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Video Rewind: Repossessed

Nancy (Linda Blair) is repossessed once again

Nancy (Linda Blair) is repossessed once again

After the success of Airplane! parodies where all the rage when it came to movies and Leslie Nielsen was the leading man for all of them.

Parodies were good to him, except this one.

While it was a fun idea to get Linda Blair (Nancy) to get repossessed, there are too many "jokes" which aren't funny and the movie tries to shove its humor down your throat.

Father Jebedaiah Mayii (Nielsen) is the guest speaker at the University of California- Chicago Campus for Miracles 101. He's there to tell of his coming out of retirement to perform the exorcism of Nancy Aglet, whom he successfully exorcised seventeen years earlier.

Nancy is leading a wholesome life in suburbia with her husband Braydon (Thom J. Sharp) and kids Ned and Frieda (Benj Thall and Dove Dellos). Everything is perfect in her life and as a family they have dinner around the table and watch television together.

When the battery to the remote dies, Nancy gets up from the couch to turn the channel and while looking into the eyes of televangelist Ernest Weller (Ned Beatty) as he talks about Satan, she's repossessed.

After doing some projectile vomiting at Braydon, she runs into the bedroom and starts bouncing around on the bed. Ned tells the family that she's suffering from PMS, which leads to an argument with Frieda.

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The next day, Nancy goes to visit Dr. Hackett (Robert Fuller) who treated her in the past and after a thorough examination he and other specialists can't diagnose her. She then goes to Our Lady of the Evening Church where she slips Father Luke Brophy (Anthony Starke) a note in the offering basket.

He comes over to the house that night where Braydon and the kids are getting ready to play with the Mystic Spirit Board.

Nancy takes Father Brophy into the kitchen and she tells him that she's been repossessed, but he doesn't know what to do. She mentions Father Mayii and he tracks him down at the Actors and Exorcists Retirement Home.

Father Brophy tells Father Mayii that he thinks he's lost his faith and about Nancy. He begs Mayii to help him, but he doesn't want to get involved.

Weller and his wife Fanny Ray (Lana Schwab) hear about Nancy and they have a meeting with television executive Fred Tortostein (Doug Draizin) to perform an exorcism live. Ernest and Fred come up with a way to split the revenue between them and they hope the exorcism will last a long time.

Nancy is brought into the studio and the Weller's begin their exorcism ritual, which Mayii is watching on television.

As things go bad, Mayii and Brophy come to the studio and conduct a proper exorcism, which brings us back to Mayii during the seminar.

There really isn't anything good about this movie, but the make-up artists did a great job with matching Blair's make-up to The Exorcist, oh and there's the catchy theme, Repossessed by Cindy Valentine.

The movie itself isn't even a B movie and really isn't worth your time since the jokes are often lame and really stupid, however, Blair seems to have a good time making fun of herself.

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