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Wandavision Episode 6 Reactions (Spoilers)

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Spoilers Ahead

This week's episode of Wandavision took place in the 1990's and during Halloween. Previous episodes have used old television series as inspiration for how Wanda's TV series sitcom has been featured and this one in particular was inspired by the fan favorite Malcolm in the Middle. A few times throughout the beginning of the episode you had one of her children look toward the camera and talk about the family. Not to mention that the opening credits were torn from the screen of Malcolm in the Middle. Beyond the technical side of the episode, Vision continued to question how Wanda was messing with the residents of Westview and decided to use Halloween as an escape to look around the town and investigate. Wanda, on the other hand, had to deal with surprise appearance of Pietro and the children. Meanwhile, Wanda also confesses that she is dealing with quite a bit of grief.


The Maximoff Twins

Wanda and Pietro took Billy and Tommy trick or treating around Westview while Wanda began to reminisce with her long lost brother. Many fans after last weeks introduction to this new look Pietro was that he may not be Pietro after all, but after this episode I think those theories are dead like himself (sorry not sorry). A few times throughout, Wanda questions how he appeared and why he looks different and his answers seem to indicate that he is the same Pietro as they have similar memories and he even remembers his death at the hand of Ultron. He explains that he remembers being shot, then in an empty void of nothingness only to then feel her calling out to him and he felt her grief. The recasting of Pietro is interesting of course, but I assume it is again whoever is pulling the strings further messing with Wanda. For instance, in the scene when Pietro asks her how she created this reality in Westview, Wanda opens up to him explaining how she felt nothing and completely alone. In that moment of vulnerability, she looked at her brother and saw a husk with bullet holes. Her hex spell must have worn off for a second allowing her to see the truth in that he is truly dead, much like in episode four when Wanda expelled Monica from Westview to then turn around and see that Vision was dead. In the opening scene of the episode, Pietro even explains to Wanda that her memory is fuzzy because she is dealing with so much grief, this entire reality she has created is a way for her to hide all the grief and deny it's existence. Beyond Wanda and Pietro, it was also interesting to see Tommy and Billy's powers manifest. Tommy develops his super speed much like his uncle Pietro, and he even takes a liking to him. While, Billy is much more introspective like his mother and has magic of his own as he detects when Vision is in trouble and stops his brother with his own telekinesis. In the comics the two had much more dynamic power sets but as the case with the Marvel Cinematic Universe I am sure they will be powered down. More so, I am even more positive that the two are being introduced now to be included into the inevitable Young Avengers.


Vision's Nightmare

Vision went to the boundary of Westview to see how the residents of the town are and the further out he got, the citizens weren't moving. Darcy Lewis, on the other side of the barrier, noticed the same and wondered if the citizens were even alive. I'm sure her magic is weaker the further out from Wanda, but they seem alive as you even see one woman begin to cry as Vision watches her struggle to do simple tasks. Eventually, Vision reaches close to the boundary and finds Agnes who is parked at the end of the road and confused explaining that she must have taken a wrong turn. Vision suspects something is wrong as Agnes has lived in Westview all her life, so getting lost is very unlikely for her. He breaks the spell on Agnes to speak truthfully to her and when she sees Vision, she is scared and hopeful. Hopeful that his arrival signals the Avengers are in Westview to save them all, but also terrified that she may be alive seeing as how he himself is dead. She even goes as far to yell at him that he is dead multiple times. Eventually she breaks down into a crazy laugh and Vision sets her back into the spell while promising he fix this. His conversation with her was a bit telling, and her choice of words further cements the idea that she is the overarching villain of this television series. People have had theories all over the internet, myself included, that the villain is Mephisto but there have been reports stating that Marvel and Disney cannot use characters such as Mephisto due to a clause in contracts with China. Instead, it makes sense that Marvel may be combining elements of Nightmare and Mephisto into the character of Agnes. I am also sure that in the future three episodes that we will see Agnes origin story, and how she was a witch in the past. However, after dealing with Agnes, Vision moved on beyond the barrier and found himself greeted by SWORD agents and Heyward begging for them to help the residents only to then slowly die. Wanda gets a hold of this information, thanks to Billy's burgeoning powers and awareness, and expands the barrier to keep Vision alive and safe. In doing so, she also managed to engulf many more people into her spell while Jimmy, Monica and Hayward all got away.


New Mutants

On the other side of the barrier, Monica reveals that her contact has arrived but they have to meet him further away from the anomaly. Before doing so, they come into conflict with Director Hayward as he proposes that in order to defeat this nightmare they have to kill Wanda. Doing so, will end it all and free the innocent bystanders. Monica explains to him the best course of action is actually to reason with her, and help her deal with her grief as conflict will just bring more trouble. In this confrontation between the two, Hayward explains that having been blipped, Monica doesn't understand how the world works and is jaded due to her old friendship with Carol Danvers and it's made her a hero sympathizer and orders her and her friends to be escorted away from camp. Monica and Jimmy fight the guards and manage to hide in plain sight to gain more information. Darcy breaks into some of SWORDs computers to find out what Hayward is trying to accomplish and sees that he is tracking Vision. I'd assume Hayward before the Westview incidient was trying to turn Vision into a weapon for some reason, and now he has plans to weaponize Vision against Wanda. As Monica and Jimmy leave to meet Monica's contact, Darcy stops them and explains that is dangerous for Monica to go back into Westview as her blood and DNA is changing. This is possibly another tease on top of the X-ray tease from last episode that Monica is developing her powers. Knowing that MCU will be incorporating mutants, Wanda may be the reason for such as her barrier seems to be changing people's DNA. I doubt it'll be the sole reason for mutants, but definitely the reason for Monica.

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Yo-Magic Commerical

Every episode of Wandavision has also come with a commerical that has some sort of significance to Wanda. This episode showed a young boy on an island who is completely cut off to the world and alone up until a shark offers him a yogurt called "Yo-Magic". All of this alludes to how Wanda felt before Westview. Her one true love was dead, her best friends that she could confide in are all dead or gone, leaving her completely alone in a world that largely hates her after her mistakes in Lagos. The shark represents a powerful entity that offered up stronger magic then her own in an attempt to fill that void, and no matter how much magic she uses, she still feels empty and things spiral out of control. Previous episodes have all hinted to her own trauma, like the toaster that ticked like a bomb or Lagos. The toaster ticking like a bomb hit on how her and Pietro as children had a missile come into her home and on the missile read "Stark Industries", much like the toaster. The Strucker watch in the second episode was also a nod to HYDRA and Baron von Strucker, the man who helped give Wanda her powers. All of these commercials some way hint at the trauma and grief that Wanda has greatly suppressed.

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