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Was Top Gun: Maverick the Best Film of 2022?


Top Gun (1986) made Tom Cruise a star, and now 36 years later he jumps back in role of Pete Mitchell AKA Maverick almost like he never left. Maverick never seems let his age slow him down, and still is cocky has ever, and is ordered to train a bunch of young pilots for a deadly mission, but sees a little bit of himself in them, and must get them working together has a team.

Tom Cruise shines in his performance where he is required to display a good range of emotions and has a good chemistry with Jennifer Connelly, while also impressing us in the action sequences as he always does. Speak of which, the action is very beautifully executed as well as filmed. Every time the jets turned, I felt like my head moved along in the same direction. This effect is repeated multiple times and ends up immersing the viewer into the thrill of the action. It’s very clean and neatly done, and never violent at all. The film has no adult content, due to which you can watch it with your families. There were moments where I felt excited, emotional and even laughed along with the other viewers. It delivers light, simple and sweet entertainment in a delicious mix of action, drama, some romance and humor in a delightful manner.

The music and score are terrific, and the cinematography is another major plus. Some might find the initial few acts a little slow, but the action sequences completely steal the show, especially in the lengthy and spellbinding final act. The editing is top notch, as the film never feels long or stretched. I was actually surprised how short it felt, and in a good way. Top Gun: Maverick is a very feel-good action movie with realistic action and emotions to deliver an experience of a lifetime. If you enjoyed Top Gun, chances are you will find yourself loving this film even more, for Cruise once again proves he’s the man to look for when quality action is what viewers crave. Must watch on the big screen. Period.

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