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Video Rewind: Movie(s) of the Week Part 11

After an eventful flight, Charlie (Walter Pidgeon) and Ida (Molly Picon) decide to spend some time together in London

After an eventful flight, Charlie (Walter Pidgeon) and Ida (Molly Picon) decide to spend some time together in London

Murder on Flight 502- 11-21-75

After a long work week, those who opted to forgo partying to stay home and watch this "thriller" should have been drinking. By far, this movie ranks as one of the worst I've ever watched.

Before flight 502 takes off for London, the first class passengers are able to relax in the lounge prior to boarding and they can bypass general check in.

It's a motley group of passengers and each has some type of secret that they've been carrying around and can finally unload any hostility at 38,000 feet. And that they do.

Prior to boarding, Detective Daniel Myerson (Hugh O'Brian) swaggers onto the plane and tells stewardess Karen White (Farrah Fawcett-Majors) that he needs to see the captain. She says okay and tells him to go up to the second level.

When he gets there, he informs Captain Larkin (Robert Stack) that he has a gun and turns it in to him. Jokingly he says that he's going to feel naked without it, but proper protocol does require him to register it with the captain.

The passengers soon board and they meet their seatmates, but before she does anything else, Karen greets famous mystery author Mona Briarly (Polly Bergen) with a drink before takeoff. She tells her seatmate, Paul Barons (Fernando Lamas) that she needs it before they're airborne.

Claire Garwood (Laraine Day) is excited that husband Raymond (Dane Clark) is taking her on a trip to Europe, but doesn't really know why. That is until she sees failing musician Jack Marshall (Sonny Bono) canoodling with Marilyn Stonehurst (Elizabeth Stack). Now that she knows why she and Raymond are on this quickie trip, she has to try and restrain him for doing something stupid.

Traveling alone yet again, is Millard Kensington (Danny Bonaduce) who likes to play pranks on the airline crew. He "accidently" left a package behind and while they're halfway over the ocean, it starts to smoke, prompting head of security Robert Davenport (George Maharis) to think that he's also behind a letter that was addressed to him about murders that will be happening onboard.

Millard denies this to the captain and Larkin relays the information to Davenport, while he tries to come up with a suspect list as well as a potential victim list.

Davenport thinks that Otto Gruenwaldt (Theodore Bikel) is after Dr. Kenyon Walker (Ralph Bellamy) since he's been threatening him for the past year. When Gruenwaldt has an episode and Walker treats him, Davenport crosses both off his respective lists.

As the flight begins to wind down, Mona begins to doubt Paul's story and fingers him as a suspect in a heist a few years earlier. He denies it and she provides facts from a mystery writers perspective. With this knowledge, she goes to Larkin to present her evidence.

When Jack and Elizabeth go to the upstairs lounge, he sings a quick little song to her and is confronted by Raymond, with Claire behind trying to stop him. The altercation ends with Raymond learning about his deceased daughter and that Jack wasn't around when she had an overdose. He tells him that she had known a couple of bandmembers, but didn't really know her.

Near the end of the movie, the first murder finally happens with about half an hour left before they land in London.

And as they get closer to maybe the fifteen minute mark before landing, Karen decides to serve sandwiches to the cockpit crew. Fifteen minutes before landing? Come on!

This is one movie that is so drawn out that within a few minutes becomes quite boring. The characters are annoying and you'll keep scratching your head due to how bad this movie is.

Any scenes that involve Stack and O'Brian basically turns into a testosterone match as they seem to out man one another, while Bergen just seems to be having a good time. Actually, she's the saving grace to this and I would have enjoyed it more if they had expanded her character.

If you ever come across this gem of a wreck, remember I warned you and you'd better watch it with a few cocktails!

Adrian (Stephen McHattie) gets down on his birthday

Adrian (Stephen McHattie) gets down on his birthday

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Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby- 10-29-76

Really, you don't want to know.

In a nutshell, Andy/Adrian (Philip Boyer/ Stephen McHattie) grows up with bus stop whore Marjean Dorn (Tina Louise) raising him, after Rosemary (Patty Duke) is banished to Hell, via bus.

