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Wandavision: Episode 5 Reactions (Spoilers)

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Spoilers Ahead

The new episode of Wandavision was a step in the direction once more that Wanda is losing her moral compass, or at least it seems on the surface that's the case. Not only did we see this as she confronted the agents of SWORD outside Westview, but the inhabitants of Westview seem to be acting more and more out of character. This could be due to Wanda's spell fading, or her own reality that she wanted is slipping back to normal. Beyond all of that, we had the revelation of a whole new character, somewhat, in the form of Pietro coming back. That reveal, however, I do not believe to be so simple. It is easy to assume, like Darcy said, that Wanda "recast" Pietro or the other popular thought is that Wanda had broken the multiverse and allowed a different Pietro (from the Fox universe) into her own reality. The reveal of Pietro is back is most likely someone messing with Wanda in fact. It is even more obvious when you take into consideration that Wanda's reaction to seeing him was pure shock, and also immediately after her confrontation with Vision about what is wrong with the town. In my previous article I had mentioned that I believe Mephisto is at the core of these issues with the town and once more I think Mephisto is the one that sent this version of Pietro to Westview to throw Wanda off. This version of Pietro is also seemingly different then the Fox Quicksilver as he talked and dressed completely different. It is likely that Mephisto could have created a Pietro character within this show that Wanda had created. I also find it interesting that when Wanda came out from the bubble to confront SWORD, that her Sokovian accent was magically back and she herself was much more aggressive. In my opinion, this was not Wanda that appeared from the bubble but in fact Mephisto. The words, "I have everything I could want," could just be a hint that Mephisto just wants Wanda's children which again goes back to my previous article, showing how everyone in the town for a few episodes seemed to be planting the idea of children in Wanda's head.


Vision's revelation and ability to bring people back out of Wanda's spell was a surprise. His spell seems to be cracking as he is well aware of the town's suspect behavior starting with Norm at the office when the two noticed a suspicious email from Darcy Lewis. He also saw Agnes ask Wanda if she should take the scene from the top as if they were on a sitcom and questioned it immediately while Wanda and Agnes played it off for laughs. All the while, Wanda does not seem to think anything of it and tries to move past any kind of fights or irregular moments. Vision's inability to remember anything before Westview is mostly due to his death at the hands of Thanos at the end of Infinity War, and possibly even from SWORD's projects on his dead husk. In the episode, Monica Rambeau is shown clips of Wanda breaking into a SWORD facility to retrieve the dead body of VIsion. In the short abrupt clips, it seems as if they were taking his body apart and working on it. It is possible that they were trying to learn from his artificial intelligence in an attempt to recreate and weaponize something like him once more. It is entirely possible that SWORD Director Tyler Hayward could have potentially brought back Ultron through his tinkering with Vision's body. The more we see of Hayward the more questionable he even becomes. I have seen some theories pointing to him as Mephisto but I don't believe so, he could however be another potential HYDRA member.


Spectrum and Another Fantastic Four Tease

Since Monica Rambeau was thrown out from the Westview realtiy, the agents of SWORD went ahead and ran tests on her to make sure that she was okay and void of any irregularities. In a blink and you miss it moment, one doctor explains that her X-ray was inconclusive and washed. At first you can think nothing of it, but with the background knowledge of who Monica is in the comics you can begin to piece together that she is slowly gaining powers. It is possible that her time in Westview is the cause, or as Rocket Raccoon said in Endgame, the cosmic radiation from three different snaps of the Infinity Gauntlet can begin to alter the DNA of humans. In the comics, Monica can transform herself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. In fact, she has assumed many energy forms such as cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays and ultraviolet radiation which once again gives more insight to her faulty X-ray results in Wandavision. With all of this in consideration it also adds a bit to her relationship with the Wanda that we saw come out of Westview and why she was immediately defensive once Monica stepped forward. It is possible that she sensed the power brewing in Monica and viewed her as a threat. Before all of this, Monica was speaking with Darcy and Jimmy Woo about the Westview phenomenon and how to solve it. Monica explains that she knows of a aerospace engineer who would be up for the challenge of Westview. This is yet another hint at Reed Richards who we know is coming to the MCU and likely Kevin Feige and the folks at Marvel Studios are laying the seeds for him to be introduced.

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Captain Marvel and Monica

At another point in the conversations between Jimmy, Darcy and Monica, Captain Marvel comes up as someone else who received her powers via an Infinity Stone much like Wanda. Immediately following this, Monica seemingly frustrated at the talk of her old hero changes the subject back to Wanda and keeps it on Wanda. Knowing from the Captain Marvel film that Carol Danvers was the best friend of Monica's mother and even a personal role model during her childhood, it makes sense that she would feel abandoned from Carol and have a bit of resentment toward her. After all, Carol's best friend Maria Rambeau was most likely alone during her final days since Monica was blipped for five years thanks to Thanos. The idea that Carol had just left and never came back for twenty years most likely stings Monica to her core. However, her personality still mirrors Carol and I am sure in Captain Marvel 2 we will see the two work out their issues and fight alongside each other.

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