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Video Rewind: Rosemary's Baby and Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary (Mia Farrow) finally gets to see her baby

Rosemary (Mia Farrow) finally gets to see her baby

Over the course of my lifetime, I've always heard that this was one of THE scariest movies ever made. Not really being a horror fan, I never really had a desire to watch it.

Well, times change and the only thing that I can say is, "oh."

So before I saw the movie, I read the book (yawn) and basically the movie is the dialogue, with the addition of actors. This, of course, equals a waste of time.

Now the only reason that I wanted to see the movie was for the ending. The urban legend is that it's terrifying and I finally wanted to see what all of the hype was about. It didn't deliver, yet the legend remains the same.

Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow) is a young, hip girl who marries actor Guy Woodhouse (John Cassavetes). He's made a name for himself and is still waiting for his big break.

Throwing caution to the wind, they decide to take an apartment at the Bramford, where they meet a meddlesome older couple the Castevet's (Ruth Gordon and Sidney Blackmer). Rosemary's not too keen on them, but Guy thinks they're a delightful pair and he begins to spend a lot of time with them.

As his career begins to take off, Rosemary suggests that they start a family sooner than later and he agrees now would be a good time.

On the night they plan to start, Minnie pops over with extra dessert and later Rosemary feels ill. Guy puts her to bed and although she's semi conscious, she's violently raped and when she recounts it the next day, she tells Guy that she heard chanting and felt as though she were being watched.

When Rosemary discovers that she's pregnant, Minnie and Roman arrange it for her to have the best doctor in town (Ralph Bellamy) and she's put on a diet which Minnie oversees.

Soon Rosemary begins to crave raw meat and she lets Minnie believe that she's following the diet without her supervision.

As her due date approaches, Rosemary fears for herself and the baby and goes back to her original doctor (Charles Grodin) for help. She tells him about what she suspects and wants to be admitted into the hospital where she'll feel safe.

He notifies Guy and she's taken back to the apartment where she gives birth at home and is told that the baby died during birth.

While under bed rest and strict supervision of Minnie's friends, she hears a baby crying and is determined to find out where it's coming from and what she learns is "horrifying."

If you're aware of the legend, you know what you were expected to see, but nothing is ever shown and after Rosemary discovers the truth behind her son's future path in life, she agrees to accept it.

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Rosemary (Patty Duke) is separated from her son years later

Rosemary (Patty Duke) is separated from her son years later

While a theatrical sequel was never made, a made for TV movie was and this will keep you scratching your head and uttering three words.

The only thing I seem to remember about this was that the promotion seemed to be better than the movie itself and I may have watched it when it originally aired. But, who knows?

Anyway, Rosemary (Patty Duke) has been raising Andy (Philip Boyer) for the last eight years, while telling him to reject the teachings of Minnie (Gordon) and Roman (Ray Milland). He's being pulled in two directions (good and evil) and Rosemary has been planning an escape from the Bramford building for awhile now.

Guy (George Maharis) is pretty much out of the picture since he's a successful actor in Hollywood and rarely checks in with the coven, but is notified when Rosemary and Andy escape. He's to report back to them once she makes contact with him.

Inside a storefront temple, Rosemary and Andy take refuge as the coven puts out a mental tracker on their location. Of course prayers are disrupted and the two are later on a bus heading west.

The bus makes a stop somewhere in the desert and while Rosemary is on the phone with Guy, Andy is taunted by two boys (Andy Stone and Calvin Rose) and he uses his powers against them.

Desert whore Marjean Dorn (Tina Louise) takes the two back to her trailer and tells Rosemary that they can catch another bus. And when it comes, Rosemary is whisked away to Hell.

The years pass and now Andy is known as Adrian (Stephen McHattie) and is nearing his twenty-first birthday (1989) and he only knows Marjean and has been told that his parents were killed in a car accident when he was younger. Minnie and Roman have been funding Marjean's casino and Adrian has been brainwashed to believe that they are his aunt and uncle.

The Castevet's have been pressuring Marjean to make sure that Adrian kill someone before midnight on his birthday, but the reckless Adrian hasn't done so.

With no sacrifice yet, The Castevet's arrive at the casino for the celebration of Adrian and he nearly kills his friend Peter Simon (David Huffman). Also on the night of his birthday, he notices Guy at the casino, not knowing that it's his "father."

Midnight approaches without a sacrifice and Adrian is on stage in clown makeup doing some weird thing on stage with a band, while the hippies are dancing up a storm as the power goes out.

Adrian rushes outside and finds Peter dead due to being electrocuted and when he awakes, it's in a hospital with amnesia.

While there he meets Ellen (Donna Mills) and he tells her everything that he knows and his memory begins to come back and he now knows who Guy is and sets out to find/confront him, until all hell breaks loose.

Up until Adrian's strange dance I was semi invested, but overall, my eyes were wide with a WTF? stare on my face.

Even know, I want to clean my brain with bleach.

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