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Wandavision: Episode 8 Reactions (Spoilers)

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Spoilers Ahead

We were promised that the final episodes would be much longer, and any eagle eyed fan probably knew that a look into Wanda's past would be heartbreaking but I don't think anyone expected that big of a tearjerker. Agatha played a pseudo therapist in the latest episode as the witches went into Wanda's past digging around for a reason for Wanda's power. Agatha wanted to know for an unknown reason, all the while making herself all the more likable in the process somehow. Wanda, on the other hand, has been through a lot in a short period of time but has never been given the spotlight that she may deserve up until now. The story Wanda and Pietro had explained to Ultron about the death of their parents was heartbreaking in the moment and gave plenty reason for the hatred of Tony Stark, but actually seeing that moment, Wanda's line of "we waited for two days for Tony Stark to kill us," was much more effective. The episode had plenty of reveals from the origin of the hex, to Wanda's superhero identity and even Hayward's plan.


The Scarlet Witch Arrives

Many fans thought that this series would set up the Multitude of Madness and Spiderman 3, and the final battle in the finale could still very well do just that but more so this seems to be all about Wanda after all and her becoming something more then herself. It's all there in the revelation that Agatha explains to Wanda that she uses chaos magic which makes her "The Scarlet Witch." As fans we probably should've seen this coming when Hayward pressed Jimmy Woo earlier in the season for a superhero name for Wanda as she has never had one. In the context of a more grounded story, it made sense for her to not have a superhero name, after all she is a person. It would seem trivial and even juvenile in the moment to give her a superhero alter ego. We also know, again, that in the Multitude of Madness that Doctor Strange will teach Wanda how to use her magic so it stands to reason that a big plot point moving forward is Wanda ascended to the Scarlet Witch that we know from the Marvel Comics. Beyond that, the other big reveal came in the form of how the hex was created inside Westview in an incredibly heartbreaking manner. Through the warped therapy session hosted by Agatha, we are gifted a front row seat to the lowest hits of Wanda's greatest losses. After visiting the SWORD headquarters and seeing them deconstructing Vision she had lost her connection to the last living loved one in her life and in her complete grief she went to a place that Vision had bought for them to live in. It was here in Westview that Vision, before the events of Infinity War, wanted to grow old in a small town with the love of his life. In all that grief her powers exploded creating the hex that makes Westview into an old sitcom of Wanda's favorite television shows.


Agatha is the Villain

In the beginning of the episode we are shown that Agatha was a witch during the salem trials, much like her comic counterpart and much like many of us expected. However, unlike her comic counterpart, she was not burnt at the stake. Instead, we find out that her coven realized she was using dark magic and tried to put an end to it only to be overthrown by Agatha. It also seemed as if Agatha had siphoned their powers making her an even stronger witch. It is possible here that Agatha may have wanted to know Wanda's origins before she tries to siphon Wanda's magic from her. The true motives of Agatha at this point are still unclear, we also have yet to know what Pietro is doing with Monica and also the significance of the book found in Agatha's basement. Many fans have theorized from the beginning, myself included, that Agatha was most likely working for someone to deliver Wanda to him. After this episode it seems rather unlikely at this point that the show will go ahead and have a reveal of a Mephisto or Nightmare level threat. Maybe those villains get a tease at the end leading into Doctor Strange's sequel, but this show is all about the impending battle between Wanda and Agatha. It is also increasingly hard to say that Agatha is the sole villain as Wanda did create the hex after all, Agatha is only intsigating things and making them worse inside the hex. The episode ends with Agatha hurting Wanda's children but her comments to Wanda seem to indicate that none of it is real. Her children and Vision, that realization could lead Wanda down a much worse path that I would imagine that only Vision could talk her out of.


Hayward's Vision

Director Hayward has been pushed off to the side a bit in the recent episodes understandably so, but his role in the finale will undoubtedly be large as he tries to put an end to Wanda and her hex as he has created a Vision for himself. There is an instance of this in the comics as there was a White Vision that was an Avenger for a time when the original Vision was killed, but the new version was without the personality of the original. In this iteration, I am sure that White Vision will be more Terminator like. It is a loyal dog sent by Hayward with his imprinting on him, and it''ll be interesting to see the two Vision's battle. This may also explain the cameo that Paul Bettany has been teasing of a supposed mystery Avenger appearing and being played by an actor that he has longed to work with. What actor wouldn't want to work with themselves, and troll millions of fans? Paul Bettany that's who. Also, Hayward is most likely not the villain we all made him out to be, nor is he Ultron in disguise. That kind of reveal at this point would be odd, and in fairness he is acting in a way that a normal director would act upon a threat such as Wanda and her hex. It is within reason for him to be so hostile toward her knowing that she could seemingly rewrite our entire existence if anyone angers her. I am sure in the finale he will have some sort of heel turn when he sees Agatha in town though and in the end apologize to Wanda.

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Nightmare Theories

Sadly, as I have touched on, it may be finally time to put to rest the notion of a much bigger villain at play. Mephisto is most likely not going to be revealed, and frankly it makes sense when you look at the Marvel formula. The greatest big bad of them all in Thanos was briefly shown in the first Avengers film and we never really saw him for another six or seven years. If Mephisto were to be introduced at this point, it will most likely be a end credit stinger to get us all more excited for the Doctor Strange sequel. The other villain possibility would be that of Nightmare, but I see them going the route of making Kathryn Hahn's Agatha an amalgamation of her character mixed with plot points and powers of Nightmare. The visuals of her powers could just be dark magic, but I am sure that she is the one in control of the people closest to Wanda and putting them through great torture, in the form of making them live out there worst Nightmares. It could also make sense for her to be a version of Nightmare as word on the set of Doctor Strange 2 was that originally Nightmare would be played by a woman, there were even rumors of Eva Green. It all kinds of adds up in a weird way, but the only way I would be completely convinced of this theory is if Agatha's character was dressed in green and her power set was of a green tone. Otherwise it still stands to reason that Agatha is just Agatha and only out for Agatha. Nothing more, nothing less.

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