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Wanna Be a K-Pop Idol? Here Are What You Need!

Ardy is a K-pop man fan. Regularly searches for K-pop songs and loves them so much! Do research frequently on K-pop idols and their lives.

Some BTS members

Some BTS members

K-pop industry has been growing so rapidly in the past decade. BTS, EXO, AKMU, BLACKPINK, and many more have been known not only domestically, but also internationally. Merchandises are sold out so rapidly that we even have to purchase it secondhanded like albums, photocards, etc. Photocards itself even have became investment instruments since their price go higher and higher even the greatest one can score a ROI of 500%.

Being rich, being popular, and being in a job that only orders the participant to entertain of course are dreams for some people and being a Kpop star is a thing ensuring all of that.

A Kpop idol in a 5 member group playing in a 100,000 seat domestic arena could earn around US $ 50,000 - 100,000 a concert which is really high if we compare to regular jobs in South Korea with an average wage of US $ 34,400 a year (retrieved from 2020 data). In addition, it can also earn from music royalties which are also a kind of investment and endorsements which pays in convex curve (if an idol doesn't react to changes).

Being an idol which seems entertaining is not actually so easy to be. Many idols even stress so much but they can't show it, otherwise their engagement will drop. Not only that, even just dreaming of being an idol requires a lot of strength so that you can compete with a sea of people wanting to be a star.

What indicators do you have to focus on if you want to be a star? See the lists below!


Based on so many Kpop idol profiles, the minimum height of a female idol is at least 165 cm (5'4") and male is 175 cm (5'7"). It's not that easy actually to get that tall but you can work on it.

Yoga exercises, eating lean protein diets, and sleep more are ways to go and actually if you can't still grow that high, just try joining auditions since there are some idols that don't have that ideal height such as Woozi SEVENTEEN, Jinho PENTAGON, and Ha Sungwon WANNAONE. So don't give up on hope eventhough it looks tough!

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Singing, Rapping, or Dancing Aptitude

The key performances of entertaining as an idol are singing, rapping, and dancing. If you hold tight on your flawless face while being unable to do one of the thing, your performance wouldn't be that great since people want to see a performance not a runway. The selection processes of idols also strictly include performing abilities. So if you don't have any, your chance of being an idol become slighter. But of course they are something that can be trained. If you're not that great at hitting notes, you can try flexing your bodies, or if it doesn't work too, you can start quickening your brain and practice rap.

If it still doesn't work, you can take skin cares to match your face with Jin BTS since he was recruited accidentally by Big Hit on his 17th while he was taking a bus. A Big Hit employee met him and told that he was such a nice cute boy that can even make her boss eyes' popped. After that, Jin was asked to join the audition, and now he is in BTS.

Korean Language

What to do if you can't speak Korean? You just dance and do nothing. Crowds are shouting your name and you are only capable of replying with beautiful smile. Korean language is so important to transfer informations. Not only to greet fans, but also sing or rap. It sounds weird if you sing Korean with Polish accent, France accent, Dutch accent, or any accent but Korean.

You can learn it anyway and you don't have to be that good when competing for the spot. You just have to have the fighting spirit to learn and as time goes by, with your agency appointed hangul teacher, your Korean language ability will be best.


How come idols seem so flawless: Beautiful, great voice, lovely personality, yet photogenic at the same time? You must be wondering what they do to achieve that level of perfection and the answer is: Too many.

Based on an admission of a foreign K-pop trainee, a trainee wakes up at 5 a.m. to have a breakfast and goes through a lot of courses such as dancing, vocal, personality, Korean language, yoga, and fitness which usually ends up at 12 a.m. Of course to do a lot of stuffs like that, we need a lot of stamina and that's why our oppas and noonas are so energic.


Charm is a series of acts that attracts people to be always near the beholder. It is usually a set of positive auras that attracts people or can be negative auras that are different from others (of course which don't hurt people). The best thing about charm is you can show it selectively like if you want to look like a smart person, then you just have to train your algebra skill and show it to your fans or if you want to look like a mysterious person, then you just don't have to talk too much off-stage and on-stage.

The one with strong charismas are Haruto TREASURE, Park Kyung Block B, Lisa BLACKPINK, Haechan NCT, and Heechul Super Junior. Once you see them on shows, you gotta know what type of charm depict them.

Those are all you need to have in order to be able to be a K-pop idol. I don't include beauty here since beauty is so relative and what is important is how you behave, perform, and carry your spirit to success. Once you have it, you can be so beautiful no matter how you look like.

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