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Video Rewind: Terraces

Julie (Kit McDonough) tries to keep Steve (Tim Thomerson) overnight as "her first overnight guest."

Julie (Kit McDonough) tries to keep Steve (Tim Thomerson) overnight as "her first overnight guest."

The clothes! The hair! The bad acting! The late '70's decor!

It's all here in this great time capsule of apartment living in California in 1977 and a real treat for anyone who loves the kitsch from that era.

Of course, there are a lot of plot holes in this made for TV movie (which was a pilot for a weekly series) and I was surprised that I was able to record it one day while I was at work. Surprisingly, it kind of holds up.

School teacher Julie Bordon (Kit McDonough) moves from her mother's house and into a luxury apartment, with the help of her friends Greg and Beth Loomis (Bill Gerber and Elizabeth Garrett). Julie's nothing but excited and can't wait to begin her new life.

They all live on the eighth floor, along with retired couple the Robbins (Jane Dulo and Arny Freeman), actor Alex Bengston (James Phipps) who's having an affair with Dr. Roger Cabe (Lloyd Bochner) and whore Chalane Turner (Julie Newmar). Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but would "kept woman" by a couple of married men be better?

Let's start with the drama.

As Julie moves in, she meets Alex after he see's Roger off and the two travel upstairs where he kind of fills her in on the building. He tells her that he's home most of the time and since they live next door to each other, their terraces obviously connect. Julie's trying to contain her nervousness as she fumbles for her keys and has problems unlocking the door.

To her chagrin, the door's open and her furniture is being delivered and the telephone guy is there, having just installed her phone. He gives her her number and she makes a call right away to Steve, her "casual" boyfriend.

Having not met her yet, Roberta Robbins already likes her since she's busy being nosey and notices that Julie has a piano.

"She can't be that bad," she tells her husband, Martin, who's fawning over his dog Blossom (which she hates).

Within a span of a few hours, Julie's apartment is unpacked, pictures hung and she's invited to the Robbins' apartment for a building meeting. Julie knows that she's going to love living here!

Later that night (much later) Steve (Tim Thomerson) comes over after missing her planned dinner. Since this is the late '70's, they go to bed.

Meanwhile, over at the Loomis', Greg is upset that his studio publicist wife is still working well into the night.

They've been having marital problems since he's a bleeding heart lawyer and "someone has to bring in an income" according to her. He would rather she quit her job so that they can focus on having a baby.

And this is within the first half hour!

The main goal here was to weave all of their lives together and build it into a soap opera about living in a luxury apartment building.

It's a good, quirky movie and in some areas ahead of it's time, but we were still a few years away from Dallas and the nighttime soaps.

I've often wondered what a weekly show would have been like and plotlines were starting to develop, but the ending was abrupt and everything was hunky dorey when the end credits began to roll.

This is a fun show to watch every now and then, but I think it would be fun to watch with your friends, since the snarky comments would be flying!

Chalane (Julie Newmar) stretches at Alex's apartment before all hell breaks loose.

Chalane (Julie Newmar) stretches at Alex's apartment before all hell breaks loose.

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