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We Need To Do Something (2021) Movie Review

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Eye need to do something.

Eye need to do something.

MPAA Rating


Running Time

97 minutes


Sean King O'Grady


Max Booth III

The post or preapocalyptic horror movie We Need To Do Something dares ask the question, “What will happen to the world if a pasty white Goth girl loses her phone?” It’s not too much of a spoiler to say, “nothing good”.

We Need To Do Something About This Synopsis

We Need To Do Something opens during an undisclosed time in an unknown city. We meet this family that doesn’t seem to have a last name, or I might have missed it because I was too busy closing my eyes because this movie made me close them.

Let’s meet them one by one and then guess which one will be dead by the end of the movie or at least vote for someone to be dead by the end of the movie since this is a horror film. The movie has the entire family congregating in the bathroom. You know the old saying, “The family that shares bathroom time together stays together”? That old adage will not apply here tonight.

  • Melissa (Sierra “Mist” McCormick- The Vast of Night, American Horror Stories)- Mel is stressed. She’s trapped in the bathroom with her family and trying to text her girlfriend with no success. But at least she has her phone.
  • Diane (Vinessa Shaw- putting the ‘I’ in “Vanessa” since Eyes Wide Shut)- She’s the mom. Instead of sending texts, she’s getting them. But she’s not saying from who. But we know it’s not from…
  • Robert (Pat Healy)- Robert’s wondering who’s sending texts to his wife. Diane sure isn’t telling. We can see why Diane might want to get texts from others because Robert is such a one-dimensional A-hole that you wonder why anyone would want to spend any time with him unless of course you’re trapped in a bathroom for undisclosed but harrowing reasons.
  • Bobby (John James Corbin)- He’s Mel’s little brother and he’s really annoying. F*ck this kid and we all hope he’s a corpse by the end.
A family that creeps together will die by whatever's outside.

A family that creeps together will die by whatever's outside.

This super dysfunctional family are all hanging out in the bathroom. Not for fun, but because of necessity. There’s a huge storm outside but it’s implied that there’s much more than weather going on. There are noises outside the house that don’t sound like noises anyone should be hearing, storm or not.

Unclear, but we can assume because they didn’t have the budget for an entire house set so we, like them, are trapped in this room for a good portion of the movie.

The storm is getting louder. The sounds are more ominous. Mel still hasn’t received any texts back.

There’s a loud noise just outside the bathroom. A large tree fell right in front of the exterior bathroom door, effectively shutting them in. But they shouldn’t worry because people will be looking for them.

If the news has taught us anything, it’s that missing white people will always be looked for.

Robert is mad because he’s always mad. He orders Mel to give him her phone so he can use the light to look outside.

Because Robert is a terrible father, husband, and person all around. It’s his function to be a burden to his family and give the audience someone to hate throughout the film.

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While Robert is trying to see what’s outside through the door’s little opening, he drops Mel’s phone.

I know, right?

Mel doesn’t have her phone. Might as well just let the storm carry her away into the ocean since her life has no meaning anymore.

Now that Mel has no lifeline, she’s forced into exposition filled flashbacks with her girlfriend Amy (Lisette Alexis) and what they were forced to do in order to keep their relationship a secret from wagging tongues and tenacious tweets.

The next morning the power comes back on, but that might be the last lucky thing that happens to Mel and Co. Because even though the storm may have stopped, it sounds like there are, um, things still out there.

Just know, things will get worse before they get much, much worse.

We all do. #ThrowBobbyOut #JusticeForBarb


Someone is wearing pastels over all that angst black.

Someone is wearing pastels over all that angst black.

What Works With We Need To Do Something

  • “Spot”- The best scare of the movie and one of the best fictional scares of 2021. We hope you’d be a good boy or girl in this situation.
  • Like The Guilty, most of the movie takes place in one room, but director Sean King O’ Grady keeps you riveted enough so you don’t have time to think about how you’ve been staring at the same tile for 75 of a 90 minute running time. You want to leave the bathroom, yet you don’t want to leave the bathroom.
  • The family meal. Chewy.

What Doesn’t Work With We Need To Do Something

  • Max Booth III’s screenplay (based on his novella) keeps us off guard with grounded twists and turns. Until the 3rd act gives us an implausibility or 2 that feel more than forced, like a ______ that shows up whenever the plot needs it to. None of it derails the movie completely, but you realize you’re way more tense during the first hour than you are in the final 30 minutes.
The blood matches her hair.

The blood matches her hair.


Tense and genuinely unnerving at times, you need to see We Need To Do Something. Okay, you don’t need to see it but you should because family time in the restroom has rarely been so nerve-shredding. You’ve done worse things in the bathroom.

Really 3.5 but it’s Bobby’s fault


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