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Video Rewind: Movie(s) of the Week Part 10

Everyone is in shock at Satan's School for Girls. Left to right are Jamie Smith-Jackson, Kate Jackson and Pamela Franklin

Everyone is in shock at Satan's School for Girls. Left to right are Jamie Smith-Jackson, Kate Jackson and Pamela Franklin

Satan's School for Girls (9-19-73)

In a race against time, Martha Sayers (Terry Lumley) has fled the Salem Academy for Women and heads to her sister Elizabeth's (Pamela Franklin) house in Los Angeles.

Elizabeth isn't home when she arrives and the gardener (Bill Quinn) gives her a spare set of keys and tells her that Elizabeth had gone to the store and will be back shortly. Martha quickly unlocks the door and after relocking it and pulling the drapes, she thinks she'll be fine but soon screams.

Just as Elizabeth pulls up to the house, police cars have arrived and the gardener tells them that he heard her scream and that's why he called. When they get inside, they find Martha hanging from the ceiling.

Since Elizabeth can't get any information from the police, she heads to Boston to look for clues as to why Martha would hang herself and visits with her former roommate Lucy (Gwynne Gilford). Lucy avoids answering Elizabeth's questions and still trying to figure everything out, she heads to the school, where she's been accepted as a student.

Upon arrival, Roberta, Jody and Debbie (Kate Jackson, Cheryl Stoppelmoor and Jamie Smith Jackson) welcome her as the unofficial welcoming committee. Roberta pours her a glass of wine (if you're a wine drinker, you'll be jealous of Elizabeth's wine glass) and then sends her on her way to meet with headmistress, Mrs. Williams (Jo Van Fleet).

Since the semester is almost half over, she tells Elizabeth that she's to report to her classes immediately and the first is with Dr. Clampett (Roy Thinnes) the director of the fine arts department and the major crush of the student body.

During class, he pulls out one of Debbies paintings to critique it and Elizabeth notes that the "model" is Martha.

Their next class is psychology with Dr. Delacroix (Lloyd Bochner) who talks about manipulation and terror as he uses mice in a maze to prove his point.

Once class is over, Debbie freaks out and when she wakes up is in her bed and says she doesn't remember anything and lets Roberta and Elizabeth know that they need to get ready for Clampett's wine party. During the party, Jody comes in and informs everyone that Lucy was found dead, which causes Debbie to panic once more.

While a storm rages outside, Elizabeth gets up and goes to Debbie's room to ask a few more questions. Since Debbie avoids her questions, she goes to Clampett's classroom and takes the painting and sets out to find where the room painted in it is at.

After finding it, Debbie doesn't recall the room and that night, she sneaks out of school hoping to runaway from the evil that's been haunting her.

Elizabeth tries again to get answers and discovers that Debbie is missing, but eventually finds her body and she rushes to Roberta to tell her. The two go to Mrs. Williams and she "calls" the sheriff.

In an effort to protect themselves, Elizabeth and Roberta go to the secret room and Roberta knows were they keep a couple of rifles and a handgun. The rifles are gone, but they do have the handgun and head back to Mrs. Williams' office.

Mrs. Williams thinks that she's a student while the two girls look up files that have disappeared and they find them in Delacroix's classroom, along with the slaughter of the mice. Delacroix is no where to be found.

With the power out once again, Clampett organizes the student body to leave in shuttle vans while a group of eight students are left behind as they have a date with Satan.

For an early made for tv movie, this is pretty good and it does have a twist for the ending.

Heading to church on Easter are Grandma Mills (Mildred Natwick) Constance Payne (Jean Simmons) Addie Mills (Lisa Lucas) and Jamie Mills (Jason Robards)

Heading to church on Easter are Grandma Mills (Mildred Natwick) Constance Payne (Jean Simmons) Addie Mills (Lisa Lucas) and Jamie Mills (Jason Robards)

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The Easter Promise (3-26-75)

As a wildly successful series of specials focusing on twelve year old Addie (Lisa Lucas) this special is really deep.

Set during Easter vacation in 1947, Addie Mills has a lot on her mind for the week. She's busy coloring Easter eggs and creating an outfit for a fashion show during a woman's luncheon. The latter is open to seventh grade girls at her school and the highlight is to model the creation at the luncheon, where a winner will be chosen.

As she's blowing out an egg, she sidles up to her father (Jason Robards) and looks at the back page of the newspaper he's trying to read. Her grandmother (Mildred Natwick) mentions that Constance Payne (Jean Simmons) is in town.

Addie asks who she is and her grandmother tells her that she's a famous actress on Broadway and the only reason she's in town is to sell her family house.

Intrigued that a famous celebrity is in town, Addie and her friends go over to Constance's house for an autograph and also to ask if she would be interested in presenting the award at the fashion show.