As a child, Rosemary tries to undo all of the lies that the Castevets (Ruth Gordon and Ray Milland) have instilled him him. They're able to track down Rosemary and Andy/Adrian in the desert after she's contacted ex-husband Guy (George Maharis) who's career of being an actor has taken off. She's on her way to Hollywood to get money from him so that she and Andy can live somewhere in Mexico.

While on a layover at the bus stop, Andy tries to kill a boy and Marjean comes to the rescue whisking Rosemary and Andy to her trailer. She hides them there until the next bus comes through and once Rosemary's onboard, the bus leaves with her pounding on the back window never to be seen or heard from again.

Marjean raises him in her casino and since his twenty first birthday is coming up, he still hasn't made any sacrifices but does lead a reckless life. His friend, Peter (David Huffman) is the perfect target since he wants to teach Adrian about Christianity.

The Castevet's plan a birthday party for Adrian and invite Guy to the celebration along with more members of their coven. They hope that he will make a sacrifice before midnight, but instead he does some weird dance on the stage which gets the local hippies hopping.

During his frenetic dance, the power goes off and Peter is accidently electrocuted.

Adrian passes out and when he wakes up, he meets Ellen (Donna Mills) who listens to his story and while she doesn't quite believe him, he escapes from the hospital and heads to meet with Guy.

Since things haven't gone the way the coven wanted, he's killed and soon another person is ready to take on the duty of raising a new Adrian.

Valerie (Lynda Day George) and Tony (Gerald Gordon) watch as rescue crews figure out how to get them out of Lakewood Manor

Valerie (Lynda Day George) and Tony (Gerald Gordon) watch as rescue crews figure out how to get them out of Lakewood Manor

Ants! - 12-2-77 (aka It Happened at Lakewood Manor)

Following the wild success of Jaws nature vs. man became the hot topic for movies. It didn't matter what the creature was, they were all mad at humans.

One morning while a construction crew is working, one of the workers is in an area that he shouldn't be in when a co-worker spots him hitting himself. He rushes over to help when he too begins batting at his body. Before they now it, they're overcome by ants but above ground, one of their other co-workers, Vince (Bernie Casey) is driving some heavy equipment and buries them, unbeknownst to him.

Rolling into town to purchase land are Tony Fleming (Gerald Gordon) and Gloria (Suzanne Somers). Tony is hoping to cash in on the new building boom of turning a stretch of land into a new Las Vegas. They stop at Lakewood Manor and are entranced with the charm of the inn, so they decide to cancel their reservations at another hotel and stay here. He also knows that Ethel Adams (Myrna Loy) is planning on selling the property.

While doing some cement work outside, hotel employee Richard (Barry Van Dyke) is approached by Linda (Karen Lamm) who tells him that her girlfriend left her for some guy while they were backpacking and wants to know if there's an empty room where she can take a shower and catch a nap. He's not sure if there are any rooms available, but they head on into the inn.

Having heard about the accident, Bureau of Health employees Peggy Kentner (Anita Gillette) and Lionel White (Steve Franken) arrive to question foreman Mike Carr (Robert Foxworth) about what happened. As he's being questioned, pre-teen guest Tommy (Moosie Dryer) comes running toward the pool with ants covering his body.

He's taken to the hospital, but in the kitchen Luis (Rene Enriquez) tries to fend off the ants and is killed by them.

Kentner and White shut down the inn and Mike thinks that the ants have something to do with everything that's been going on, but White thinks he's crazy and demands that the guests leave by five o'clock.

Peggy heads back to the office and checks with Tom (Bruce French) who shows her a video of ants and how after years of dealing with pesticides, their bites can become toxic and they can take down things larger than themselves. With this knowledge, she returns back to the inn, where the local fire chief (Brian Dennehy) plans on building a trench and fill it with water to drown the ants. Through Tom, Peggy learns that the ants can build a bridge and continue on their rampage.

With the guests safely out of the inn, the remaining people, Tony, Mike, Richard, Linda, Ethel and Valerie (Lynda Day George) are trapped as the ants climb higher into the inn. Since Ethel is wheelchair bound, a helicopter rescues her and in doing so, the generated wind spreads the ants over the spectators who have gathered to watch the rescue.

Once everyone is rescued, Mike asks Tom if this could happen again and Tom tells him no, since the colony will more than likely break up and move along.

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