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Death Note: The Origin of Human Language?

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Just A Fan Theory

Ok guys, bear with me. This is just my personal theory, there's no mention of it in the original media, and just re-reading the manga recently made me think this.

Let me know what you think!

The Day The First Death Note Was Dropped On Earth

We always imagined Death Note as a "recent history" thing, due to the fact that the manga is set in modern times.

But we know that shinigamis have been around literally forever, and we also know this is not the first time a Death Note is dropped on earth. The story is focused on Yagami Light just because he is probably the first guy that means to use it for a "higher end".

So when has the first Death Note been dropped on earth?

It is likely that the shinigamis didn't take long before they took interest in what humans would do with their deadly notebooks, so it's likely that the first Death Note was dropped on earth almost as soon as homo sapiens came to be, hence before language was invented.

But in that case, people wouldn't have names would they? So how would the cavemen kill each other with the note? The only possible way would be making the shinigami eye trade.

It is said multiple times in the manga, that the shinigami eyes would allow you to see whatever you need to write in the death note to kill that person, no matter the name they go by (or in this case, the name they don't actually have).

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Therefore, if a caveman was to trade for the shinigami eyes, they would see some form of written language hovering on top of the soon-to-be-killed aquaintance of his.

So they would try to replicate the symbols, giving origin to human writing. Associating the symbols to a sound, would give rise to human language.

If you look at Jealous' Death Note, the characters look sort of similar to modern hebrew, so the "ancient Death Note users" might have been from that region.

Hebrew alphabet

Hebrew alphabet

Jealous and his Death the letters look similar to your eyes too?

Jealous and his Death the letters look similar to your eyes too?

So what do you think of this theory?
Do you think that shinigamis and the death note may have given birth to the first forms of human language?

Let me know in the comments below!


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