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Was This Really Teresa's Father's Memorial or Jackie's Pity Party




Real Housewives of New Jersey

Okay I can not believe what I just saw on one of my favorite Real Housewives franchises in New Jersey. So I have watched this show from season one with Teresa's infamous table flip to the current season and Teresa versus Jackie meltdown. So listen right should Teresa have carried a rumor that she heard about Jackie, if they were real friends no. However given how reality show television go and the fact that last year Jackie repeat a similar rumor about Joe Giudice. I can see turn about being fair play its literally the nature of reality television. There is literally a rumor every season.

So when Jackie and Teresa decided to meet up and squash it and Teresa apologized and Jackie decided to include Gia. I thought now Jackie always proclaiming how much on the low she is smarter than Teresa or somehow better in someway. She has to have enough common sense to know that an analogy like, I heard your daughter did coke in the bathroom was going to make any peace been thrown out the window.

She is quite lucky that Teresa has evolved because that would have sent season one Teresa charging her way with a quickness. The first cardinal rule is kids are off limits and every adult that possesses relative common sense knows this. One thing as a viewer that makes me cringe is every time Jackie refers to Teresa as an animal.

I'm like why would a blonde hair blue dyed somehow better woman call a brunette Italian immigrant woman an animal? She seems to have come from a modest family definitely not a ultra rich. And yes Teresa's family worked very hard to thrive in this country and that definitely does not make them less than anyone. In fact it means her family became a part of the American dream.

Now to see that not only did Margaret's husband also hear the rumor that Jackie's husband was cheating. Yes the men agreed that they did not believe it. However, Joe said he also heard the rumor and not from Teresa. Yes Margaret did some fancy foot work and tried to absolve her husband. Margaret is clearly still mad at Teresa but wants to appear to still be her friend. That is evident with the low brow shade she welds in Teresa's direction every chance she can get. Also its clear she has some kind of alliance with Jackie.

The most disheartening part of this episode is because Jackie and Margaret have the same ability to put on a face but still hold a deep seeded grudge behind closed door and just below the surface. When Teresa made a joke about Jackie being uptight Jackie took that as a clear signal to jab at Teresa's jail stint.

She knows that is a sour subject for Teresa and when Teresa hits back she comes undone because she really never accepted Teresa's apology in the first place. The entire cast with pacifies Jackie. I will say Delores, Jennifer, and Frank were not on that bandwagon. Delores and Frank were putting out fires.

This was confusing to me because if this is supposed to be about the celebration of life for Teresa and Joe's father who had recently passed. In the past few years Teresa loss both her freedom, mother, father, husband, and her marriage. She said with both her parents being gone she feels like an orphan. She's literally all alone with her kids.

The life she once knew and held to is gone. To see her brother urge her to make it right with Jackie, did anyone consider this is about her father not Jackie's marriage? If Jackie or her husband felt away then they should be there. This was about the Giudice family not Jackie and her husband.

When I saw how Frank and Delores stopped Joe from future attacking his wounded sister about their mother's death. I was glad they were able to stop it. It was bad to see people alternate attacking one person. So after the urging of everyone saying make it right with Jackie, please. Blah! Blah! And Jackie making his overly dramatic phone call to her husband where she once again refers to Teresa as an animal.

And her brother calling her and asking her to make peace she finally does. Personally I would have had to agree to disagree. And the way the Jackie was going on during the phone call made me think there must be some truth to the rumor. When he appeared smiling I thought and Jackie was overly trying to pacify him and insisting Teresa apology to him I thought strange has to be something there.

The rumor that both Teresa and Margaret's husband heard has some truth in it. Then when Jennifer later brings back up the rumor with Evan present. It is not the turn of Margaret to have a meltdown. Margaret is a clear coward and leaves the room only to get hyped up with her crew of Melissa and Jackie. I also felt sorry for Melissa she had to blonde ball of tears staying in her Jersey home.

It is after all Melissa's father-in-law's memorial but hey we can always find time to feel sorry for the blonde bawlers. The episode ends with Delores, Teresa, and Jennifer with Frank and Jennifer's husband leaving. Margaret of course paints her tale of woe, but from the previews more of her two faced ways will be coming to light. A two faced person can not spend that face two ways and its taxing. The truth always come out. That's all for now.

Disclaimer, yeah I know it should be at the beginning, but my daughter's turning 13 so I'm trying to create a beautiful COVID 19 friendly dream in my front yard. So yes I am a Teresa fan! Yes I will stand up for a woman that has overcome a lot and I am never going to be in support of people ganging up on anyone when they are going through something. Toodles, until next week!

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