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Video Rewind: Your Class Reunion!

After you make that walk across the stage at your high school graduation, the clock begins ticking and before you know it, you're receiving a notice that it's time for your high school reunion.

And the big question is whether or not to go.

Depending on how your high school years were, it's always fun (in some cases) to go back in time for a night and catch up on old friends and memories, whether good or bad.

Hollywood, no doubt, can tell better stories.

Walter Baylor (Blackie Dammett) sits in the moon as he plots to murder Cindy (Misty Rowe) and Jeff (Randolph Powell) at their class reunion

Walter Baylor (Blackie Dammett) sits in the moon as he plots to murder Cindy (Misty Rowe) and Jeff (Randolph Powell) at their class reunion

Class Reunion (aka National Lampoon's Class Reunion) 1982

In the early '80's, horror movies were beginning to take off and the first parody was the cult classic Student Bodies which was a complete box office bomb.

When cable television was in its infancy, this movie became a staple was shown continuously throughout the day. If you missed a part of it, you could easily pick it up again later in the day.

It's been ten years since the graduating class of Lizzie Borden High School pulled a prank on Walter Baylor (Blackie Dammett) at the senior party. Of course it traumatized him and he ended up in a mental institution for the next decade until he escaped just in time for the ten year reunion.

The students over the years haven't changed too much and now in the abandoned school's gym, they all pride themselves on their accomplishments, led by class president Robert Spinnaker (Gerrit Graham) and Bunny Packard (Miriam Flynn).

Bunny, as head of the name tag committee, welcomes has set high standards for the reunion and just as she and co-mean girl Mary Beth McFadden (Marla Pennington) get ready to join the festivities, Gary Nash (Fred McCarren) arrives and they tell him that they just ran out of name tags and can't seem to place him as a member of the class. Afterall, he's known as the class nobody, so, Bunny takes a marker and writes "Jerry" on his sport coat.

At that particular moment, Meredith Modess (Shelley Smith) the most popular girl in school (and now a top model) arrives and Bunny goes for a name tag for her, but then realizes that she doesn't need one since everyone knows her.

Once inside, an array of classmates are introduced and when dinner is served, the class has brought back cafeteria lady Mrs. Tabazooski (Anne Ramsey) and her crew to serve cafeteria style.

During a trip down memory lane, Robert and Bunny are reliving the talent show, where Milt Friedman (Steve Tracy) stole the show. When Bunny asks where he's at, his body flies by them striking her and the killings begin.

When Dr. Young arrives (Michael Lerner) he fills everyone in on Walter's escape which causes panic amongst those assembled and with Milt's murder, he knows that Walter is probably lurking the abandoned halls.

A search party is formed and former couple Jeff (Randolph Powell) and Cindy (Misty Rowe) look at it as an opportunity to rekindle the sparks that have reignited. They end up in the auditorium where Walter is waiting.

As the small search party explores the school, Gary, on his own, discovers where Walter's lair is and gathers up a few weapons to take back with him, and in the gym, there's been a memorial for Milt, students have lined up for confession and during a bingo game, Robert takes credit for getting the locked doors open.

With everyone making a run for it, the remaining group of survivors realize just how much of a coward Robert is as Meredith has disappeared.

But will they reach Meredith in time and who is the real hero at the reunion?

Peggy Sue (Kathleen Turner) tells Charlie (Nicolas Cage) that their relationship is finally over

Peggy Sue (Kathleen Turner) tells Charlie (Nicolas Cage) that their relationship is finally over

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Peggy Sue Got Married- 1986

This is probably one of the best reunion movies ever made (with the exception of Nicolas Cage) since we're literally transported back in time.

It's the night of Peggy Sue's (Kathleen Turner) twenty-fifth class reunion and while getting ready, she debates whether or not she wants to go. Her daughter Beth (Helen Hunt) keeps telling her that she should go and to have a good time.