When they get to the house, Constance answers the door hung over and. doesn't want to be bothered by the girls. She signs their autograph books and answers their questions, but is hesitant to present the award or accept a dinner invitation from Addie.

Addie is pleased when Constance comes for dinner and she tells the family that she does remember them (even though James is two years older) and when she asks if they have any alcohol, they tell her that they don't and she leaves without finishing dinner.

In her mad dash out of the house, she leaves her gloves behind and later, Addie tries one on and notices a hole in it. She doesn't really think anything of it.

On the day of the fashion show, everyone in attendance is excited for Constance's appearance and they're let down when she comes in drunk. Even though she's an outsider once again, the gossip mill turns out the story of the show.

Addie's grandmother and father try to explain why Constance drinks and Addie wants to help, but they don't think that she should get involved for a possible heartache. She comes up with an idea that might make Constance feel better about herself.

After talking with her friends again, they all contribute fifty cents and Addie goes over to Constance's where she's hung over once more and Addie gives her the two dollars and says that they want her to teach her dramatics. At first, Constance hesitates, but then agrees to giving them a lesson.

Later that day, Constance's spirits have lifted and she teaches the girls improvisation. Since they all had so much fun, Constance agrees to another lesson the next day.

Before the lesson, Addie goes over to return the gloves and a few things that fell out of her purse at the fashion show, only to find Constance drunk. Constance belittles Addie and the girl rushes out in tears.

But, Addie still thinks that she can help her and talks it over with her father.

She thinks that Constance should spend a few days at their house where she can be around people. Afterall, her grandmother said that the Spring is a time for rebirth and change.

With the help of James, she agrees to stay with them for a few days and she tells Addie about her non existent life in theatre and that her parents didn't want to admit that she failed, so they started lying on her behalf. This is why everyone in town thought that she was a famous actress.

Deep down though, Addie knew all along since she saw the posters for past shows and the glove tipped her off to her living in poverty.

However, Constance does tell Addie that she should follow her dreams and not let them slip away like she did.

Dace (Melanie Chartoff) processes the information that Thera (Dyan Cannon) is telling her

Dace (Melanie Chartoff) processes the information that Thera (Dyan Cannon) is telling her

Having It All- 10-13-1982

While romantic comedies have been around for years, today's rom-com's are pretty predictable and if you've seen one, you've seen them all.

That's not the case with this movie.

Dace (Melanie Chartoff) is envious of her boss Thera (Dyan Cannon). Thera runs a popular clothesline, lives in a penthouse and from what Dace can see, the perfect marriage. One day she asks her how she can have it all and Thera basically tells her that it's a lot of hard work.

The reason she tells her this is because Thera has a secret and is afraid that she'll get caught no matter how much she hides it.

Thera's just opened a west coast office in Los Angeles which keeps her away from her husband Peter (Barry Newman) but allows her to spend time with her west coast husband Jess (Hart Bochner). Balancing her work life balance can have consequences.

On yet another trip to the coast, Jess and Thera are in the office and he gives her the custom wedding ring that he's designed and while they're sharing a kiss, Dace comes in and doesn't know what to do. Later Thera explains what's going on and Dace's envy for her goes up a notch and she agrees to help keep her double life a secret.

With the help of Dace, everything moves along smoothly until Peter has to go on a business trip to Japan and suggests that the two fly out to Los Angeles together, since he has to catch a connecting flight from there.

Peter suggests that they have a drink and while in the lounge, Thera sees Jess and tries to hide from him and is successful in doing so, which confuses Peter. He brushes it off to jet lag on her part.

After talking to Dace, she decides that she needs to tell both of them about the other, but since it's Thanksgiving, both men have other plans for the day which pushes her plan back.

With Jess, she manages to fix dinner for his family and later that night, she flies to Napa for another dinner with Peter and his business associates. As he introduces new wine lines, she becomes drunk and embarrasses him during the four course dinner. Between courses, she keeps telling him that they need to talk.

Due to a bad order, Peter has to fly to Paris the next day and while talking about fraud, Thera thinks that he's talking about her, but then after he explains about the order she breathes a sigh of relief.

Back in New York, she sees Jess outside the apartment building and a cab chase ensues on the way to the airport. Peter is on his way to another business trip and she tells Jess that she was on her way to Los Angeles. Another chance of being caught was thankfully averted!

Thera's fashion show later on is a success, but everything comes crashing down when both men show up for it which leaves her alone and guilty. Neither want to hear her explanation.

If there's one thing that she fears the most, it becomes evident when she tells her mother (Sylvia Sidney) that she's afraid of being alone and her mother tells her that she doesn't have to fear being alone.

After a few weeks, Thera finds that her mother was right and begins to enjoy her life on her own.

Of course, since this is a rom-com, she has to figure things out for herself and she has to close the door on one of her husbands, but who will she choose?

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