streak and their allegiance to human freedom', while the latter, on a languid, mid-tempo groove, 'is an allegory that shows Marley's growing versatility as a first-rate songwriter (the song later became a number one hit for the UK's Eric Clapton), that nevertheless packs a militant punch.

His Album 'Burnin' features a number of tunes from the early Wailers' catalogue, including 'Put I On', 'Small Axe' and 'Duppy Conqueror'.

Them and Burnin' and Lootin', (said to be one of the band's 'spookier' songs), is another highlight, and adds to 'the tense, revolutionary feel of much of Bob's Militant music' - 'militant anthems inspired by life'. So much so that, we continue to look back .

The Message

“The message of the music doesn’t have an expiration date. Every generation is hearing it with fresh ears and connecting with the music in a new way.”

(Cedella Marley)

Bob Marley and Africa

'I imagine The Hon. Bob, could still stir up a Revolution - prophetically that is - in Africa, 'DJ Fireman' and all that .'

Decrying Africa's Leaders for their lack of Unity (still?) that and their commitment (or lack of it) to the Youths, with a volley of Africa centered tune's and Afro-beat collaborations! - what with the precedent set.


To The Churches

Would the Hon still 'feel like 'bombing a Church'? I Image not. But, like our Songwriters today, he'd probably have so much things to say...

More Fire

To Politicians

Moreover, I imagine The Hon. shaking a stick, again prophetically at today's 'politricks'. - throwing shade at Mugabe, over in Zim.

Them and Venuzeuala - where Nicolás Maduro Moros and Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez, fearlessly, are about to come to blows? All that whilst hob nobbing with the likes of Stormzy- organising a 'Unity Concert', if needs be!

Spittin' at Polititrics in Uganda, Sudan, Niger, Ghana for f*ck*g up d youth! --!

And, calling out Nigeria O!


The Rastafarian, Reggae and worldwide fame



Even if 'the extensive commercialization of Bob Marley has not been without criticism, particularly among Jamaica's Rastafarian community - and hard-nosed Music Critics - to -

there are 'just too many reasons to love Bob Marley' -!

But, People Still Suffering

Playing Politricks

Not Bob at 74! Still, President's Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un wouldn't have got off lightly! ('Have no fear for atomic energy. Cause none of them can stop the T ...')

And, hello our very own PM's Jeremy Corbyn. and Theresa May (and now Boris Johnson; he'd meet you all at the House Of Parliament any time! - even at Dawn!



More Or Less

Never mind that the Bob making the Forbes rich list - (all those weed bags in the grass)!

- .