Peggy Sue's afraid as to what her friends will say when they find out that she and her husband Charlie (Cage) are getting a divorce and is feeling like a failure in life. Plus she's afraid what her classmates are going to say about her outfit, since it's something from her past.

At the reunion, she catches up with a few friends and the reunion committee has done something different: they voted on a king and queen of the reunion.

The winner for king is Richard Norvik (Barry Miller) the frowned upon nerd of the class who's made a name for himself. As a teen, he was bitter for the way his classmates treated him and he's still bitter, even though he comes back to subtly rub their noses in his success.

With her anxiety level high, Peggy Sue is crowned queen and with being overwhelmed she passes out on stage.

When she wakes up, its at the 1960 spring blood drive after she passed out while trying to give blood. Confused as to what's happening, she sees all of her friends as their younger selves and thinks that she's dreaming.

Carol (Catherine Hicks) and Maddy (Joan Allen) take her home where she's still in a state of shock and isn't sure how to approach going into her home. After knocking on the door, she announces to her mother (Barbara Harris) that she's home and her mother tells her that the school called and said that she'd be on her way home.

Once up in her bedroom, she begins to get the warm feeling of being home and is happy to see her younger sister Nancy (Sophia Coppola). She promises to never fight with her again which throws Nancy for a loop.

While still unsure as to what she's going through, she drops hints that she doesn't need Algebra to get through life and no matter what she says to her friends they all look at her odd since she's going against their paths in life.

Later, she asks Richard to meet her and she tells him what she's going through. Intrigued, he tells her that he'll look into time travel and that he'll meet with her again.

As she looks at this time as a change to pursue another way of life, she tries to break up with Charlie and after a party at Maddy's house, Charlie drops her off at home and she ends up taking a walk, where she runs into class heartthrob Michael Fitzsimmons (Kevin J. O'Connor).

After some small talk, he takes her for a ride on his motorcycle and in a field they share a joint and do some heavy petting. She turns him down, but the two go out the next night after Charlie's heard about the tryst from gossiper Delores (Lisa Jane Persky).

Again, she tells Charlie that she has conflicting feelings and later that night when she and Michael are at a nightclub, she hears Charlie singing with a group she had no idea that he was with.

On her way to school the next morning, she and Charlie have yet another discussion about their future and that afternoon, she gives him lyrics to a song that she knows will be a certified hit. Even though he likes the song, he changes the lyrics and frustrated, she leaves telling him that she's going to visit her grandparents for a few days.

She tells her grandparents (Leon Ames and Maureen O'Sullivan) about what's happening with her and she goes with her grandfather to his lodge meeting, where they'll get her back to the right time.

If she wants to return to her destiny, she has to get pregnant on her birthday, since that was how it went, and Charlie shows up with a locket for her birthday, which holds the pictures of her babies in it.

And when she finally wakes up she realizes that she's been happy all along, even though there have been bumps along the way.

While casting Cage was a mistake (the voice he chose is really grating) he's also a decade younger than Turner and a year younger than Hunt.

But, there's a huge difference in the ages of the cast and even though the women are older than the men (the exception being between Wil Shriner and Allen) everyone can play their characters the way they're written and you can forget the age differences.

This is the type of movie that makes you wonder what if you could go backand change the course of your life, and my favorite scene has always been in the basement between Peggy Sue and Charlie when she talks about love and the meaning of it.

Finding yet another dead classmate are Carol (Caroline Munro) Frank (Billy Hartman) Stella (Donna Yeager) and Joey (Gary Martin)

Finding yet another dead classmate are Carol (Caroline Munro) Frank (Billy Hartman) Stella (Donna Yeager) and Joey (Gary Martin)

Slaughter High- 1986

It's April Fool's Day and Marty's (Simon Scuddamore) classmates have been planning a special prank for him. Plus it's his birthday.

Marty's had a huge crush on Carol (Caroline Munro) and when she invites him into the girl's locker room, she tells him that he's going to get a really big surprise. Of course he's a little apprehensive but goes with her willingly.

While he's getting undressed behind a shower curtain, the other classmates come in and set up a video camera and when they pull back the curtain, there's Marty in his full glory.

