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Watch Little Heroes (1991)


Little Heroes was a 1991 film written and directed by Craig Clyde, based on the original story by Vaunie Wilson Clyde, and starring Raeanin Simpson, Katherine Willis, Reta Patterson, Keith Christensen, Craig Clyde, Lance Johnson, and Jessica Fesh.

The film is about a western young girl Charley Wilson (Simpson) and her dog Fuzz living with her parents Rachel and Virgil Wilson (Willis and Clyde), on a farm, in poverty.

The dog is her best friend but she does have one friend, Fritz (Johnson). In school the kids tease her because of her clothes and the fact that she’s poor until one day one girl from school, Carol Evans (Fesh), invites her to her birthday party.

On the morning before the party, Charlie is at the butcher’s (Bill Green) buying ham and bologna when she excitedly tells the butcher that she has been invited to a party. The butcher asks her, “Oh yeah, who’s party?” “Carol Evans. She invited me herself.” She responds with excitement and happiness. Carol Evan’s prejudiced mother (Patterson) overhears her and tells her that Carol made a mistake on the guest list and they invited too many people and uninvites her.This was a lie. Carol‘s mother just doesn’t like her because she’s poor. The butcher overhears her uninviting her to the party and he secretly picks up meat off the floor to put in her sandwich. That part was funny because she deserved it.

There is a doll that Charley has wanted since the beginning of the movie and she has been saving for but as soon as Carol invites her to the party she decides to instead buy the doll for Carol and even after Carol’s mother uninvited her she still buys Caril the doll. She watches the party from a distance and she leaves the doll on the table with the other present when no one is looking.

Charley and Fuzz end up saving the life of Alonzo (Christensen), when he loses his thumb in a farming accident, who turns out to be the estranged father of Carol’s mother. The saddest part in the movie is when Fuzz gets a hold of the poison that Alonzo put out for the wild animals getting into his chickens and he dies but this was still a great movie. I saw it when I was a kid. Charley and Fuzz teaches them about courage, sacrifice and morals.

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