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Vincenzo (2021) K-Drama Review

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Vincenzo Promotional Poster

Vincenzo Promotional Poster


I knew that there was this K-drama which was released on Netflix called Vincenzo in 2021, but after reading the synopsis on the platform I decided to skip it, thinking it is definitely not meant for me. You see, action-packed dramas are not really up my alley and I try to skip them unless I get a suggestion from somewhere. It was only until recently when Instagram Reels started spamming me with Vincenzo related content on my feed and so many people had kept it in their best watched shows list. I decided to give it a shot and try something different for a change. Anyways, K-dramas tend to have only a few episodes in each season so you wouldn’t mind watching them. Little did I know I would be so wrong, judging a book by its cover, in this case 4 lines of the show’s description.

You see this might be one of the best shows I might have ever seen. The story line, the acting, the direction, everything was brilliant about this show. Pure amusement with a stellar cast without any dull moments here with a lot of twists and turns. In this article, I am going to try and convince you as well to go and watch it.

Vincenzo Cassano & Hong Cha Young

Vincenzo Cassano & Hong Cha Young

Main Characters

Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo Cassano

Vincenzo is a good-looking, wealthy and smart mafia consigliere, who doesn’t shy away from smashing a few bones if it angers him. He is the talk of the town and you'll be immediately impressed by his personality and want to be his friend. You will often see him flicking his lighter in the episodes, which is when one understands that someone is in deep trouble.

Jeon Yeo Bin as Hong Cha Young

Cha Young is a witty,self-reliant and hard-working attorney, but she is selfish who cares only about her own well-being. However, through the episodes, her demeanor undergoes a 360 degree change as she works with the occupants of the Geumga Plaza building to assist them win their fight for the building.

Ok Taecyeon as Jang Jun Woo/Jang Han Seok

Jang Jun Woo is Cha Young’s colleague in her law firm. He also plays the evil sociopath Chairman of Babel. If anyone tries to cross him in any way, be it his own family, that person instantly becomes Han Seok’s target.

Kwak Dong Yeon as Jang Han Seo

Han Seo is shown as a harsh and unpleasant puppet Chairman of the Babel Corporation. He has suffered trauma at the hands of his brother Han Seok throughout his life. As a result, the younger Han Seo was afraid to leave the house. He is loyal, eager to learn, and constantly upbeat despite the evil presence in his life.

Kim Yeo Jin as Choi Myung Hee

Prosecutor-turned-Wusang-lead lawyer Choi Myung Hee's daily routine includes sushi and zumba, as well as brainstorming methods of killing her enemies. It's her carefree demeanor that makes Myung Hee such a terrifying person!

Main Cast of Vincenzo

Main Cast of Vincenzo

Vincenzo Trailer


Vincenzo, an Italian mafia consigliere, comes to Korea after the death of his boss. His motive to come to Korea was to grab gold which is hidden underneath the Geumga Plaza. The real owner of the property is now deceased, and only three people were aware of the gold, one of them being Vincenzo. After stealing the gold he intends to disappear and lead a good life. While trying to remove the gold from the building's cellar, he runs into an unusual collection of tenants.

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Babel, a corrupt conglomerate of firms, gets in the way of his goal. With the help of a Korean lawyer, Hong Cha-Young, Vincenzo finds himself representing and aiding the tenants living in the Geumga Plaza. In a world without justice or the rule of law, the drama sets villains against each other.

You'll see how Vincenzo is the antithesis of a hero throughout the show. While he is a hero for battling evil, he's also a man who doesn't give a second thought to the consequences of his actions and will punish those who break the law in the most ruthless manner possible. The story sounds quite serious, but the show is written in such a way that it instantly causes me to break into laughter anytime I recall a situation. The show is an action-packed dark comedy with a tonne of story twists. Having said that, there will be times in the show when the situation will move you to tears. You can see why the show is so wholesome.

The Residents of Geumga Plaza

The Residents of Geumga Plaza

Reasons Why You Should Watch Vincenzo

The Engrossing Plot

I found the storyline to be so engrossing, thanks to the show’s script writer and the director. Because of its unparalleled storyline, Vincenzo might actually be the best K-drama I've watched so far. Aside from the story, the creators also ensured that the series has entertaining value. Without the creators’ vision and meticulous attention to detail, Vincenzo would not be what it is today.

Brilliant Work on Cinematography

Initially there are some scenes in the show which appear to be shot in Italy. One will be amazed to learn that none of them were shot there. They appear to be so real which is why it is definite that the team has done some top notch work on the computer-generated effects. If that wasn't enough, one of the main characters of the show is a pigeon (I know it sounds weird, but trust me once you watch it you will get the connection) isn't real either. That is really hard to believe once I read this on the internet myself.

The Variety of Emotions In the Show: A Wholesome Experience

The teaser videos and posters for Vincenzo were all really dark, which is why in the first place I thought that this show must have a very serious plot. To my delight though Vincenzo is a show which has humor incorporated in it in a seamless manner. It's the kind of humor no one can resist, and it’s not corny in any way. Because it's a dark comedy, the plot twists are going to leave you in a state of disbelief. Like some of the great shows, each episode ends on such a note that you instantly want to watch another one. Each episode has such brilliant scenes and twists, I was actually in disbelief how a show could be so good.

Great Cast

Another major part, why I would recommend Vincenzo is also because the cast is absolutely amazing. All the members of the show’s cast are great actors and actresses, they have portrayed their characters beautifully. And believe it or not, the creators of this show have actually somehow managed to give the spotlight to each and every character be it the main leads or the supporting actors and actresses. The people who live in Geumga Plaza each have their own stories to tell, and you'll be surprised at how closely they are connected to Vincenzo over the course of the story.

Love Story With a Twist

Generally, K-dramas which involve love stories have a lot of romantic and sometimes cliched scenes. But the series shows the development of Vincenzo’s and Cha Young’s relationship as more of a partnership than a romantic relationship. A single "I love you" was never exchanged between them during the show, but Vincenzo is always there to help Cha Young out when she's in need, afterall his calming presence is enough to make anyone melt! A mutual respect is seen between the two and honestly I really loved the way their love story was portrayed in the show. One of the most endearing things about this couple is the fact that they don't try to force one other to change but instead accept each other exactly as they are.

Jang Han Seok: The Chairman of Babel

Jang Han Seok: The Chairman of Babel

Final Verdict

Imagine a K-drama which lets you experience all of the feelings that a human being can and make it worth you while, that’s exactly what Vicenzo is for me. A complete wholesome experience, and everything you can imagine so beautifully portrayed in one show. It kept me really engrossed, which to be honest many shows fail to do. I am actually glad that Instagram Reels spammed me with some Vincenzo snippets which actually motivated me to watch the show.

I promise you that this series will not let you down! The story has a strong beginning, a realistic and rewarding conclusion, and an outstanding middle. You can expect nothing less from a great K-drama, and it lives up to the hype. Go to Netflix now and watch it if you're in need of a mood lifter.

My Rating of the Show

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