After they're caught by Coach Harrison (Marc Smith) they have to meet in the gym where he's going to punish them, ala the Miss Collins' way in Carrie.

But before Carl (John Segel) and Ted (Michael Saffran) arrive in the gym, they give Marty a joint and then trod off for their punishment. They let the others know that he took the joint and the punishment begins.

Marty's in a lab doing some work, he takes a hit off of the joint and not feeling good, goes to the bathroom. While he's gone, Skip (Carmine Iannaccone) manages to get out of the gym and goes to the lab where he puts a powder into one of the liquids that Marty's using for his experiment.

Once Marty gets back to the lab, he reaches for a bottle of acid and drops it causing it to splash on him and ultimately there's an explosion which disfigures him.

Exactly ten years later, those involved with the prank are personally invited to their high school reunion at the abandoned Doodsville County High School.

Outside, they can't figure out why the school's locked up and when it starts to rain, they manage to get inside and after exploring find a room that's been set up for the "reunion."

They marvel at their old lockers that have been brought into the room and find discarded treasures that they had lost in high school and look sadly at Marty's locker standing alone. After opening it, they find his unopened yearbook and look through it.

While they're waiting for the rain to stop (they've decided that they're going to go into town since there aren't many people at the reunion) Ted opens a beer and guzzles it, only to have his stomach explode when they find out he just drank a can full of acid.

Now that they're scared, Carl manages to escape through a window and takes Carol's car with the hope of going to get help.

As everyone begins to look for a way out of the school, they come across the caretaker's body (Jon Clark) and Shirley (Josephine Scandi) manages to find a bathtub to clean herself up of Ted's blood.

Joey (Gary Martin) busies himself out in a shed tinkering with a riding lawnmower. He says that he can get it running and he'll go get help, but Marty has other plans for him.

As Joey's busy fixing the lawnmower, his wife Stella (Donna Yeager) and Frank (Billy Hartman) rekindle their past relationship, thanks to a bed that's been set up in one of the classrooms. And of course Marty has plans for them too.

While the classmates are getting picked off one by one, Skip reminds Carol and Nancy (Kelly Baker) that Marty can't do any more pranks after noon, since April Fool's Day is officially over.

This seems to ease their minds as they stay together keeping hope alive that they'll make it until noon and while they're hunkering down in a classroom, they vow not to fall asleep.

Which of course they do.

When Carol and Nancy wake up, they realize that there's less than an hour left before Marty can stop his rampage and when Nancy sees half a mark across her yearbook picture, she runs out of the school followed by Marty.

With Carol as the only survivor, she runs through the school with the hope of not meeting up with Marty and that she'll survive until after noon.

While this is an okay movie, it's supposed to take place somewhere in the United States, but most of the actors are English and at times can't hide their accents (especially Munro) and as everyone knows, April Fool's Day is twenty four hours, but in England, it ends at noon.

In the days leading to their high school reunion, Tommy (Matt Dillon) Kev (Max Perlich) Mo (Noah Emmerich) Paul (Michael Rapaport) and Willie (Timothy Hutton) relax and have a drink

In the days leading to their high school reunion, Tommy (Matt Dillon) Kev (Max Perlich) Mo (Noah Emmerich) Paul (Michael Rapaport) and Willie (Timothy Hutton) relax and have a drink

Beautiful Girls- 1996

It's true that a lot of people don't leave their hometown after graduation but if you've managed to leave yours, what are you in for when you come back?

For Willie Conway (Timothy Hutton) he realizes that not much has changed.

As a musician, he left Knight's Ridge a few years ago and has probably been back a time or two, but this time, he's coming home to his father (Richard Bright) and younger brother Bobby (David Arquette) who are still grieving the loss of his mother. Both haven't made any attempts to move on with their lives and they look for ways to hide their pain.

When Willie arrives back in town, his friend Michael "Mo" Morris (Noah Emmerich) picks him up at the bus station with his two kids. Willie makes the comment that he still can't believe that Mo has kids and he drops him off at his house.

