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Wandavision: Episode 7 Reactions (Spoilers)

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Wanda Losing it

The episode opens with Wanda laying in bed all day as we have all certainly done at some point during the COVID-19 pandemic, which she even calls a "quarantine staycation."She even explains that after widen the perimeter of the hex field that she's beginning to feel as if nothing matters, of course she feels this way due to VIsion trying to leave Westview and it has her questioning why she did any of what she has done up to this point. So, she is trying to escape from it all while her two children worry about how her powers seem to be on the fritz as things inside the house randomly change time periods. It also seems that subconsciously she is trying to keep Vision from returning home. Vision, on the other hand wakes up in the same spot we last left him after he walked out from the hex field. Now, instead of a SWORD base camp he is greeted by a circus and Darcy Lewis is a member of theirs. He phases her out the spell and she catches him up on who he is outside of Westview. Even more so, this furthers his resolve and desire to meet back up with Wanda and make things right. It is still interesting to think about how he is alive and my overwhelming theory is that Wanda must have reworked the stone. Beyond that, if you go back to Infinity War, Bruce Banner explained that Vision is created from many different personalities and is much more then just the infinity stone that was placed inside of his skull. It stands to reason that SWORD may have found a way to give him life once more even without the stone, that being said my money is on the idea that Wanda in all her grief may have received help from a friendly neighborhood witch to restore the stone that give her lover life.


It's All Agnes

This part will be most likely, most talked about part in the episode in the coming days. In the final moments of the episode, we see Agnes remove Wanda from a confrontation with Monica and brings her inside her home. Before hand, Agnes offered to watch over Billy and Tommy to allow Wanda time to rest. Interestingly enough, Billy explains to Agnes that he likes it at her place as he cannot read the mind of Agnes, which makes her a bit visibly uncomfortable in the moment but quickly moves on from it. Later on, when Agnes brings Wanda inside her house, Wanda quickly realizes that the children are nowhere to be found. The more she looks around the more alarmed she becomes and is told that her children are playing in the basement. As Wanda descends, she finds a creepy room filled with skulls, goat symbols and a terrifying book that has an eerie glow. I believe that the book is that of Darkhold, within the Marvel comics Darkhold is an incredibly powerful book that contains dark matter from the Hell dimension and was written by a demonic Elder God named Chthon. It is so powerful that it is also impossible to destroy. While Agnes reveals herself as another magic user in Westview and even has been placing a spell over Wanda and the town the entire time, it is still likely that she is not working alone. The book is of course written by Chthon, and looking back through the comics history there was a point in time where Agatha Harkness set up Wanda to be a vessel for the Elder God. I doubt that Wandavision goes that route, and if it wasn't for Disney's clause with China to not include devil looking characters, I would fully believe that we are seeing Mephisto soon. In the comics, the first time Mephisto is introduced, he is just that of a fly and it's interesting that there was focus on a single fly within Agatha's home. Even then, it kind of seems that we may see a depiction of the Devil of Marvel.


Monica Unleashed

Monica Rambeau has had quite the story arc in such a small amount of time and quickly rising as one of the more intriguing characters around in the universe currently. Monica's aerospace engineer friend, which by the way, the internet and fans built up that contact way too much or hopefully we have yet to truly meet the contact. As of now though I would say it is safe to say that her contact was something that all us fans had way too high of expectations for. However, her contact created a vehicle that would allow safe travel in and out of the field. It didn't go according to plan but through her sheer will and desire to save Wanda and the people of Westview, Monica charged through the field once more. The Hex field started to tear her apart as she heard the voices of all her loved ones, and as she began to bring them all back in, her eyes began to glow a light blue and was able to push through the other side. Once she enters Westview, her vision is different and she is able to see all forms of energy. In this moment, her DNA has changed to the point that she now has powers. She is now that of Photon from the comics. She shakes off the change, dedicated to still help others and rushes for Wanda's house. In an interest twist, we see her even resist Wanda's hex abilities and tries to reason with and take down the field before being interrupted by Agatha. In a surprise post credit scene, we see her snooping around Agatha's house trying to still make her way to Wanda only to be attacked by Agatha's toy Pietro, who most likely is either Nicholas Scratch or the main villain disguised as Pietro by Agatha's magic. I fully believe we may see in the final two episodes a powered up Monica will team up with Wanda and Vision to take down the forces of SWORD led by Hayward and Agatha. Obviously the bigger battle will be against Agatha, and maybe having seen what Wanda does against the more dangerous Agatha and the world will begin to look at Wanda in a different light.


The Doctor is In

One more detail that seems to have been shown quite a few times now through the seven episodes would be that of Agatha's rabbit, Senor Scratchy. It is absolutely possible that whatever deity Agatha is trying to appease may have lost her son Nicholas Scratch to this deity, and in turn, transformed her son into this rabbit. My personal theory would be that of Doctor Stephen Strange. Strange would know of the threat that Agatha poses and sense what she was up to along with her spells on Wanda and try to intervene before things escalate out of control. He may even know that she has Darkhold in her possession and knowing that may be tied to Chthon or Mephisto, would again force his hand. Agatha, with the power of Darkhold, gets the drop on Strange and turns him into Senor Scratchy, if I was a betting man I would put my money on that theory. Another strong point of evidence as to why this theory may pan out is because Wandavision is supposed to lead right into the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange 2. It is seeming to be more and more likely that Doctor Strange will make an appearance at some point in this series to help Wanda.

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The continued trend of commericals present in Wandavision having a hidden meaning within the episode reared it's head again with the NEXUS infomercial. NEXUS, within the comics, was a hub of sorts between realities and while I doubt that is what they were getting at with this commerical, it is more likely just a little tongue in cheek fun with fans. Even with the coming of the Multiverse in Doctor Strange's sequel film, a throwaway commercial of NEXUS, doesn't seem like enough. The commercial seemed more intent on mirroring how lost Wanda felt currently as she is falling more and more into her grief as Vision wanted out leaving her with a feeling of nothingness.

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