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Wandavison: The Finale (Spoilers)


Wandavision quite frankly has been a revelation. Wanda Maximoff and Vision have both been under used characters that have been pushed to the background for the most part as characters like Tony Stark, Thor and Captain America got the bigger plot lines and focus. Wandavision changed that greatly for these two fan favorite characters and fleshed them out in a much bigger fashion then we could have expected. Originally, we all had of course thought that with Wanda's grief this show would have led to bigger storylines like the fracturing of the multiverse for the Multiverse of Madness film in Doctor Strange's sequel but in hindsight, Marvel has never done things the way that us fans expect. Not really at least. They have a tendency to let things sizzle and then deliver in a big big way. Instead, Wandavision at it's core was a deep dive and a true character study of Wanda at heart. Furthermore, it made a robot one of the most human and relatable characters of the entire cinematic universe. It is a true triumph for Marvel and Matt Shakman the creator and I would not be surprised to see Elizabeth Olsen or Paul Bettany walk away from this series with some Emmy nominations of her own for their stellar performances throughout the series.


Scarlet Witch

It was widely believed after the penultimate episode that this series was going to be a set up for making Wanda into her true comic book self, Scarlet Witch. Before the Fox merger, Marvel did not have the rights to call her Scarlet Witch so she was always just Wanda. Now that is forever changed and probably adds some context as to why they leaned so heavily into a pseudo origin story of sorts for Wanda becoming a true hero in this series. Beyond the logistics of the show, Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch makes a lot of sense. While she was always one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful Avenger, she never truly had a true grasp of her powers. Nor did she ever really understand that her powers were that of magic, and that the infinity stone only unleashed her power that was already there. For her future in the MCU, I think it is obvious from the post credit stinger that she is using the Darkhold from Agatha to learn about herself and her powers but in the end it won't be enough. The line from Agatha during their fight, "Your power is stronger then that of the Sorcerer Supreme." isn't exactly a throw away line either. In her naive state, Wanda does not know the full extent of her power, but after the events of Westview and the pain she had caused it is clear that she seeks to understand herself more so that she can control her power. She even explains to Monica at the end of the show that she will know how to better use her power. Kevin Feige explained that in the Strange sequel he would be training her, so it stands to reason that she would look to him for more guidance. At the end of the post credit scene, Wanda hears her children screaming out in pain for her to help them. This may lead her to remember that weird wizard she saw during the fight with Thanos and think to have him help her with her powers and to save her children. I would believe that her children are somewhere stuck within the Multiverse and her trying to reach them may end up breaking the multiverse sending it into madness.


Vision's Farewell

I will start of by saying I do not believe this is the end of Paul Bettany's Vision. However, in this iteration, this creation that Wanda had created of her loving Vision, was a goodbye. Much of this show was Wanda coming to terms with her own grief and the inability to say goodbye to the love of her life due to the chaos that Thanos had wrecked, and in recreating him with her own power she was able to live a somewhat normal life with him for some time and ultimate say good bye on their own terms. It is a beautiful story of true love and grief but like Vision said, "We've say goodbye before, it stands to reason we will say hello again." The White Vision, I don't believe will become the new Vision as his coding and direction was that of destroying the Vision. So when Vision imprinted his memories on to the White Vision, I think the White Vision went to destroy himself. As for his creator, the man that everyone that has watched this show has a burning hatred for, Director Hayward, is now going to be uncomfortable in a jail cell for the rest of his natural born life and all those theories of him being Ultron go to rest with him.


Dark Magic Agatha

Agatha is now tucked away back as the nosy neighbor Agnes, but, I would be shocked if it is the last we see of her. She is a witch that is proficient with dark magic and had the Darkhold which is a strong book in itself and she clearly was warning Wanda of the power that she had. I think Agatha was truly terrified of what Wanda could do to their world at the core of her being, and more appropriately, terrified of other evils that could come crawling into their reality due to Wanda's lack of knowledge. Agatha is a witch that had the ability to siphon the powers of other witches and make herself stronger, which is what she was trying to do with Wanda. Probably in an attempt to make sure that Wanda doesn't break the multiverse, but also for her own nefarious purposes. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, either as a villain or antihero of sorts after Wanda had wrecked some sort of chaos. I think everyone could agree after watching the series that we hope to have not seen the end of Kathryn Hahn's turn as Agatha. There is still a good bit of potential left over with her character, and in a way she could become a Loki of sorts to Wanda.


Monica's New Role

The other post credit scene featured Monica being pulled away by a Skrull disguised as an FBI agent that explains to her that an old friend of her mothers wants to meet her. The friend she was referring to most likely is that of Nick Fury, who we last had seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home as the director of SWORD and was in a space ship hovering over Earth. I believe that this again isn't the end of Monica's arch and just the beginning of it. With her new found powers comes great responsibility as Spiderman would say and I believe we will see her both in the Secret Invasion show with Nick Fury and Talos as they fight off another Skrulls invasion and then again in the Captain Marvel sequel. Taking a step back, it is truly remarkable how beneficial these Disney+ television series will become to the story telling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we've gotten a truly great character from this series in Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo that will have a bigger future in the MCU. Monica, I believe will become a key figure though in fighting off cosmic threats like the Skrulls as they become a bigger threat. Unlike Talos, there will be truly violent Skrulls that look to overthrow man kind. Captain Marvel cannot be the only cosmic deterrent and Marvel could be setting up Monica as Photon to help her old role model.

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