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Wasteland/Pustina - Review


Director: Alice Nellis, Ivan Zachariáš

Category: crime, drama, mystery

Main actors: Zuzana Stivínová, Jaroslav Dušek, Eliška Křenková, Jan Cina

Year: 2016

I must admit that I am a fan of European films. What I really like about these films is the unusual perspective on certain topics. An example of this would be the movie "Let the Right One In" which, still, seems to me the best vampire movie I've seen. Given this, when I started this miniseries my expectations were quite high.

The story of the miniseries is not the most original. In the foreground we have Hana Sikorová, the mayor of an isolated village in the Czech Republic (Pustina), whose daughter mysteriously disappears. It's not something anyone's ever heard of. What makes this story interesting and captivating is the approach.

One thing that I really liked about this miniseries is the cold and harsh atmosphere given, especially, by the place chosen for filming , the houses, the decoration and the clothes.
The style is tough and straightforward. There are a lot of scenes in the series that can be annoying, but I consider this to add more truthfulness.

Another thing that the series is good at is drama. Besides the drama of the two parents who suffer due to the disappearance of their daughter, the drama of the community affected by this event is also presented. The girl's disappearance is like a key that opens the door of this community and reveals certain secrets.

I can say that the acting game exceeded my expectations.Each actor did an excellent job and they managed to perfectly convey every emotion they played.

Unfortunately, this series is quite underrated. Most likely they didn't invest enough money in advertising or it just didn't catch on. I think another reason could be that the series seems to be more dedicated to the European audience. Everything related to the scenography is done in relation to the specifics of the area.

The ending is not exactly what I wanted. I would have liked it to end differently but others might like it and even be surprised.
I recommend this miniseries especially to those who like movies with detectives and a lot of mystery.

IMDB: 8,2

Personal rating: 8,5

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