Outside the house, Willie sees Marty (Natalie Portman) who's building a snowman following a big storm from the night before. They both look at one another but don't say anything to one another.

Later that night, Paul (Michael Rapaport) comes by to pick Willie up and he tells him that his long time girlfriend, Jan (Martha Plimpton) has been seeing Victor the meat cutter (Adam Le Fevre) but doesn't want to believe it.

They go back to his apartment which he shares with Tommy (Matt Dillon) and Tommy's girlfriend, Sharon (Mira Sorvino) is sleeping on his lap.

In his bedroom, Paul fills him in on the fractured relationship that Tommy and Sharon have and how the whole town still knows about Tommy and his former girlfriend Darian (Lauren Holly).

Later they all end up at their other friend Stinky's (Pruitt Taylor Vance) bar.

While they're swapping stories, Stinky's out of state cousin Andera (Uma Thurman) comes in and the guys are smitten with her. Within seconds she gets the lowdown on them and buys them all a shot of whiskey, that is if Willie will play something on the piano.

In an effort to try and win Jan back, Paul hastily goes up to the restaurant/bowling alley that she works at and proposes to her. Even though he causes a scene, she tells him no and that he should get on with his life and to stop piling snow up against her garage door.

One night, Sharon is at Gina's (Rosie O'Donnell) beauty parlor with Sarah (Anne Bobby) Mo's wife, and Sharon unloads more about her relationship with Tommy. Since his birthday is coming up, she thinks it'll be a good idea to throw him a surprise birthday party and it'll show him just how much she loves him. Gina and Sarah try to talk her out of it, but she sets her mind on it.

As Willie's visit continues, he and Marty have been having indepth conversations (he being 28 and she 13) that he becomes attracted to her in an intellectual way. He wishes that his girlfriend Tracy (Annabeth Gish) could be more like Marty.

At Tommy's birthday party, uninvited Darian enters with a present for him and she's drunk causing an uncomfortable scene. Sharon, visibly upset, leaves with Gina and Sarah and Tommy later takes Darian home where she tells him that her husband and daughter aren't home.

When he refuses her advances, he goes to Sharon's house and she tells him that she doesn't want to be the laughing stock of the town anymore and ends the relationship in a very grown up way.

Because the guys obsess with beauty, Tommy and Willie are schooled by Gina on a quick shopping trip. She points out the obvious between fake and real beauty, but the only one to really pay attention is Willie.

A few days before the reunion, Darian and Tommy meet at the library (along with her daughter) and she tells him that even though she's in love with both him and Steve (Sam Robards) it's his decision and at the reunion, it'll be like old times for them since she's planning on going alone. She also gives him an ultimatum. That being if he doesn't show up, she'll know that they're broken up for good.

On the night of the reunion, Tracy comes to town and Willie's brother and father's mood has been lifted by her presence. They can't stop talking to her about the meal that she made for them and just how nice she is.

Paul, on the other hand is surprised that Tommy's not going to go and Tommy tells him that he's going to watch the Rich Man, Poor Man marathon instead.

Everyone meets over at Mo's for a pre-reunion party and Darian goes as planned, while Tommy goes over to Stinky's bar.

At the reunion, she's confronted by a former classmate, Peter (Tom Gibis) who tells her that she was the meanest person he's ever met and how he always felt bad about her bullying him.

While at the bar, Tommy's confronted by Darian's husband Steve and after having a shot leaves, only to have Steve and his friends follow where they beat him up outside.

Over at Mo's, they get a call and head over to the bar. They take Tommy to the hospital and head over to Darian's house to have a "talk" with Steve.

As the "traveling angel" in the movie, Andera listens and tries to help the guys out as best as she can, since they've pretty much all come in contact with her at one point and they tell her their problems.

After listening to Willie, she decides that she's going back to Chicago and resume her relationship where she's happy and enjoys the little things in life, which is something that we should all treasure.

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